What is Honda b12 maintenance?

You would want to keep your Honda automobile in good condition all the time, and this includes performing the b 12 maintenance.

So, what is Honda b12 maintenance?

The b12 Honda maintenance reminds the driver to change the oil, rotate the tires, and replace the air filter. The maintenance helps the vehicle function optimally prevent engine damage and malfunctioning due to poor air filter systems and unworthy road wheels.

These Honda maintenance b12 tips will help you learn more about the civic code.

Do All Honda Models Have b12 maintenance?

The b12 maintenance applies to all the Honda vehicles, and it is a service code on the dashboard or the MID screen. Your Honda will continue being in good condition when you follow the recommended maintenance for the specific vehicle.

So, the b12 on the MID screen might blink, and it acts as a reminder to perform the maintenance. The notification will alert and draw attention to the service your vehicle needs at the time.

You need the services since the vehicle runs in high temperatures during short trips, frequent starts, and sudden stops. Moreover, other factors that impact the quality of the engine oil might make it necessary to change the engine oil frequently.

The b12 code tells a driver explicitly when to perform specific maintenance tasks. For instance, the b stands for the oil change and oil filter. On the other hand, 1 reminds the driver that they need to change the tire rotation, and 2 reminds the driver to replace the air and cabin filters.

You can perform visual checks when performing the b12 maintenance; you can check the fluids and refills on the brake, tranny, and windshield washer. You may conduct other visual checks on the axle boots and brake pads as well as tire rotation.

The prompted codes will help your mechanic perform the needed maintenance following those codes. Although you can perform a DYI following the b12 maintenance code, you should be knowledgeable to ensure you complete all the procedures appropriately.

What Are the Costs of Honda b12 Maintenance at an Authorized Service?

If you opt for b 12 maintenance at an authorized service provider, you might pay $120 per hour, and your technician might spend about 30 mins fixing every component.

Thus, you would pay about $250 to $300 for all the b12 services. However, you don’t wish to spend this amount at the mechanic’s office, and you can do it yourself. You should be knowledgeable about changing these sensitive parts of the Honda car.

You might pay more than $70 to purchase the spare parts, as the cabin filter costs about $20, and purchasing the oil and filter might cost more than $30. Thus performing the b12 maintenance yourself will reduce the cost, and the authorities recognize the DIY maintenance as legal.

Do You Need To Reset This Notification After The Maintenance?

When your mechanic finishes all the b 12 maintenance, and other Honda prompted maintenance, they can reset the maintenance reminder. Thus the reminder will stop blinking, which shows the car is in good condition and the maintenance was successful.

Sometimes, the mechanic might forget to rest the reminder, and you would need to reset the prompt by yourself. Resetting the b12 reminder is straightforward, and you would need to continuously press and hold the reset button until the entire oil life indicator appears and stop pressing the button.

Then press the same button to ensure the oil life indicator and maintenance code start blinking.

Understanding other service codes display on the Honda

There are other service codes apart from the b12 displayed on the Honda, and you should understand the codes to ensure your vehicle functions optimally. Other necessary Honda codes include a13, a123, and many more.


Maintaining your Honda vehicle improves its performance and elongates its life. The b12 code reminder ensures you check the wheels, engine oil, and air filter system.

You can accomplish these maintenances at the mechanic’s office for a fee. It might cost about $300 to perform all the b12 maintenance; however, you can opt for DIY maintenance, which is less costly and legal.

Even though sometimes these maintenance codes are annoying, they are a great feature that somehow forces the driver to perform maintenance operations at regular intervals, ensuring the maximum efficiency of the engine and parts.

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