How to buy car parts at the best prices

Every day more and more people get their driver’s license and buy a car. Most do not realize that owning a car comes with some responsibilities and expenses with documents, car insurance, technical inspections, but also revisions, parts and so on.

Today I am going to provide some tips, especially for new drivers, tips that will help them make serious money savings when buying car parts.

Any driver who bought his first car is very glad. Finally, he drives his own car, has full freedom, no longer depends on the parents or the family car. There are not many who realize what it means, in fact, to own a car.

If you are a rich person, everything is simple: you have another car, you have an employee to take care of it and take it to the service, you are not interested in anything, you just pay the final bill. But most drivers are not.

Most drivers take care of their money and are careful with costs regarding their cars. Even so, the habit is to leave the car at service when a repair or a revision is needed, pay for the work and leave. Few are the ones who know they can make a great saving by buying car parts differently.

Most countries are not educated in terms of cars or their defensive driving. There are not many people who can change the wheel on their own or change the oil in their backyard. Instead, the drivers only know that the car is made to function and move, and when the revision light is on, it’s time to pay a visit to the service. Just that.

Well, surely all beginner or experienced drivers would be glad if they knew that there had already been a good method for several years to buy any car at the lowest possible price. Some car services, besides the labor, will increase the price a lot for the parts and this will be seen on the invoice where you will see a huge price. This price will seem normal to you because you have nothing to compare it to.

In fact, purchase prices are much lower. But how do you buy car parts at good prices?

Well, it’s very simple. You have to go to a place that more sellers sell the part you need, where the competition appears and where everyone struggles to give you the best price. One such place is an online platform. 

Here you can search for the parts you need directly on the site, look for the best offer and contact that seller to send you the piece. Or you can use the simplest and fastest method: make an offer request.

At those online platforms, there are many requests for parts every day, coming from customers with damaged cars. The requests go to the hundreds of sellers who sell auto parts of any kind on this online platform, and those sellers who have the requested part make a price offer.

Thus, the buyer wakes up with more offers by email from various sellers, but for the same part, he needs it. A seller will make a price, another seller another price, higher, lower, with shipping included, free or additional shipping, and the buyer can easily figure out which of the offers is the best and buy it.

It’s just like buying a cell phone, a jacket or even a car. You check several stores and buy from where the best price is. This is also the case with car parts, only instead of searching through stores, on different sites, you will enter one website and make a request for an offer, you will receive a lot of offers and you will choose the one that suits you. Thus, you will no doubt that you have chosen the best price.

After which you will receive the piece by courier, put it in the trunk and go to the service, paying only labor. Curiously, you can ask to see how much is the same part sold directly by the car service, not infrequently, the same part happens to be at a double price or even higher.

Another tip for beginner drivers is related to body parts, most prone to light hits, scratches, usually by parking. When it comes to body elements, such as bumpers, wings, doors, masks, grills, headlights, it is preferable to replace the broken part with an old one.

Specifically, with one from the junkyard. I covered in an article how to find a good car junkyard

Why not buy the car part as new?

Because, besides the high price of the part, you will still pay for both painting and labor. You are better off looking for a used part from the junkyard. This piece, although used, will have some advantages: it is original (OEM), not aftermarket, it will fit without adaptations and you have every chance to find it in the color of your body.

The market for used auto parts is so large that you will definitely find a bumper, wing or tailgate in the original color of your car. All you have to do is order and assemble it without resorting to painting which is extremely expensive. Therefore, you will save twice: you spend less money on a used car part than on a new one and you do not waste your money on tinsmithing.

Buying used parts is the same as above. That is, you enter on an online site that has hundreds of junkyard parks that are just waiting to make you good price offers. There you fill in the same request for an offer and after receiving the offers by email, you will choose the one that suits you.

It doesn’t cost you anything to ask for parts and price, it is free, it takes a few minutes and you can be sure that request reaches hundreds of sellers. Rather than looking through different parks, instead of giving a lot of phones, you put in one request and receive many offers.

If you get used to buying auto parts this way, you may realize that you are making serious money savings. You will no longer pay double for the parts sold by some services, nor will you waste your money on new items that cost a lot and require painting. 

So, when you will realize that, in some cases, the used parts are a better choice. And with the money saved, you can add more gasoline and travel a lot, or do anything else. It’s your choice

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