Are aftermarket catalytic converters worth anything?

Do you want to buy a used catalytic converter? Buying used car parts involves taking a risk, especially from the black market, but there are some tips you could use to find the well-preserved catalytic converter.

So, are aftermarket catalytic converters worth anything? Yes, the aftermarket catalytic converters might save you some money as they might cost half the price of the new catalytic converters. However, you should only buy the aftermarket catalytic converters from a trusted vendor.

These aftermath catalytic converter buying tips might help you find the converter which meets your needs.

How to Tell If a Catalytic Converter Is Aftermarket?

You can use the appearance of the catalytic converter to determine if it is aftermarket or OEM. First, the aftermarket catalytic converter will have a silver metal casing with an arrow.

The arrow indicates the proper catalytic converter installation. Moreover, the aftermarket converter will have less precious metal than the original ones in the factory, which means they might not filter the air from the exhaust correctly.

Most of them have enough precious metal to impact the air filter; thus, you need to replace the converter over time.

The aftermarket converters are made as inexpensive as possible, and their scarp value declines significantly over time. You will identify the aftermarket catalytic converters with serial numbers; you should look for NT, NCE, NAT, and NGE serial numbers and makers such as Bosal and MagnaFlow.

Do Aftermarket Catalytic Converters Have Platinum, Palladium, And Rhodium In Them?

The aftermarket catalytic converters have platinum, rhodium, and palladium metals, as the metals are essential for exhaust fume filtering. However, since the aftermath converters are made inexpensively, these metals will be in small amounts compared to those found in the original catalytic converters.

Thus, the converters will clean the exhaust fumes for a short time before these metals are exhausted, and you would need to buy other converters sooner than if you had invested in an original catalytic converter.

Moreover, the scrap aftermarket converters are not worth anything as they may not contain any of these metals; the metals get exhausted with regular use.

Are Aftermarket Catalytic Converters Legal?

The aftermarket catalytic converters are sold as factory replacements for vehicles; you may find standard and high flow catalytic converters.

The standard catalytic converter is similar to the original converters and is compliant with most state exhaust-fume emission standards. Thus, you may not face any legal problems when installing these converters into your car.

On the other hand, the high flow aftermarket catalytic converters help a vehicle produce more horsepower and reduce harmful gasses to the environment.

Thus, it helps the engine produce more power, and you may need to check if these converters meet your state’s safety regulation standards.

The aftermarket catalytic converters are legal, but you should find ones that meet the CARB compliance regulations. Your vehicle should pass the emission inspection; you would invest in an aftermarket catalytic converter with precious metals that effectively filter exhaust fumes.

So, you can install all the EPA and CARB compliant aftermarket catalytic converters into your car.

However, you should adequately select the aftermarket catalytic converter which meets the vehicle catalog. The catalytic converter should filter the exhaust fumes without leaving any toxic components.

Some cars might need specific catalytic converters to filter the fumes; your aftermarket catalytic converter should meet the vehicle model’s needs.

What Is The Scrap Value Of An Aftermarket Catalytic Converter?

The scrap value of the aftermarket catalytic converts is low since the converters are made with little cost. Again, the converters have less precious metal; they are only made with a small percent of the metal; the manufacturers ensure the aftermarket converters can filter the exhaust fumes from the car.

However, since the metals are in small amounts, they get exhausted quickly, rendering the aftermarket catalytic converter scrap value low.


When replacing the car parts like the catalytic converters, you would consider the costs involved in purchasing the parts and how effective the parts will be on your car.

Therefore, you may buy the aftermarket catalytic converters if you don’t have enough money to buy the original catalytic converters.

They are made inexpensively and would ensure your car meets the exhaust fumes standards. However, you should buy the catalytic converters which work best for your car type and ensure it meets the local emission standards. Good luck finding the aftermarket catalytic converters which meet your needs.

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