Mobil 1 vs K&N oil filter. What to choose

If you are a newbie in the automotive industry, you are undoubtedly finding it hard to pick a price-worthy and reasonable oil filter for your car.

While many oil filters are in the market, Mobil 1 and k&n oil filters are the most common and recognized brands. Both are premium oil-quality filters but are produced by different companies. 

The two have been the leading filters in the automotive industry for decades now. Therefore being rivals, it is inevitable to battle against each other for customers.

Ensure that your hard-earned money does not go to waste because of buying a filter that does not fit your car’s specifications. The article has a detailed analogy between Mobil 1 and k&n optimum oil filters. 

Mobil 1 oil filter

These are the most efficient and effective filters that offer maximum protection to your car’s engine. The filters remove all oil pollutants, purify the oil thoroughly, and ensure no foreign material enters the engine.

Mobil 1 has been reputed for its conservation and excellence requirements, making it the best filter in the market. 

The filter has exceptional resistance and can be used on any car engine. No other brand rivals its twenty-eight grams filtering capacity. It is among the most efficient oil filters due to its media-balanced combination of fiber and synthetic. 

Moreover, its pressure protection capacity is unbeatable and can withstand nine times more operating force than a conventional oil filter.

Mobil 1 cares for car drivers; you won’t encounter the hassles of dealing with dry starts as they use silicone in their filter valves with their oil filters.

However, Mobil 1 is somehow costly, but it is worth it. It will save you frequent visits to the market. The downside of this oil filter is that it does not have a wire backing making it unsteady in some instances. 

Features of Mobil 1 oil filter

  • It has powerful cleaning agents
  • It has low-temperature capacities
  • Features outstanding oxidation and thermal stability

Advantages of Mobil 1 oil filter

  • Mobil 1 oil filters offer a long-lasting performance for modern drain periods. 
  • The filters produce clean oil and increase an engine’s life span and performance. 
  • The filter keeps your engine in good condition for a long time
  • It has unprecedented wear protection 
  • It is more effective in extracting pollutants than other filter brands
  • The filter maintains a high flow rate and extends your engine’s life without any clogs. 
  • It can resist working pressure up to nine times.

K&N oil filter

The filter from K&N got its title from its founders Ken and Norm but has been established into being the fastest and most reliable oil filter.

With this oil filter, you will say bye to problems of oil filters not budging. It comes with a one-in welded to the canister’s top for easy removal by a Wrench or socket. 

These filters are highly efficient in terms of car racing as they are tailored for thicker oil. Moreover, high-performance engines benefit the most from these filters. They feature an excellent oil flow thanks to their cellulose media which makes it possible. 

Moreover, the filters feature metal end caps that keep the filtering material firmly in place. With these metal caps, you won’t have to worry about guzzling sounds and bursts as they are resistant to bursts. The one-inch nut featured by these filters makes these filters exceptional due to their easy usability. 

Features of K&N oil filter

  • It has a pre-drilled nut
  • Heavy-duty components 
  • Features a wrench-off design
  • Safety wire

Advantages of K&N filters

  • They are uniquely designed to allow a consistent oil flow and high oil flow rate to the car’s engine.
  • Easy and fast replacement of Wrench by use of the welded one-inch nut
  • It has a high capacity to withstand the recommended service intervals
  • It features heavy-duty canisters for an exceptional lifespan
  • The filters are lab-tested and certified to ensure excellent mechanical strength, ability, and efficiency. 
  • The filters are designed to work with all conventional, blended, and synthetic motor oils.

Differences between Mobil 1 and K&N oil filters

  • Mobil 1 is compatible with all motor oils, while the K&N filter is only compatible with denser motor oil. K&N features a higher oil flow than the Mobil 1 filter
  • The filtering capacity for Mobil 1 is more accurate than K&N oil filters. 
  • Filtration for K&N is media celsius, while that for Mobil 1 is fiber blend and media synthetic. 
  • Mobli is ninety-eight percent efficient at twenty microns, while K&N ‘s efficiency is eighty-five percent. 
  • Mobil 1 features an interval mileage of between three thousand to twenty thousand miles, while K&N features an interval mileage of between seven thousand five hundred to ten thousand miles. 

Similarities between Mobil 1 and K&N oil filters

  • Both filters are high-performance car engine oil filters featuring a significant number of holes. 
  • The two are both high-grade filters
  • Their prices are comparable

How long does each filter last on average?

Mobil 1 oil filter can last for an interval of up to 10000 miles or a year before it needs to be changed. K&N oil filters are designed to serve up to your vehicle’s lifetime. With regular use, they can averagely go up to 50000 miles before they require cleaning.

Which is the best of the two oil filters?

Picking out the best between the two is not an easy task. This is because the two filters are both high-performing and high-grade filters.

So it depends on the user to decide which one they prefer, whether an efficient filter or a high-flowing straining media.

You can choose any of these depending on what you need because they will both work well in high-performance cars. 


Mobil 1 and K&N oil filters are engine oil filters that are both efficient and high-performing. While they are from different brands and have a few differences, these filters’ functionality is almost the same.

While choosing a brand to use on your car, you will select based on your preference. Otherwise, the two filter brands are perfect for use in high-performing vehicles. 

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