What is Neo Chrome? Can it be used to paint the car?

Are you tired of the plain automobile color and wish to try something new? Why don’t you opt for Neo Chrome finish? Neo chrome looks stunning as it offers a multi-colored look for the car, wheels steering, and any metal surface.

With so many car painting options at your disposal, you can easily chrome plate your vehicle. Here is why you should consider a neo chrome color scheme for your automotive.

How Chrome Plating Can Transform Into Neo Chrome?

Chrome plating transforms metal surfaces into intriguing color schemes by applying chromium on a metal surface by electroplating. The process is achieved by passing an electric current between electrodes which are then immersed in an electrolyte bath with chromic acid; one electrode will be plated, and the chromium atoms will be deposited on the layer of the electrodes on the metal surface.

The neo chroming process hardens the metal and is not similar to the burnt titanium process. All companies which engage in neo-chroming should carry out the procedure under strict conditions as some chemicals might be carcinogenic.

Although most cars have alloy metals on the rims, they might not be as shiny as neo chrome, and you can get the neo chrome without getting new wheels. You can use spray paints which are made specifically for the wheel rims.

You can scuff the alloy surface with a gray scuff pad to make it possible for the paint to stick to the rims. Then use tape to cover the air valve to prevent the chrome spray from shutting the opening. Wipe the wheels with grease or wax to avoid coloring them, and spray the wheel rims with chrome paint.

Is Neo Chrome Good To Use For The Car?

Neo chrome comes with an edge-cutting design and is good for your car. Neo chrome is made for every car model as it is safe and makes the car pop out. They are beautiful, and you should consider incorporating the color scheme into your customized car paint. Neo chrome will make an old car model cooler than new models.

Example of Neo Chrome Car

Advantages of using Neo Chrome

Two big advantages of using neo chrome are the ease with which the surface on which it is applied is cleaned and reducing car maintenance costs; for instance, traditional car colors might be porous.

Porous paint surfaces can let water seep in, leading to cracks; moreover, they can hold to dirt, grease, and road grime. However, the neo chrome car paint is non-porous, making it easy to clean the car. Traditional cleaners and rags will clean the car well.

Another advantage is that neo chrome is weather-resistant, and it stands better to weather changes than traditional paints. They resist corrosion and rusting better than traditional paints. Neo chrome wheels will withstand frequent use and abuse and will withstand all weather conditions.

The paint hardness of the car body makes it hard to scratch and heat resistant; you can cook an egg on the car’s surface on hot days. Moreover, you can choose the colors which can attract the attention you want. People might think you are a celebrity, so neo chrome is for you if you enjoy the attention.

Disadvantages of Neo Chrome

Neo chrome is costly, and the cost goes up depending on the layers needed, the quality of the finish you want to achieve, and the surface area. The nickel plating, which makes neo chrome shining, is also expensive.

Neo chrome makes the metal hard, but it adds a bit of weight to the car body. Although the additional weight might not be too much, it is still a disadvantage. Moreover, the shiny car surface might blind other drivers depending on the sun’s position and sunlight intensity.

What Car Parts Can Use Neo Chrome Painting?

Although you can use neo chrome on different body parts, it is better suited for the wheel rims, steering wheels, hood, mirrors, and vinyl wraps. If you are going for a minimalistic neo paint, you can opt for the steering wheel or mirror neo chrome.

In this video, you will see how stunning rims look with neo chrome applied

The Costs of Painting Car Parts With Neo Chrome

Neo chrome is a great material and comes at a reasonable cost. For instance, mirror chrome costs approximately $100, camouflage vinyl wrap at $50, gloss vinyl wrap at $70.

The costs of car parts neo chrome vary from one vendor to another, and it would be wise to work within your budget. You can ask your car repair shop if they offer the neo chrome painting, as it is easy to get a deal from someone you know.

Don’t try to apply neo chrome paint in your garage or in a place that is not authorized. The result can be bad for your car.

How to know if something is Chrome Plated?

You can know that something is plaited when it is highly reflective like a mirror and is bluish, darkish, or aura. However, if it is just bright but not mirror-like, it might be stainless or zinc plated.

You can easily see your face on the neo chrome surface; if you can’t, it is probably not neo chrome. Neo chrome aims to create shiny surfaces with interesting color schemes.

Alternatives to Original Neo Chrome

You can replicate it with chameleon paint, whereby, instead of using a solid base coat, you can use the chrome coat. However, the alternative process does not result in an authentic neo-chrome finish.

The pain might not give you the color scheme or patent you want. It may not harden the metal like the neo chrome finish. Moreover, it may not give the mirror and shining look you want to achieve. Nevertheless, chameleon paint is one of the alternatives to neo chrome.


Do you want to attract attention to your car when you drive around the city? Then neo chrome is the best solution for creating shiny car surfaces, leading to a mirror-like aura. Moreover, neo chrome hardens the surface, making it hard for the car to get scratches and bruises.

It makes the car resistant to weather elements, and thus it does not get sun damage when left under the sun for an extended time. The paint is wear-resistant and reduces rust on the car’s surface, thus elongating its life.

However, the cost might depend on the number of neo chrome coats, surface area, and finishing. Good luck getting the neo chrome paint you want today.

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