Car wrapping advantages and cost

What does car wrapping mean?

Wrapping the car is a process by which we partially or totally cover the car body. This process is carried out either by necessity or by the pleasure of beautifying the car. Whether you want to cover a scratch that the car has and you don’t want to go for repainting, or you just want to change its color without too much cost, wrapping is the best solution.

Also, you have the possibility to choose, car painting or wrapping. Of course, each of these two options comes with both advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to repaint your car, then you must know that the procedure is long and much more expensive.

In some cases, this repainting operation can cost even more than the car itself, especially if we choose a more special paint, then the costs exceed several thousand dollars. But if you opt for a wrap then you must know that the price is much lower and the procedure lasts a maximum of 2 days, depending on the size of the car and the availability of the workshop where you perform this operation.

It is true that the wrap procedure is not as durable as opting for professional paint, but the costs are much lower, so it is more rent a lump than a repaint.

Things to know about car wrap

This process, as I said, can be accomplished in whole or in part, depending on the need or desire. Car wrapping is done on very clean surfaces, which do not contain impurities, rust or grease.

It is true that the wrap procedure is not as durable as applying professional paint, but the costs are much lower, so it pays off to have a car wrap.

Especially since there are wraps for cars, which have a high degree of scratch resistance, thus managing to protect the original paint underneath. But both in the case of repainting and in case of wrapping you should check the country law to avoid any unwanted restrictions regarding the color change or any other aspects regarding the color of the car.

Another aspect that we must be very careful about is the adhesive used when applying the wrap. It must be transparent, solvent-based and can be removed easily when you want to unmount the wrap.

The adhesive must be permanent, of good quality that can not affect in any way the car’s paint on the car. When we want to remove the wrap from the car, we must do it hot, without the paint to suffer any damage.

However, the car must have the original paint, and if it was repainted, then the repainting process should have been done in specialized and high-quality workshops. We can apply a wrap that is exactly the car’s paint color, but we can also opt for a protective, transparent one.

Will wrap protect the car’s paint from scratches?

Usually, by applying a wrap, the car is partially protected from scratches, so it would be advisable to choose a thicker wrap to better protect the car from any scratches that may occur.

The transparent material, which is specially designed to protect the paint, does a very good job in protecting paint from scratches even from strong ones, it still manages to be very protective. This material is applied mostly by people who want to keep their paint in perfect condition even though they cover many miles where the paint would suffer if it is not protected.

If scratches are formed when the car is already wrapped, they are solved by simply replacing the material on the respective surface.

Is it true that the wrap can make air bubbles underneath?

Yes, it is true, but only when applied. Usually, it is recommended to remove the car with the help of special alcohol, which will not affect in any way the paint of your car, and only then apply the wrap.

It can happen that when mounting a car wrap, air bubbles will form, which can be easily removed with the help of a scraper. But these are aspects that will be taken care of by those who apply your wrap and not you.

Depending on your requirements, the wrap can be applied to the entire surface of your car or only partially. Therefore, before applying, you should know exactly what you want.

As such, you could choose, for example, to write only the company name and contact details, or you could choose to be visible by displaying some logos that you know in the market, as a sticker

You can also opt for a full car wrap, but you have to be aware to check the laws to see that you can change your color or you are allowed to mount a wrap.

Advantages of a car wrap

The first thing that comes in mind is that the car will look much better than if it were freshly painted.

But beyond the aesthetic advantage, there are other advantages. Also, the material will protect the body from rust. From the smallest crack of rust in the original paint, a bigger one can form, because if not treated in time, rust will take over.

This type of rust “works” and extends below the paint, so when it comes out it may already be too late. When you have a wrap applied to the whole car, the water and snow no longer come into direct contact with the paint and those small vulnerabilities.

The original paint will be permanently protected. Some drivers choose to wrap their cars trying to restore their past appearance when they were new. But there are also owners who are wrapping their cars just to protect the original paint.

Also, the costs for wrapping are much lower than those for painting, so if your car does not look so good from an aesthetic point of view, there is no problem, you can opt for a wrap it very easily and simply.

Another advantage would be the existence of the many shades of wraps to choose from matte, pearl or the ones that perfectly mimic the metallic paint. The lifetime of the wrapping is another advantage that this process has.

The use of the most qualitative materials accompanied by their professional mounting ensures a lifetime of over 5 years. This performance can be achieved by specialists in the field and not by amateurs who follow an online tutorial and implement the stages. The tutorials do not reveal exactly all the procedures and secrets of a professional wrapping.

Another advantage, especially for companies, is that you can wrap the car with the company banner so you can advertise for free in the city or wherever you go by car. The graphic design can be done by the same company for an extra amount.

Disadvantages of wrapping a car

The disadvantage would be that it is a temporary solution, but for the advantages mentioned above, the balance is in favor of wrapping.

How much does a car wrap cost?

The cost of a car wrapping process differs depending on a few factors related to the owner’s preference, but also on the size of the vehicle. Thus, the cost of wrapping the car is directly proportional to:

  • The type of wrap chosen by the owner
  • The model and size of the car you want to be wrapped
  • The time dedicated to this process (depending on the existing car problems – scratches, rust or other problems that need to be solved before)

Typically, prices for A to Z leasing service include:

  • Unmounting labor, cleaning and assembling parts (including used consumables)
  • Create sticker design (if applicable)
  • Effective wrapping process

Before the wrapping is done, there is a meeting with the customer to establish the desired options, a short check of the car is made to see its exact problems, and then a price estimate will be made. Usually, a consultancy is also carried out during this meeting, so that the client can benefit from all the information and advice, and the result will be as expected.

Wraps can have a price between 2000 $ and 5000 $ you can save more by using cheaper materials.

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