How to know if a car junkyard is good?

Many car owners around the world turn to car junkyard parks to buy car parts. Mainly, the most searched elements are for the body, mechanics, and interior, these being the most used car parts. But how should a car parts park look like to convince us to buy from it?

Car junkyard is a huge success when the car park is outdated, and the costs of new parts are much higher than those of used parts. The main parts purchased from the junkyard are body elements, such as bumpers, hoods, doors, tailgate, headlights, wings and so on. But we also buy various items that are not considered consumables, either mechanical or interior, but also complete engines or transmissions.

The car junkyard is primarily based on lightly damaged vehicles. When the cars are involved in accidents and the culprit does not have an additional insurance policy, he must repair his car on his own. Why spend a lot of money on a new bumper when it can find one from the junkyard, already painted in the color of its car, thus resulting in a total cost of less than half of the new part?

The junkyard car parks in our days are slightly different. In the old days, there were huge parks, at sight, where customers walked until they found the desired piece. It was a long time wasted and you were never convinced that you would hit the right part, 100% compatible with your car.

You bought a piece that looked like the one you needed, you came with it to the service, it wasn’t good, you wanted to replace it or be compensated by the seller, but you didn’t always succeed. Fortunately, things have evolved and junkyard parks have become a much more organized, more diversified and very secure business.

The used car parts have been sold since 2017, in a percentage of over 80% in the online environment. The car junkyard parks have realized that if they want to make money they cannot rely exclusively on local buyers who cross the threshold in search of car parts. So they started selling online, through dedicated platforms.

How should a good car junkyard look like?

First of all, a good car junkyard park is highly organized. It is a park where you will find the most common models from the best-known manufacturers. For example, the most successful car parks offer parts for almost all know brands. Therefore, the first thing that “betrays” a good car junkyard park is diversification.

Secondly, a good car junkyard park turns a car from the park into many auto parts, well organized in many compartments. So, the most marketable parts are removed and placed in categories, labeled. For example, the front bumper is removed and placed on the shelf with another 300 bumpers from various makes and models, so that when purchasing online it does not waste more time with the dismantling but sends it on the same day.

As for the mechanical parts, engine, attachments, etc., are all disassembled and placed well organized. Labels, even with a barcode, are ideal, so the seller knows immediately if he has the piece in stock and where it is in the parts warehouse.

The management of car parts from a junkyard is another advantage. Good car junkyards from around the world use a simple and efficient system: They remove the part from the car, check it and make sure it is functional, label it with a bar code and with a label that writes the brand, model, additional info and year of manufacture of the car from which it was removed, then scans it and automatically enters the management of the car junkyard park.

The purpose is that when someone makes an offer request for an Audi A3 alternator, for example, the seller looks directly in the parts file or the dedicated program, the piece appears to be in stock in the warehouse, on the shelf 5. In short, from an order, the junkyard worker can put the piece to the courier in just 30 minutes.

Pictures are also important. Some car junkyards take pictures immediately after removing the part from the car and placing it in the warehouse, others only at the client’s request. It is ideal to place all the pieces because the online ads with auto parts that have pictures are more credible and have more search. That means having an employee, or even more, who does this all day long: take pictures of the parts dismantled by the mechanics, label them and put them in categories, and in case of an order they can move very fast to honor the order.

In addition to this system, which facilitates the wholesale of parts from junkyards, a car junkyard that sells used parts must also respond to some requests, to be perfect. First of all, it has to offer a warranty. According to some laws, any product sold online, including used parts, must have a minimum number of days compliance warranty.

Sellers who do not offer warranty are far from perfect, breaking the law. Also, a perfect car junkyard park must offer the possibility for the client to return the purchased item, in case the customer is not satisfied.

So, a good car junkyard park is one that sells online, transparently, on a specialized platform that gives it confidence and credibility through a rating system. Wouldn’t you like to buy car parts from a seller that tens or hundreds of past buyers have said is trustworthy?

Or do you want to buy from someone unknown, about whom you know nothing, who could send you two bricks instead of ordered headlights? 🙂

Search online for car junkyard parks near you. Be sure all the sellers are checked, and those looking for car parts can see the ratings received from other buyers, acquiring parts in the knowledge of the case, based on the history of that junkyard park.

In conclusion, a car junkyard park is a well-organized park, which offers pictures of all the car parts, which honors the order made in the shortest time, which has the ads published on a platform with ratings, so that the clients know that they are dealing with a serious seller. Today, buyers’ confidence is the most important rule for choosing a second-hand piece and they want to make sure that they buy what they need, verifying the ratings given by other buyers, but also that they will buy a piece with warranty and possibility of return.

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