Abbreviations in the automotive field. Complete guide

ACC Adaptive Cruise Control adaptive automatic system for controlling the car’s speed
ABS Anti-lock Braking System braking system that prevents wheel locking
AC Alternative Current AC power
AFS Active Front Steering electronic steering control system (Cadillac)
ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid Automatic transmission oil (gearbox)
AMS Alternator Management System alternator charging control system used by Hyundai-Kia
ASC Active Stability Control electronic car stability control system (Mitsubishi)
AT PZEV Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle pollution level regulated by CARB
AWD All Wheel Drive electronically controlled all-wheel-drive
B100 Biodiesel 100% 100% biodiesel fuel
B20 Biodiesel 20% diesel fuel containing 20% ​​biodiesel
BARO Barometric Sensor atmospheric air pressure sensor
BAS Brake Assist System braking force assist system
BCM Body Control Module the electronic control module of the passenger compartment
BMS Battery Management System battery monitoring and control system
BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke AG The German Bavarian car factory
CAI Controlled Auto Ignition motor with controlled self-ignition
CAN Controller Area Network communication protocol developed by Bosch
CARB California Air Resource Board an organization whose activity is also aimed at regulating the levels of pollutant emissions of cars for the state of California in the USA
CC Continious Current DC
CCS Combined Combustion System diesel engine with combined combustion system
CIDI Compression Ignition Direct Injection ignition and direct injection ignition engine
CKPS Crankshaft Position Sensor
CMPS Camshaft Position Sensor
CNG Compressed Natural Gas
CPU Central Processing Unit
CR Common Rail common rail fuel injection system
CRS Common Rail System common rail injection system
CRT Continuously Regenerating Trap particle filter system with oxidation catalyst
CSO Cylinder Shut-Off the cylinder deactivation system from VW
CVT Continuously Variable Transmission gearbox with continuous variation
CVVT Continuous Variable Valve Timing system of variable phase distribution
DCT Double Clutch Transmission Transmission (gearbox) with double clutch
DCU Dosing Control Unit the electronic control module of the injection system by AdBlue (Bosch)
DDS Deflation Detection System indirect tire pressure monitoring system (Continental)
DDWS Dunlop Deflation Warning System indirect tire pressure monitoring system (Dunlop)
DOC Diesel Oxydation Catalyst oxidation catalyst for diesel engines
DOHC Double OverHead Camshaft distribution with two inlet valves per cylinder, with camshafts in the cylinder head
DLC Diamond Like Carbon carbon with crystal-like crystal structure
DMF Dual Mass Flywheel double flywheel used in cars
DSC Dynamic Stablity Control car stability control system
DSTC Dynamic Stability and Traction Control electronic car stability control system (Volvo)
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code error code used for car diagnostics
DVD Digital video disc optical storage medium
EBD Electronic Brakeforce Distribution electronic braking force distribution system
ECT Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor engine temperature sensor
ECO economical driving mode of a car for the purpose of reducing fuel / energy consumption
ECU Electronic Control Unit electronic control unit (computer)
ECM Engine Control Module engine control module (injection computer)
EDC Electronic Diesel Control electronic injection systems produced by Bosch
EPA Environmental Protection Agency US Environmental Protection Agency
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory programmable and cancellable ROM memory
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory programmable and electrically cancelable ROM memory
EFI Electronic Fuel Injection electronically controlled fuel injection system (indirect injection)
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation exhaust gas recirculation system
EMCD Electro-Magnetic Control Device electromagnetic control coupling unit (used in the Dacia Duster all-wheel drive system)
EMS Engine Management System engine management system
EN European Norm European norm
EOBD European On Board Diagnosis European version of OBD
EPA Environmental Protection Agency US agency whose activity object is environmental protection
EPS Electric Power Steering power steering
SEA Energy Smart Management intelligent electricity management system (Renault)
ESP Electronic Stability Program electronic car stability control system
EV Electric Vehicle electric powered vehicle
EVAP Evaporative Emission Control System gasoline vapor capture and recirculation system
EVSC Electronic Vehicle Stability Control electronic car stability control system (Isuzu)
FGT Fixed Geometry Turbine turbine with fixed geometry
FSI Fuel Stratified Injection direct fuel injection system with stratified mixture
GCI Gasoline Compression Ignition gasoline engine with compression ignition
GDI Gasoline Direct Injection gasoline direct injection system (Mitsubishi)
GPCU Glow Plug Control Unit pre-heating spark plug control unit (incandescent)
GPS Global Positioning System global positioning system
HCCI Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition engine with homogeneous mixture and compression ignition
HCSI Homogeneous Charge Spark Ignition engine with homogeneous mixture and spark ignition
HEV Hybrid Electrical Vehicle hybrid car (combustion + electric)
HIS Hydraulic Impulse Storage hydraulic impulse battery used in ZF automatic transmissions
HP Horse Power horsepower, unit of measure of power
IAC Idle Air Control air control valve allowed at idle speed
IAT Intake Air Temperature Sensor intake air temperature sensor
ICT Information and Communication Technology System database system that communicates with the car for the provision of information (Nissan)
IMV Inlet Metering Valve Delphi high pressure injection pressure relief valve
IVD Interactive Vehicle Dynamics electronic car stability control system (Ford)
ISC Idle Speed ​​Control Valve idle speed control valve
ISG Idle Stop & Go Stop & Start system used by Hyundai-Kia
ISO International Organization for Standardization the international organization for standardization
KAM Keep Aive Memory non-volatile memory (data is stored at power off)
KWP Key Word Protocol communication protocol used to diagnose cars or reprogram computers on cars
LED Light Emitting Diode luminescent diode (emits light when it is powered by an electrical voltage)
LEV Low Emission Vehicle low emission vehicle
Li-Ion Lithium-ion Battery battery with negative carbon electrode, positive metal oxide electrolyte, electrolyte being a lithium salt
LIN Local Interconnect Network communication protocol
LNT Lean NOx Trap catalyst for the treatment of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions
LONGFT Long-term Fuel Trim long-term correction of the amount of fuel injected
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas liquefied petroleum gas alternative fuel
LSD Limited Slip Differential differential with limited "slip"
LSU Lambda Universal Sensor planar oxygen sensor (Bosch)
MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor the name of the intake air mass sensor
MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure the name of the intake air pressure sensor
mIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp icon that appears on a car’s dashboard that signal a fault of the components that have direct or indirect impact on the polluting emissions
MON Motor Research Number "Engine" method of calculating the octane number of a gasoline
MOST Media Oriented Systems Transport communication protocol
MPI Multi-Point Injection multi-point injection (one injector per cylinder)
MSP Maserati Stability Program electronic car stability control system (Maserati)
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement trade liberalization agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico
NEDC New European Driving Cycle the European car approval cycle
NHSTA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration US Agency for Road Traffic Safety
Ni-HM Nickel – Metal Hydride Battery battery with negative metal hydride electrode and positive cadmium electrode
NVG New Venture Gear car transmission manufacturing company
NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor with negative temperature coefficient
OBD On Board Diagnosis the set of regulations defining the diagnosis of cars
PACE Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence award award given by to auto parts manufacturers
PCM Powertrain Control Module the motor-drive group control module (computer that controls the combustion engine and the automatic gearbox)
PCS Precision Control System electronic car stability control system (Oldsmobile)
PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation crankcase gas recirculation system to an internal combustion engine
PDU Power Distribution Unit control unit and distribution of electrical power
PEM Power Electronics Module module for controlling an electric car
PFI Port Fuel Injection fuel injection system at valve gate (indirect injection)
PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle hybrid car (combustion + electric) to which the batteries can be charged also from an electricity power supply
PSD Power Split Device planetary gear mechanism used by Toyota prius
PSM Porsche Stability Management electronic car stability control system (Porsche)
PTU Power Transfer Unit power transfer unit (used in some all-wheel-drive system)
PWM Pulse Width Modulation technique of controlling an analog electronic equipment by using a voltage of constant amplitude, the waveform being rectangular and variable frequency
R2S Regulated 2-Stage turbocharging two-stage turbocharger (BorgWarner)
RAM Random Access Memory random access memory
R AWTV Rimac – All Wheel Torque Vectoring torque control system on each wheel (Rimac Automobili)
RON Research Octane Number "Research" method of calculating the octane number of a gasoline
RSC Roll Stability Control electronic car stability control system (Ford)
SAC Self Adjusting Clutch clutch with clutch disc wear compensation mechanism
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers the company of automobile engineers
SCCI Stratified Charge Compression Ignition engine with stratified mixture and ignition by compression
SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction method of treating urea exhaust gases (NOx)
SCR T Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology
SHRTFT Short-term Fuel Trim short-term correction of the amount of fuel injected
SIDI Spark Ignition Direct Injection spark ignition and direct injection engine
SSR Self Supporting Runflat tire that can be run in case of pressure loss
SULEV Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle pollution level regulated by CARB
SUV Sport Utility Vehicle utility sports car
TCO Total Cost of Ownership total cost of ownership (includes the cost of purchasing, using and maintaining a product)
TCCS Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid clutch control valve for locking the gearbox of an automatic gearbox
TCS Traction Control System electronic traction control system
TCU Telematic Control Unit telematic control unit, remote information transmission (Nissan Leaf)
TCU Transmission Control Unit the electronic transmission control unit (gearbox)
THS Toyota Hybrid System Toyota’s hybrid propulsion system
TI-VCT Twin Independent – VariableCamshaft Timing Ford’s dual (intake-exhaust) distribution system
TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System tire pressure monitoring system
TREAD Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation document for regulating transportation cars in the USA
TSI Turbocharged Stratified Injection direct-injection supercharged gasoline engines from VW
TSP Trailer Stability Program electronic car stability control system (Opel)
TWC Three-Way Catalyst three-way catalyst, it treats CO, HC and NOx
TWI Tread Wear Indicator tread wear indicator
UEGO Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen planar lambda probe
UIS Unit Injector System injection system with injector pump
ULEV Ultra Low Emission Vehicle pollution level regulated by CARB
VCM Vehicle Control Modules vehicle control computer (Nissan Leaf)
VDC Vehicle Dynamic Control electronic car stability control system (Fiat)
VDIM Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management electronic car stability control system (Lexus)
VDS Vehicle Descriptor Section car description decision (used in VIN)
VGT Variable Geometry Turbine turbine with variable geometry
VIN Vehicle Identification Number the unique identification code of a vehicle
VIS Vehicle Identifier Section car identification section (used in VIN)
VPW Variable Pulse Width Modulation rectangular electrical signal with variable period (frequency modulation)
VSA Vehicle Stability Assist electronic car stability control system (Acura)
VTEC Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control Honda’s variable distribution system
VVA Variable Valve Actuation variable actuation of the lifting height of the valves
VVT-i Variable Valve Timing with intelligence Variable distribution system used by Toyota
WMI World Manufacturer Identifier the international indentification number of the car manufacturer (used in the VIN)
WRC World Rally Championship the world rally championship
ZEV Zero Emission Vehicle a car with zero pollutant emissions
ZF ZahnradFabrik German component company for the automotive industry

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