Do car doors lock automatically? Let’s find out

The automobile industry is presented with new technologies to improve driving and safety every day.

The automatic lock feature of a car is a system that allows you to lock the car by remote control or the car to lock itself as programmed. It serves best when you forget to lock the car or need to lock it while on the move.

So, Do Car Doors Lock Automatically?

Yes, a car with the auto-lock system will lock automatically, but in very specific scenarios. As a safety measure, cars automatically lock their doors when the car starts moving or reaches a higher speed, and when you unlock the car but you did not get in and forget to lock it.

The above situations are very common to most cars nowadays. Another situation is, for security reasons, your car locks itself when you walk away from it.

If you rush out of the car and forget to lock it, once you reach a certain distance the car will sense your absence and automatically lock, but this requires a keyless car or an adjustment to the door lock system.

Do All Cars Have This System Installed?

Not all cars have this feature installed but most manufacturers prefer that their cars have them. Some governments lobby for cars to have these features for safety, although they never make it a requirement. The owner’s manual should have all the information about a car’s locking system.

When Do Cars Automatically Lock Their Dors?

The auto-lock feature is installed to work in different scenarios depending on the programming.

If you leave your car unlocked and walk away for around 2 meters the car will automatically lock. This is installed to protect the vehicle from thieves in case the driver forgets to lock up. You must however take the keys with you for it to auto-lock. This feature is seen in newer cars.

People have had their items stolen from their cars while in the parking lot. This happens when you unlock the car ready to drive off but immediately remember something you forgot on your desk. You rush back to get it without remembering to re-lock the doors.

If your car has the auto-lock feature it will lock itself up if none of the doors are opened within 30 seconds after unlocking. This feature is present in almost all cars.

It is a general assumption that everyone driving cannot protect themselves from hijackers. One way to protect yourself is to lock all the doors while driving although some people forget to do so.

To protect drivers, some car manufacturers installed the auto-lock feature and programmed it to lock all the doors once the car is in motion. Some are more sensitive and lock immediately after the transmission is shifted from parking.

If you crash the car into a wall, it might be difficult to rescue you if you have locked the doors. As soon as the airbags are deployed, the auto-lock system recognizes the accident and automatically unlocks the doors for easy rescue.

Nevertheless, locked doors are important in a scenario where the car rolls over several times. The locked doors will absorb the weight and prevent the roof from coming down on the driver.

Why you should lock the car when driving?

Simply for protection. Car thieves sometimes target idling cars or slow-moving cars. They swiftly get into the car through an unlocked door and force the driver off the wheel. To protect yourself from such an event you are advised to always let the auto-lock system lock the doors whenever you are driving.

Some drivers worry about evacuation in the event of an accident. When an accident occurs, the car will automatically unlock the doors.

Do Cars Automatically Lock After A While?

If you unlock the car but fail to open any of the doors within 30 seconds, the car will relock. You however need to enable this setting.

Will Cars Lock Out If You Forget To Lock Them?

Some advanced options auto-lock when the driver walks away with keys without locking the car. The ranger is usually around 2 meters. If your car does not have this feature, you can install it.

Why Will A Car Constantly Lock And Unlock Without The Driver’s Command?

There are several common reasons your car’s auto-lock system is malfunctioning.

The Actuator Might Be Faulty

The system relies on an actuator to convert the electrical signal from the remote control to mechanical action. This issue is common among central locking systems, even the least complex ones.

Defective Door Sensors

If the door sensors wear out you will have to replace them. Continued use of the faulty sensors will result in more frustration.

The Wiring System Might Be causing problems

Some wires connecting the system to the doors might be exposed and worn out. If these wires come into contact with the car’s body they could cause a malfunction in the auto-lock system.

Dust might penetrate the system’s core

This will hinder the effective movement of the locks. Signal relaying will be disrupted causing the system to misbehave.

The key might be faulty

Cars doors will unexpectedly open and close if there is poor communication between the central locking system and the key. This could happen if one of the buttons is stuck or the battery is low. The doors might even unlock on the highway.

Do Keyless Entry Automatically Lock?

Yes, if the key is more than 15 meters away from the car, it automatically locks up. This feature is meant to secure the car even when the driver leaves without locking the doors.

How do I stop my car from locking automatically?

The auto-lock feature is designed to improve your car ownership experience but you might for some reason want it deactivated. You can follow this procedure.

  • Insert the key and turn it on
  • Press unlock three times
  • Turn off the car
  • Turn it on again
  • The horn will beep to confirm the programming mode
  • Press Unlock and lock consecutively.
  • The horn should alert you of the deactivation

This method doesn’t work in any car. You should consult the owner’s manual and find out what is the specific way of turning the auto-lock off.

Bottom Line

Technology has revolutionized car manufacturing in almost every aspect. Car locks are not what they used to be, they are key players in car safety.

With auto locks in almost every car both high-end and modest, theft of items in parking lots has reduced. There are some reasons why some drivers prefer to deactivate their auto-lock feature but we cannot ignore the benefits this technology brought with it.

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