Where can an unregistered car be parked? Here’s the answer

In the United States, it’s a requirement by the law that all vehicles be registered with their transport department or DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle).

The registration should be done when purchasing the car, when the car registration expires and when relocating to other states.

The registration is vital as it enables states to identify who owns the vehicle and provides valuable data that can be used to hunt down criminals in case the vehicle is involved in unlawful activities.

When registering your vehicle, you will have to pay the registration fee, after which you acquire the registration certificate. The certificate is handy, especially when the law enforcers stop you on the road.

Unfortunately, there are cases where the DMV acts very slowly, causing delays in vehicle registrations (especially since the pandemic outbreak).

In other cases, you may voluntarily cancel your vehicle registration (if you no longer want to use it). When this is the case, you may be left asking yourself the question, “where can I park an unregistered car?”

If this is your main concern, continue reading our post as we advise you.

Can You Park Your Unregistered Car?

Before you even ask yourself whether you can park your unregistered vehicle, the first thing should be finding out whether that is even possible. And yes, we assure you it is possible.

You can park your unregistered vehicle; however, you aren’t allowed to drive it on public roads – if you are found doing it, you will be penalized for breaking the law.

Depending on your state, the law may require you to meet specific requirements before parking your unregistered vehicle. For example, it may be a requirement that the unregistered vehicle is in a good state before parking.

Good condition, in this case, alludes that there shouldn’t be any issues with it – no broken window, no broken door, and no inflated tires.

If there’s any vehicle issue, ensure it poses a danger to people and is adequately covered.

Where to Park Unregistered Vehicles?

Although different states may have other laws governing the parking of unregistered cars, they all agree that such vehicles shouldn’t be parked in public places (unless in limited conditions). So, where should they be parked?

Private Properties

One of the places where you can comfortably park your unregistered vehicle is in private properties. It could be your family or friend’s property. In the case of the latter, ensure you seek permission from your friend before parking.

Park & Rides Lots

If you are not near private properties, you can park your unregistered vehicle at the nearby park-and-ride lots. They are typically found close to public transportation spots and let you park for a small fee.

Storage facilities

If all the above parking places for your unregistered vehicle aren’t available, you still have the option to use storage facilities. These are good in cases where you want to park for an extended duration.

Also, most of them have security features in place so that you will have confidence regarding the safety of your vehicle.

Are there special places for unregistered parking cars?

The above are the areas permitted for unregistered vehicles. You should confirm whether your state offers unregistered vehicle parking permits if you want to park elsewhere.

How long can an unregistered car be parked?

The duration you can park your unregistered vehicle will vary from one state to the other. It also depends on where you’ve parked the car.

Generally, most states will not allow you to pack your unregistered vehicles in public places for more than 72 hours. Therefore, you should move the unregistered car from public parking places or register it to avoid trouble.

For those unsure what the law requires in their states, it would be wise to check with the DMV.

Are there places where you can rent parking?

Yes. You can rent private parking places in your area and park your unregistered car legally. The government will only be concerned if you leave the car parked in public places for more than stipulated by the laws in your state.

Can You Park an Unregistered Car in Your Driveway?

Again, this also depends from state to state – in some states, it’s legal; in others, it’s illegal. For example, it is illegal in Florida and New York but legal in Connecticut. For that reason, always consult your DMV.


Owning an unregistered car can bring a lot of limitations. For example, it will limit your freedom to drive or park your vehicle as you’d want.

To avoid the related inconveniences, we urge you to register your vehicle as soon as possible. And please ensure you observe the above-unregistered car parking knowledge as you wait for the registration approval.

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