What are the best and worst shoes for driving a car

Most of us do not think about the proper type of shoes to drive a car safely, of course until an accident is the result of an uninspired choice.

In most countries, there is no law specifying something related to the right footwear to drive a car. From a legal point of view, you can drive barefoot, in slippers, sandals, or even with 10 cm heels. In the event of an accident resulting from an improper shoe, the consequences can be very serious.

Driving a car in slippers or sandals

This type of footwear is by far the most dangerous. The pedal can be easily caught between the sole of the foot and the slap or sandal, resulting in reduced control over the car and an increase in the braking time required.

These slippers slip easily and can be caught between or under the pedals. Therefore the driver’s attention will be focused on the optimal location of the shoe, thus being inattentive to the road.

Driving with slippers or sandals is a cause of road accidents. A good idea is to keep a pair of slippers suitable for driving in the car. If you do not have the right pair to drive in the car it is preferable to drive in bare feet.

Is it illegal to drive barefoot?

This is a myth! In fact, driving barefoot is legal. Are you undecided between high heels shoes and bare feet? Opt for bare feet. Although it is almost certain, there are some dangers associated with barefoot driving.

A person who is not accustomed to walking or driving this way may have some problems with the discomfort encountered and the pressure on the pedals.

These problems can be in the form of pain when you press the pedal firmly, which can reduce the control over the car.

Other potential risks may be caused by wet feet becoming slippery. Synthetic socks can reduce traction between the foot and the pedal.

Also, in the event of an accident, the right shoes lead to injury reduction regarding your feet. On the other hand, many people say that they prefer to drive because they feel better in the car, especially on hot summer days, or if they drive a manual transmission car.

It is safe to drive a car using high heels?

Surprisingly, in most cases, it is not illegal to drive if you wear high heels, although it is not recommended. The biggest danger associated with wearing such type of shoes while driving is the risk of clinging the heels to the car’s mats when you want to brake. Therefore, you will either brake late or you will be unable to brake or avoid an accident.

Also, driving a car using high heels can be dangerous because the heel cannot support the floor of the car. Having the heel supported on the car’s floor, the driver can move the foot quickly from the gas pedal to the brake pedal and can press firmly on the respective pedal.

What does the law say?

Many road codes do not provide for a certain type of shoes necessary for driving, and it is legal to wear any shoes you want, but you must keep in mind that you are responsible for maintaining control over the car permanently.

Although there is currently no specific offense related to inappropriate footwear, you may be fined depending on the circumstances.

If you are stopped by the police due to irregular driving and it is considered that the footwear is the cause, the officer may give you a verbal warning and some advice. More serious cases where you endanger other participants in traffic can result in fines.

The best shoes for driving

Flat shoes do not slip easily. These shoes, like the ones with the sequins, have excellent grip, the rubber on the bottom offers excellent traction with the pedal and the sole of the shoe is not very thick.

The best shoes allow the driver to feel the pedal so he knows how much pressure he must exert on it. Ladies, ballet shoes are a great choice when it comes to driving.

The worst shoes for driving

Slippers and heels shoes are the worst choices when driving, which of course have already been mentioned. Also, avoid shoes with a thick and heavy sole that prevents you from feeling the pedal. Shoes with a platform or wide sole can push you at the same time without realizing both the brake pedal and the clutch pedal.

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