NGK vs Champion spark plugs. Features and differences

Spark plugs are elements that offer the spark that ignites and triggers the engine fuel producing a subtle explosion that helps the engine to provide power.

The plugs are always small-sized and connect to electricity through an arc-like path. Although small and simple, they play a significant role in a car, and without them, riding the car can be inconceivable. 

Different manufacturers have different spark plugs in the market, but NGK and Champions tend to be the best and most competing ones. The two offer various benefits and options that render them less or more suitable for particular cars. 

The significant difference between the two is the heat ranges and the price. Champion spark plugs are long-lasting and do not need frequent replacements. NGK, on the other hand, is cheaper with good heat resistance, making them ideal spark plugs used by many car manufacturers.

Overview of NGK spark plugs 

NGK spark plugs brands are Japanese products. The NGK company was first established in 1936 as Nissan Kokki Kabushiki. It has now grown to be the world’s best and largest spark plugs manufacturer from a small factory. 



  • It is durable
  • They exhibit a better fuel economy
  • They are resistant to corrosion
  • They have lower emissions


Due to their use of precious metals like platinum, NGK spark plugs are highly sensitive to corrosion.

Features of Champion spark plugs

  • Champion plugs are equipped with an antifouling that should offer protection to electrodes.
  • Champion spark plugs come in various sizes to fit different cars and engines
  • The plugs from champion are available for most makes trucks, boats, motorcycles, and cars. 
  • Champion brand company provides a wide range of quality customer service, including support via email or phone and 24/7 online customer service. 
  • It has an iridium center electrode for maximum life. 


  • The company has prompt customer services
  • The champion spark plugs are of high quality
  • The spark plugs from Champions are reliable 


Champion spark plugs have some problems working appropriately with some engine models, although this is rare.

The differences between NGK and Champion spark plugs.

Although NGK and Champion spark plugs are of top-notch quality and best performance, the two differ in some ways.

1. Design

The NGK and champion spark plugs are made of different materials, while NGK uses nickel alloy with copper cores; Champions spark plugs use sintered metals produced from pressed powder metal.

2. Price

While both spark plugs are affordable, Champion spark plugs are a bit more costly than those of NGK. 

3 .Conductivity

NGK spark plug’s conductivity is better and higher than that of Champion spark plugs.

4. Resistance to corrosion

Champion spark plugs resist longer to oil penetration and corrosion, while NGK offers little resistance. 

5. Heat dissipation capacity

Champions feature better performance and prolonged usage in even higher temperature conditions. They can withstand hot temperatures for up to ten hours before requiring a replacement. On the other hand, NGK’s performance and heat dissipation capacity cannot beat that of Champions. 

Similarities between NGK and Champion spark plugs

  • They both perform a similar role of supplying a high-quality spark and reliability for the engine. 
  • They both feature a wide variety of vehicle-specific fitments.
  • They both feature a good fuel economy; NGK spark plugs have a low combustion quality hence being very economical.
  • Champion spark plugs also offer an excellent fuel economy. 
  • Both spark plugs offer an extended life; NGK’s spark plugs feature a disc welded platinum in their back, enhancing the long life.
  • Champion spark plugs also have a copper core control heat system that offers them an extended shelf life.

Why should you choose NGK spark plugs?

NGK spark plugs are the best choice because they offer a good mix of unique features like durability, high fuel, high performance, dependability, and efficiency.

Because of their high-quality standards, some car manufacturers chose NGK plugs to equip their new-made cars.

Made of an iridium construction, NGK spark plugs offer a longer life span compared to platinum and copper spark plugs. The plugs have ultimate fuel efficiency and a silky smooth engine idle and response, thanks to its ultra-fine electrode wire.

The plug also promises a healthy boost in torque and power because of the optimal air-fuel mixture generated by these spark plugs. The plugs are long-lasting, with unique features like metal plating to resist seizing and corrosion. 

Why should you choose Champion spark plugs?

With the long experience in spark plug production, the champion understands exactly what cars need to keep the engine operating at its best. The champion is the best plug for engines, from passenger vehicles to small and marine engines.

The spark plugs from Champions are efficient and can help enhance performance and minimize wear and tear. Made of different materials, the spark plugs ensure the fitting plug for your vehicle. 

Champion copper plus delivers a reliable performance besides being durable. Champion double platinum power, on the other hand, offers a more extended usage and efficiency.

These spark plugs provide maximum performance beyond the OE standards. With the champion spark plugs, you are assured of reliable ignitability.

The spark plugs can take different engine loads and can offer a stable spark at varied temperature conditions. Moreover, they are affordable, durable, feature improved engine performance, and can fix misfire issues. 

Which is better, NGK or Champion?

You might find it challenging to choose the better as these two seem to rival. They both offer various benefits that make them more or less better than the other.

Picking the better one can be daunting, but it all depends on what you want and what you consider while choosing. If you want something affordable, NGK can make a better choice, though the variation is slight. For workability and efficiency, the two are awesome. 


When choosing between NGK and champion spark plugs, you should consider the type of spark plug your automobile needs. However, the two brands offer high-quality products that come with their advantages and disadvantages.

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