Can you drive a keyless car without the key?

Convenience is king in today’s world, and in the automotive world, people seek ways to make driving seamless. Thus, there is a possibility of driving the keyless car without the fob due to the invention of a keyless ignition system.

The car has a keyless push-button start, an intelligent key that allows users to fire up the car’s engine without placing a key in the car. The keyless ignition is gaining popularity, and the invention has been with us for the past two decades as it first appeared in the 1990s and early 2000s.

So, if your car does not yet have the keyless ignition feature, would you opt for it when buying the next car; again, do you know the advantages and downside of the technology? Read on to know if keyless ignition is the best choice for your car and whether you can drive it without the fob.

Can a keyless car will still be driven without the key?

If the engine is stopped, you can’t start the car, but if the engine is already running, and suppose you lose the key by accident or throw the fob out of the vehicle while on the move, then the engine will continue to run. The vehicle would alert you that the key is not present, but you can continue to drive until you will park somewhere safe.

There are some rumors in the automotive field that the keyless car would shut off by itself if it continues to run for a while without the key, but this is not true because of security reasons.

Shutting down the car on the highway, for example, is dangerous for you and for the other drivers, and since you can still control the car without the key, you can continue to drive it until you reach a safe zone and after the engine is stopped it can’t be started without the key.

Most Fobs Have a Key on It

The keyless car has a fob that you can tuck away into your pocket and purses and show proximity to the car’s ignition receiver. When it is dead, you might feel like driving the car is difficult, but a key is fitted into the fob. This is true for car ignitions with the key features that allow drivers to drive with both the key and fob.

When driving with the fan, it transmits unique low–frequency signals which the car’s computer system would recognize. Thus the car with a key entry allows the user to enter the car without using the fob if they have the fob key. Although the car would recognize the fob due to the keyless ignition, it would also recognize its key and open its door without hitting the button.

Some Cars Have Spare Keys on the Door Lock

If you lose the fob key or are dead, you can still drive the car as some car models have an emergency key on the door lock. If your car model has the extra key on the door, you can remove it using a screwdriver, but you should be careful not to damage your car when removing the extra key. It becomes possible to drive the car models with an extra key on the door lock if the fob is dead or out of range.

It Is Convenient To Use the Car Key App Drive It

The keyless ignition system is widely available and would fit almost all vehicles, and some have apps that help users navigate their way when they lose the key. The keyless ignition will recognize the car’s app, thus working properly like the fob key.

If you don’t have the app installed for your car, you may need to contact the manufacturer or dealer as they would send you the app lock, which works specifically for your car. The app might help drivers access their cars if they lose the fob keys or when the fob dies in transit.

The car app specific to the car might deter break-ins, and vehicle theft as the cars only recognize the signal from the app specific to the car. The thieves would have difficulty breaking into your car in the parking lot as it requires a smart lock similar to the app.

They would need to hack into the system, and most keyless manufacturers use safe technology from malware and hacking. Again, the cars with an app lock would not have a metal key that may be copied. It does not have a mechanical steering column that thieves would force if they want to steal.

Final Thoughts

Convenience is key, and you can drive a keyless car without keys conveniently, and it is safe for people with motion disabilities. There are some solutions if you lost the key like accessing your car with the manufacturer’s app if the fob is dead or lost if your car has this feature.

Also, contacting the manufacturer will resolve the issue, but costs can be quite high. It is the most convenient solution, and manufacturers also use anti-theft technology to guard your car.

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