5 sports cars that start with letter S

When looking for a sports car, you might think of getting a modern hatchback or a lightweight track. But this might not be the case as there are different types of sports cars based on their capacity, engine size, and cost.

However, here we will list sports cars starting with the letter S alongside their engine size year of production, among other details. If you prefer a sports car with its name starting with S, consider the following brands of amazing sports cars in the market. 

1. Suzuki S cross 

This sports car was unveiled in late 2020 because of the pandemic. This SUV was not new since it shared its platform with the previous model. This model has several vital innovations beyond the exterior enhancement or design of the onboard technologies. 

The Suzuki S-cross features a body kit that makes it perfect for sports. In other words, it has specific molding bumpers for the fog light, unique finishes for the grille, large alloy wheels, and a unique general body design.

The model has a 1.4-liter four-cylinder Boosterjet petrol engine featuring a 48V mild-hybrid system with the capacity to develop 129 HP power and two hundred and thirty-five Nm of maximum torque. 

S-cross’s-cross’s petrol engine is about 1462 cc and is available with automatic and manual transmission. The price of this SUV varies depending on the trim level chosen but can be anywhere between $31000 to $33000. 

2. Subaru BRZ

Prioritizing lightweight agility and affordability, the Subaru BRZ is one of the best sports cars for almost everyone. The model has been completely redesigned and has become a rear-drive only. Produced in 2022, this BRZ is more powerful and partly addresses some of the clients’ significant complaints. 

Alongside the new center of gravity plus a feathery curb weight, this car is set up to offer that feeling that defines ideal sports cars. Moreover, this car has a new interior design that delivers modern technology while preserving the predecessors’ practicality.

Designed together with the Subaru BRZ is powered via a horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine plus a standard six-speed manual transmission engine. 

Unlike the previous generation, this vehicle has more horsepower than its predecessor. It is powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that is horizontally opposed making two hundred and twenty-eight horsepower. This is 23 hp more compared to the previous model’s two-liter mill. This means the car grants a more phenomenal sporting experience worthy of its cost. 

The price of the Subaru BRZ varies based on the model, with the 2022 model costing about twenty-seven thousand nine hundred ninety-five starting price. This price is lower in the sports car prices and can be compared to the all-wheel-drive Subaru WRX. for a limited trim; the price can go up to $30495. 

3. Supra

After hiatus, this fantastic Toyota brand rejoined the Toyota lineup recently; however, despite the growing number of sports cars, Supra is among the best sports cars of all time. While it is developed with the convertible, the supra gives a unique personality different from its Bavarian brother, although they have similar power trains. 

The model has dual turbocharged engines, which include an optional 382hp three-liter inline-six and a conventional two hundred and fifty-five hp two-liter four-cylinder. These two engines feed the back wheels through a snappy eight-speed automatic transmission.

This 2022 Supra has several safety techs and infotainment features. The model is about the simple and pure joy of driving but features cramped rear seats and outward visibility.

Moreover, this fantastic model features a satisfying stick shift transmission, smooth ride, and lithe handling. In terms of cost, the Supra is among the cheapest cars with a starting price of about forty-three thousand one hundred and ninety dollars.

For the six-cylinder models, the price can pump up to about $51550 and even higher up to $630280 for the A91-CF edition for a limited run. 

4. Shelby Mustang 

This is yet another American car on the best SUV lists. Although the Shelby is not an average Mustang, it is history’s most powerful ford production.

It features a 749 bhp thanks to the supercharged 5.2 liter V8 that Lurks below the endless vented bonnet. Moreover, it has a double-clutch transmission alongside a bespoke suspension with a unique damper, anti-roll bar setting, and spring. 

All these features make this SUV an ideal driving Mustang in the market. All the mustang cars have a few vices of the past mustang models. The car’s back axle is well sited and along with the gear box’s smoothness, because putting over 600 lb on the road is not something to fear.

Handling of this car can as well be predicted although the vehicle has a lot of weight over one thousand nine hundred kilograms.

These specifications do not make it a good driving car, but it is an acceptable sports vehicle and an amazing one. The car costs between $73995 or twelve thousand four hundred and sixty dollars more. 

5. Santa Fe Hyundai

First debuted in the 2000s and evolved from the large, midsize SUV to a smaller SUV featuring a three-row seven-seater ability over the predecessors. The car’s main rival is the Toyota Kluger. The Santa Fe currently sits beneath the slightly more prominent but closely related flagship Palisade SUV, granting four-cylinder turbo-diesel power or V6 petrol. 

Moreover, the car has both front and all-wheel drive available, with the cheapest car grade starting from $44700 as the expensive grade going at $65200. 


The car industry has developed for decades to what it is today. Sports cars mainly have evolved from heavy-duty material engines to modern lightweight and high-speed engines. While there are many sports cars in the market, not all start with the letter S. For S letter starting sports cars, consider the above list.

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