How to disable the Nissan factory car alarm

There are many reasons you may want to disable your Nissan factory alarm. For example, maybe the alarm keeps on going off unnecessarily because of an issue. Since it’s fairly loud, this can be pretty bothersome.

Thus, you may wish to disable it temporarily until you take the car to your mechanic to have it checked up and fixed as need be.

If that’s right, here’s how to do it;

First, you need to realize that there are two ways to disable it. One will disengage the alarm temporarily whereas the other will disable it permanently.

The former is simpler and normally more effective than the latter as you may only need to disable your alarm temporarily until it gets fixed. To disable it temporarily, all you have to do is manually unlock and lock the driver’s or a passenger’s door. After all, most factory car alarms will temporarily disable when you put the key in one of your car’s door locks.

How Do I Permanently Disable My Factory Car Alarm?

Before showing you how to disable your Nissan factory alarm permanently, it’s crucial to warn you that disabling the alarm permanently without another alternative makes it easier for thieves to steal your car or its components.

So, unless you have a plan b, it’s not advisable to do it.

  • First, locate the fuse box, which is normally below the steering wheel.
  • Next, take out the box’s cover.
  • Using either a small set of needle nose pliers or plastic tweezers designed for this job, remove the alarm’s fuse to disable the alarm. N/B: You may find any of these tools inside the fuse box.

How Do You Turn Off a Nissan Car Alarm Without the Remote?

First of all, it’s important to realize that turning off your car’s alarm is one thing. Disabling it is quite another.

The former means pressing a button on your remote so that the alarm won’t go off even if it should. You can also do it without a remote and I’ll show you how in a bit.

Also, you can quickly turn the alarm back on, again, by pressing a button on your remote or following a different procedure that doesn’t involve using a remote.

The latter, on the other hand, means taking the alarm’s fuse out of the fuse box such that it will not work even if you press a button on the remote to turn it on. Only after you put the fuse back into the fuse box will the alarm will reactivate.

Continuing with the answer, just use your car keys, the old fashion way. When you manually unlock and lock your car’s door, the alarm should effectively turn off.

If it still doesn’t at this point, get inside the car and turn your key in the ignition. Switching on the engine should definitely turn off the alarm.

How Do I Disable My Keyless Car Alarm?

These are the steps to disable a keyless car alarm;

  • STEP 1: Get inside the car.
  • STEP 2: Open the driver’s-side door, unlocking it and closing all the other doors on the car. Here you’ll need to use the keyfob.
  • STEP 3: Push the start button to start the engine.
  • STEP 4: After a few seconds, push the start button again to shut off the engine.
  • STEP 5: Repeat STEPS 2 and 3 twice.
  • STEP 6: Using the keyfob, close and open the driver’s-side door twice. This will leave the transmitter unprogrammed and the keyless alarm system inactive.
  • STEP 7: Open the driver’s-side door to complete the disabling of the alarm.

Note!: This technique may not work on all Nissan keyless car models. If it doesn’t work in your case, don’t give up. Instead, go back to your owner’s manual, which is the best place to find out how to stop your alarm if it goes off (and to not break your car at the same time).

How Do I Disable Anti-Theft On My Car?

The alarm system is your car’s main anti-theft system. As you’ve seen, there are many ways to disable it which include;

  1. Pulling the alarm fuse out of the fuse box.
  2. Using the key to both lock and unlock the driver’s side door.
  3. Disabling the alarm by getting inside the car and following the six other steps explained above for a keyless car alarm system.

Where Is the Alarm Fuse Located?

As said earlier, the alarm fuse is found in the fuse box. This is usually located under the steering wheel.

How Long Should Your Car Be Without Anti-Theft?

Your car shouldn’t be without an anti-theft system at any given point in time. But if you have to disable your anti-theft due to unavoidable circumstances, make sure your car doesn’t go without it for a period exceeding one week.


According to 2021 statistics, the rate of car theft continues to remain high in the US. This is especially true for popular car models that are owned by many people. This means the demand for their spare parts is very high.

Ford Mustang, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Toyota 4 Runner, Honda Civic, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Charger, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Tacoma, and Subaru Outback are the top ten most popular cars in the US.

According to YouGovAmerica, these cars enjoy popularity rates of between 56% and 67%. What this means is that the chances of your car getting stolen if it’s any of the above make and model are very high.

As such, you cannot let it be without anti-theft for a long time. Otherwise, it could easily get stolen. If you have to disable the alarm due to unavoidable circumstances(for instance, because it’s faulty), make sure to see your mechanic within one week from the day that you take down the alarm.

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