Are car spoilers useful?

Some drivers want to have their car unique by decorating its exterior and also improve the dynamic characteristics of their car. This option can be achieved by installing a spoiler that is still capable of performing the above two main functions. But is this spoiler useful? We will find out below.

What is a car spoiler?

A properly selected spoiler can change the aerodynamic characteristics of the car, at a certain point, in a better way, and can also have an impact on your car’s appearance because it is an element of modern tuning.

The spoiler helps to provide the car with a greater degree of stability on the road at high speeds, which means better handling, better behavior in turns, and it can help to eliminate the premature skidding of the car.

In some cases, the spoiler reduces the ingress of dirt and water onto the car’s windows due to changes in the characteristics of the airflow acting on the car while driving. The aesthetic function of the spoiler is reduced to creating a complete look of the car, the owner of which wants to bring a sporty view.

How does a spoiler work on a car?

At high speed, the oncoming airflow becomes strong. It gets under the bottom of the car and lifts the body off the road. Behind the car, currents of air are formed, which slightly slow it down. All this increases the aerodynamic load on the car. The spoiler allows you to direct the flows in the right direction, which will eliminate unnecessary loads.

At what speed do car spoilers work?

Spoilers start to work at about 100 km/h (60 mph) because at that speed the aerodynamic forces are beginning to be felted on the car.

Types of car spoilers

Depending on what exactly the owner wants to achieve by introducing this structural element into the car’s design, spoilers can be of several types.

By design:

  • Custom made. Manufactured according to the individual design and customer’s requirements. This type of custom-made spoiler is expensive because it is not found anywhere else.
  • Installed from the car factory. Spoilers are produced in large batches and have the appearance of a factory structural element.

By mounting method:

  • Spoilers that are fastened with special supports, which are often simple screws. Even if it’s not looking that good, this is a fairly reliable fastener.
  • Sticky. You can guess the mounting method by name. Such spoilers are attached using a special adhesive like double tape or glue. The reliability of this attachment is not so good. There have been cases when at high speed, the spoilers mounted in this way simply flew from the cars

At the place of installation:

  • Rear. They are usually installed on trunks or below the rear window.
  • For the roof. Most often they are installed on hatchbacks, tailgate.
  • Skirts for rear and front bumpers.
  • Diffusers. These spoilers are installed under the car.
  • Side spoilers, which are installed on the car’s sill.

By application:

  • Universal spoilers. They can be installed on all cars.
  • Special spoilers. They can be put only on a specific car model and most of them are installed at the factory.

Do spoilers improve gas mileage?

Actually yes, spoilers can reduce fuel consumption. Air currents at high speed create resistance to the car’s movement, which makes it feel like it is slowing down. At the same time, the driver tries to maintain speed by pressing the gas pedal, which leads to increased fuel consumption. The spoiler reduces air resistance, which leads to a slightly reduced consumption of fuel.

Do spoilers increase fuel consumption?

This is also true, only if car spoilers are incorrectly installed. An incorrect position relative to the oncoming air flows will significantly impair aerodynamics, air resistance will be increased, and this will lead to additional fuel consumption.

Do car spoilers increase safety?

Yes. Spoilers help keep the car safe while driving. Because it redirects air flows when driving, the likelihood of skidding is reduced, and the car becomes more maneuverable. The risk of getting into an accident is reduced, and also braking will be more efficient, especially in winter. If additional threshold expanders are installed on the sides, then the braking efficiency will be even higher.

Car spoilers disadvantages

The disadvantages of spoilers are seen only if this part is not correctly installed. Besides the fact that it can increase fuel consumption, as I said above, another disadvantage can be in the event of a drop in handling, it is much more difficult to straighten the car, and at high speed, the clearance between the road and the bottom will greatly decrease. This is dangerous on bad roads. All these aspects are visible, especially in the plastic spoilers.

The disadvantage of plastic spoilers is their relatively short service life, especially due to constant exposure to direct sunlight and all sorts of road stuff

How to choose a spoiler for your car?

When choosing a spoiler, it is necessary to take into account the functional purpose of each spoiler types, which will help the car enthusiast determine whether this tuning element is needed on his car at all, and which spoiler to choose.

An equally important point when choosing a spoiler is the place of purchase, which directly affects both its quality, ability to perform its tasks, and cost. So, when buying spoilers, it is best to turn to the workshops that are specialized in tuning.

At a higher cost, the spoilers sold by these companies are of proper quality and will really work on the car, not only perform an aesthetic function. This is facilitated by the possibility of professional installation of a spoiler, which determines the degree of its use on your car.

Most spoilers available today are made of plastic. Similar models made of carbon are of higher quality, but also have a relatively high cost. Aluminum helps to create a lightweight yet architecturally more attractive spoiler.

The choice depends on the personal preferences and financial capabilities of the driver. Most of the spoiler models fit well with the overall exterior of the car. Choosing a specific model for yourself remains only a matter of taste.

When deciding on the purchase and installation of a spoiler kit on your car, you should take into account that spoilers are developed and produced for a specific car model. There is also the possibility to opt for a universal spoiler, however, there is a possibility that the quality will be questionable.

Workshops that offer spoilers at a low price are simply not capable of performing other functions other than decorating the car.

How much do car spoilers cost?

The cost of a spoiler depends on the car make, model, and year. Their cost is between $20 and $500 maybe more if you want a custom one. These prices don’t include the labor that can cost from 50$ to 150$.

It is easy to install a car spoiler?

For a specialized workshop, it is quite easy to install a spoiler. You have the option to install using screws that is a preferred way or to stick the spoiler using a special adhesive type which is not that reliable in the long run.

How long does it take to install a spoiler?

Usually between 30 minutes and 1.5 – 2 hours

Can you remove the spoiler from your car?

Of course. Removing the spoiler is much easier than installing it. The time needed for removing is usually less than an hour if you have the right tools regarding the method of installation.


A properly installed spoiler has great benefits for your car, so the desire of many owners to install it is logical. However be careful when choosing the spoiler, its material matters a lot. An expensive spoiler will always be a great option, so does it method of installation. Also opt for an authorized workshop to not have problems later.

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