Subaru cruise control light is flashing. Possible causes

Driving for a long distance on a long journey can be tiring as you keep pressing the accelerator pedal. Cruise control is a system that helps drivers to get less fatigue when driving for long distances by regulating the engine to maintain your car driving at a set speed.

Pressing a cruise control switch activates it, taking over your accelerator to maintain the speed you choose. This means you won’t have to keep pressing the accelerator, giving you rest when cruising for long trips. Advanced adaptive cruise control uses front sensors to detect cars ahead and maintain a safe distance. Here is a look at the possible causes and solutions of the Subaru cruise control light blinking.

The cruise control system can also have problems. The issue is very common in Subaru cars and most drivers most often reported a blinking cruise control light on the car’s dashboard.

Why does a Flashing Cruise Control Light Come In Subaru Cars?

A flashing cruise control light in Subaru cars could indicate various mechanical issues with the vehicle, such as damage to the engine because of misfires, a loose gas cap, or a faulty speed sensor.

The cruise control light is situated on the instrument panel on the vehicle’s dashboard. When the cruise control light is white, it indicates that the cruise control system is well set but not activated. When activated, the cruise control light illuminates green.

The Possible Causes of Subaru Cruise Control Light Error

There are various potential causes of cruise control lights blinking in Subaru cars. Some of the common causes include:

1. Faulty speed sensor

The speed sensor is fully integrated with the adaptive cruise control of the vehicle. The car’s computer transmits information to and from the speed sensors to alert the car to increase speed or slow down.

When the speed sensors become faulty, the computer will not register the vehicle’s speed, making the vehicle unable to engage the cruise control.

Because a defective speed sensor can also cause issues with the vehicle’s speedometer, you should consider fixing it immediately.

2. Blown fuse

The cruise control system is composed of an electrical system that is protected by fuses. The fuse can blow up, causing the cruise control system to go off until you replace the fuse. The fuse will blow in case of an electrical issue to shield the other wiring system from being damaged.

Try to replace the fuse to see if it solves the problem, and the cruise control lighting stops blinking. However, if the fuse blows again, there is probably a more complicated electrical issue that you will require to consult a professional mechanic.

3. Failing brake pedal switch

In perfect functionality, the brake lights illuminate when you press on the brake pedal. This is because of the brake pedal switch. Besides causing issues with the brake lights, a broken brake pedal switch can make the cruise control stop functioning.

When you press the brakes while the cruise control is activated, the system automatically shuts off, and the car returns to manual control. When the brake pedal switch malfunctions, the vehicle considers a wrong way that the brake pedal is always stepped on and will not turn on the cruise control. 

4. Faulty mechanical components

If you have an older Subaru model, there is a probability that the cruise control light is flashing due to a mechanical issue. The mechanical cruise control system consists of a cable connecting the throttle to a vacuum actuator which controls the cable according to the cruise control settings.

If either of the mechanical components is damaged, it can affect the functionality of the cruise control.

Is It Safe To Drive With Cruise Control Light Flashing?

When your cruise control light starts to flash, but everything else is working perfectly, it is safe to continue driving your vehicle as long as you don’t activate the cruise system.

When a fault is detected, it primarily affects the cruise control system only. However, some defects can sometimes cause problems with other vehicle driving systems.

For instance, a falling brake switch will not light up the brake lights when you press the brake pedal to alert those driving behind you, which increases the probability of collision. It is always recommended to take the car for a check-up to fix any problems and avoid risk.


If your cruise control light is flashing, it indicates a possible problem with your car. If the cruise control is not functioning correctly, you should avoid activating it until it gets repaired.

You can try to fix the possible issue yourself, but the best and easiest solution is visiting the Subaru dealership service center near you for most amateurs.

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