How to keep the car interior clean with little money

The car interior is one of the most important elements of a car. Whether we are talking about a low-cost model or a luxury model, it matters a lot how the interior of a vehicle looks both as a general note, but also for keeping the components of the car in good condition.

Car mats and floor

Car mats are more important than you think. First, they separate the footwear worn by the driver and passengers from the floor and from the material that covers the floor. The latter is quite thin, and the factory-fitted rubber stiffenings wear out over time.

The places where this wear is the easiest to observe are the ones where the driver’s legs stand. For example, you will find a track a few inches long near the acceleration pedal. That trace is formed overtime when the driver stands with his foot on the acceleration pedal and the edge of his shoes scratches the floor. Exceptions are special footwear for driving, with a rubber sole and rounded edge.

How can we keep car mats and floor clean?

First of all, we need to vacuum both the floor and the mats, clean both elements and replace the worn carpets from time to time. If you want to keep the car as close to the clean state that was from the factory, opt for original mats or at least for those made by an independent manufacturer for that car. The cheapest mats on the market are too thin, are made from cheap textiles or bad rubber and give the car a cheaper look. Also, they are too big or too small and you risk disturbing yourself while driving.

Keeping windscreen, rear window, and side windows clean

The glass surfaces of the car are essential to driving, and their condition must be good at all times of operation. For example, a cracked or incorrectly mounted windscreen will cause the airbags to malfunction in the event of an accident. In the meantime, cracked, cut or detached kennels can lead to water seepage and facilitate thieves’ access to the car.

For added protection, you can call a detailing company that will apply a set of transparent anti-theft foils on request. Avoid applying window stickers if they are not mandatory and quickly remove old items once they are no longer valid. An example of this is the sticker provided by the insurance company.

Keeping the steering wheel and gearbox clean

The steering wheel is one of the most important elements of the interior. The reason? The driver always touches it when driving, so its surface is prone to dirt, wear and small scratches. Used car steering wheels look “jaded”, which is formed over time due to sun exposure and rubbing with the driver’s palms.

The best method of protection is the frequent cleaning and use of a sunshade. If the material on which the steering wheel is worn has deteriorated, call a specialist workshop to cover it. Avoid white and strange color combinations, as white gets dirty quickly, and unusual shades would upset any customers when reselling the car.

The exception? The car is painted in a special color, and the steering wheel matches the exterior. Even in this situation, everything is about tastes. Another problem with the steering wheel is that it is one of the most neglected elements of the car. Specifically, it houses many bacteria, and the driver may become ill if he does not clean it carefully. Often, the driver only cleans the dashboard and door faces, leaving the steering wheel behind, as if it didn’t exist.

The shifter is another important element of the interior, as the driver will touch it shortly after getting in the car and each time it changes gears. In the event of excessive wear of the gearshift lever, avoid the aftermarket plastic parts and even the metal parts that do not comply with the design initiated by the manufacturer. In some cases, these ornaments disgracefully and “spoil” the appearance of the interior. The best solution would be to replace this ornament with an original piece if its wear is obvious.


The textile material that covers the ceiling has a light hue in most cases and gets dirty quite easily. Whether we are talking about dust, the fat on the hands of some passengers, or even a sour juice that “flies” from a previously shaken glass, the appearance of the ceiling is very easy to damage.

In some cases, we find cigarette-burning ceilings with weird spots and even scratches. The most unpleasant situation is the loosening of ceiling textile material. The problem is caused by the foam applied to the interior of the ceiling, which dries over time and results in the adhesive being used to blend with the textile material that covers it.

Sticking is only a temporary solution, solving the problem of restoring the ceiling upholstery and the foam layer. This operation is too complicated to carry out on your own, so it is advisable to call for specialized assistance.


The trunk is the right place for the accumulation of germs and unpleasant smells. A first step would be cleaning it and vacuuming the dust from every corner, including the spare wheel space. For long-term protection, it would be advisable to purchase a rubber mat.

Some manufacturers offer rubber mats suitable for the trunk of popular models. Thus, you can find an item that fits in the trunk and avoid leaking water and other solutions spilled into the trunk. It is advisable to clean your trunk when meeting potential buyers.

Interior ornaments

Some models have a modest interior, with plastic ornaments and even uncoated metal elements. In contrast, other models have wood, metal, and even carbon fiber ornaments. Leaving the latter aside, these ornaments need to be taken care of frequently with dedicated solutions.

It is best to avoid damaging them and do not try to modify the interior to accommodate some unsightly elements. The phone mounts mounted on the board were, for a long time, a problem for the interiors of models that did not have glass stands and other similar storage spaces.

Car seats

After the steering wheel and the gearbox, the seats of a car are the third element of importance. Recasting them is a complicated and costly process, while the damage to the seats is extremely fast, especially if you are not careful.

It’s all about how you get in and out of the car. The wrong approach involves pivoting on the chair seat and exiting with the legs in front, while other drivers scratch the edge of the side seat support when trying to get out of the car into a crowded parking lot. Even with a chair cover, the seats can be damaged by the same method, the only solution for their protection being the care when getting in and out of the car.

For cleaning the chairs, the solutions and methods differ from one material to another. In any case, you should try the solution on a small piece of material, hidden from view, before applying it on the entire surface.

In many cases, it is sufficient to vacuum the seats and not to be dirty when you get in the car to avoid being soiled in the long run. It is also advisable to clean the interior of the car every two months to maintain cleanliness at an appropriate level.


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