How to make a car go faster without turbo

When an engine has a strong turbo, it means it will be able to move at a higher speed with efficiency. However, going faster does not imply moving in a straight line but maintaining the speed at various terrains.

In moving a car, the vehicle brakes and handles are also vital, especially when driving through trace tracks and twisty mountain passes.

However, several tuners can only focus on the max horsepower and torque numbers without considering the other package. Using this method is pretty costly and can affect the car component’s lifespan.

Almost everyone has a faster trip with their cars, but the big issue is how we can make them go faster, especially if it does not have a turbo. Here are the best ways to use it to make your car go faster.

1. Take good care of it (servicing)

If you can’t take good care of your car, then it means you will lose a lot more in its speed. Maintaining your car involves changing its various filters and oil regularly.

Servicing is vital if you need it to deliver its original performance. Observe regular maintenance, including having a new set of spark plugs, new filters, and quality oil.

This will ensure that the car’s engine performs as intended and has an increased lifespan. If you leave spark plugs, sludgy oil, and clogged filters in the car for too long, they will detrimentally affect its performance.

You should also frequently monitor the catalytic converters because if their power levels reduce without your knowledge, they will affect the car engine and other parts.

Moreover, brake fluid can absorb moisture over time, making it boil at high speeds. So, to avoid more damage to your car and have better high-speed performance ensure that you service it regularly. It Will save you from a lot of messes and unnecessary costs.

Advantages of servicing

  • Improves safety
  • Increases performance
  • Increases the car’s lifespan
  • Reduces operating costs


  • Increase exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Poses a risk of damaging neighboring parts

2. Fuel and air

No matter the kind of internal combustion motor your car has, it needs fuel for it to go. So without fuel and air, it will imply that there will be no going. Therefore for more power, you need to fuel the engine and increase the amount of air intake to the engine.

High-flow fuel pumps and injectors ensure that injectors get enough fuel to maintain the fuel-air mixture at optimum levels. In this case, you can use cold air to help in the airflow to the engine.

3. Get rid of excess weight

One of the factors that determine a car’s speed is its weight. When the vehicle is lightweight, it is easy to move faster and vice versa. So if you want to have your car move at a faster speed, it will be necessary to remove the extra weight.

For instance, a car with 4000 pounds needs 400 hp to keep moving, but those with 2000 pounds will need 200hp. Moreover, it will require bigger tires, brakes, and upgraded components to handle it well. So, cutting some big junk weight from the car will definitely reduce the hp the vehicle will need to move.

As an example, you can remove extra seats from the car, which you might not need on the trip, and this can make the car accelerate quicker as there will be reduced strain on your tires and brakes.



  • Makes the cars less comfortable to ride

4. Upgrade the tires

Quality tires are vital for best traction, braking performance, and cornering. Decent tires, suspension systems, and powerful brakes can improve the car’s speed without using a turbocharger. You can not grip at lights or slide around corners with the tires.


  • Better riding


  • Low fuel efficiency

5. Renew the car’s brakes

Brakes are always an afterthought whenever you want to modify your car for better performance. Among all the other things, they should be the first ones that deserve upgrading when there is a need to improve performance. Start with upgrading the road pads rotors and upgrade the brake fluid and hoses.

6. Replace suspension bushes and shocks

If the shocks and suspension bushes get old, they can make it pretty challenging to accelerate. So, ensure you replace them for better performance at high speeds.

7. Remapping or upgrading the car’s computer software

Remapping is another way to accelerate the car’s speed without necessarily using a turbo. This method makes it easy to get twenty percent of torque and power by altering the modern ECU unit’s software coding.

When you decide to use this, ensure you get in touch with qualified and reputable professionals who provide a warranty and do not convince you with high power gain.

Excessive power will exert a strain on the remaining car’s operating gears. Therefore, getting a remap alongside other upgrades will be the ideal option.

This software upgrade is usually known as stage 1 tunning. This small operation can add some hp to your car and it is usually safe when it is done by qualified personel.


  • Improved torque
  • Improved overall performance


  • These only benefits turbo engines
  • Some cars may not see the improvment

8. Enhance your driving skills

No matter how fast your car is, it won’t be that fast on the road if you have no experience. Skills and expertise needed. Even racing a straight line requires experience, so you can take a course in driving for a better experience. All the tips for increasing speeds won’t help if you have no idea what you are doing.

9. Upgrade the cars exhaust systems

Based on your residential area, upgrading an exhaust system is essential. Upgrading can add extra power and increase the noise. The upgrading is essential, especially if the vehicle has a V8 or six-cylinder engine.


There are several ways to increase your car’s power without necessarily using a supercharger or turbo engine. One of the ways is changing the exhaust manifold and getting more accelerating power.

Moreover, you can alter the intake and achieve air induction to allow air to get in for more power. The other important factor is improving driving skills and removing unnecessary weight.

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