The fuel pump is making noise but not pumping fuel. Causes and solutions

A fuel pump is a part of the internal combustion engine in a car. It pumps gas from the gas tank to the engine to add power and fuel it, so it can run.

A fuel pump makes noise and does not pump gas because there is trouble with it, such as a bad relay or wiring problem that prevents power from getting through to the electric motor inside that must turn an impeller inside the pump for it to work.

The sound could also be caused by a bad fuel pump relay or switch problem.

Why causes the fuel pump make noise but not pump fuel?

The pump itself is failing and needs to be replaced

This is the most common cause of a fuel pump making noise but not pumping gas. You should take your car to a mechanic and have them diagnose the problem. If it is the pump, they will be able to replace it for you.

The wiring on your car is not making good contact between the pump and your battery

Most of the time this is because the wiring on your car has become loose, so it can’t transfer the electrical power to the fuel pump when you turn on your car.

Sometimes it is because you have gotten water in your electrical system, which can cause corrosion and weakening of the wires over time. This can be a hard one to trace but could be dangerous if it causes a short circuit and causes something else to short out in an enclosed space.

The fuel filter is clogged

This can cause the pump to make noise as it tries to push the gas through the filter. The solution is to replace the filter.

The fuel pump relay is bad

This is a solid-state switch that transfers electricity from the battery to the fuel pump. It could have been broken by water in your area rusting it out or a power surge.

If a suitable replacement cannot be found, it can be replaced by wiring a relay from an auto parts store in series with the bad one.

The fuel pump fuse is blown

Or there is an electrical short somewhere else in the vehicle’s electrical system.

The fuel pressure regulator is bad

This could be an internal component that regulates the pressure inside the gas tank to make sure it is at a proper level, or it could be just an electrical component that protects a mechanical part from falling or getting damaged. Replacing it would fix this problem if one of the first six reasons is not the actual cause of your problem.

The fuel pump is not compatible with the type of fuel being used:

The fuel pump is being starved for power because the car’s ignition switch is in the “on” position and not allowing the fuel pump to receive enough power from the battery to work properly.

This could be because there is a problem with your car’s battery, or it could be that you left your car running and allowed it to drain its battery while unattended.

This can be fixed by getting a new ignition module or having your mechanic wire an auto parts store relay in series with the old one.

What does a failing fuel pump sound like?

A failing fuel pump can make a variety of noises, including whining, humming, or even clicking. The noise however can vary, depending on what kind of problem your car has with it.

If there is a loose wire on your car and the pump is trying to make the noise it would normally make when it’s working, this is usually a soft clicking or buzzing sound.

If your fuse is blown or there is a short somewhere else on your electrical system, then you will probably hear the pump\ trying to make noise but it will sound different than usual. In most cases, it will sound like an electric motor trying to run but not being able to.

How do you fix a noisy fuel pump?

If the problem is simply noise, there is no need to replace the entire fuel pump. You can simply have the noise-making part of the pump repaired or replaced. However, if the problem is that the fuel pump is not pumping gas, then you will need to replace the entire fuel pump.

How much does it cost to fix a noisy fuel pump that does not pump gas?

The cost of a fuel pump replacement is usually very dependent on the type of car you have. For most cars, it will cost around $400 to $1500. However, this could be higher or lower if your car needs other services done while your fuel pump is being replaced.


The fuel pump is an important component of the vehicle’s engine, and it can be very frustrating when it starts to make noise but doesn’t seem to be pumping any gas.

This may be due to several different issues, and it is important to diagnose the problem to find the best solution. If you notice your fuel pump making noise, have it checked out by a mechanic to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

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