The muffler is hanging low? This is why

You could be walking towards your car in the morning and you notice a low-hanging piece of metal tube underneath- that’s a low-hanging muffler.

Why Does The Muffler Hang Low? The exhaust and muffler are built to last and stay in place by attachments called exhaust hangers. With time, the constant vibration takes a toll on the attachments. When this happens, the exhaust tube hangs under the car and can be noticed without much strain.

If it does not hang low enough to be noticed your car’s performance will tell you something is off.

Some of the symptoms of cars with low-hanging mufflers include hissing noises from the exhaust and low acceleration.

Causes Why The Muffler Hangs Low

Worn Out Exhaust Straps

The muffler is held in place by strongly built rubber straps. These rubber attachments are subjected to strong vibrations and excessive strain. Like other car parts, exhaust straps fail at one point in their existence. This is a major cause of low-hanging mufflers.

Improper Installation

The rubber straps might be new and in good condition but unless they are installed correctly, the system will not stay in place.

Malicious Damage

One way a narcissistic neighbor can frustrate you is by destroying your exhaust attachments. Park your car at safe yards and ensure your garage door at home is lockable.

What holds a muffler in place?

The exhaust works best when under the car. To safely hold it down there, manufacturers install exhaust hangers. These are simply strong rubber straps that hold the exhaust and muffler in place.

The rubber absorbs vibrations from the engine and keeps the muffler in place as the car moves around. These rubber straps play a crucial role in eliminating noise from the exhaust.

With time, these straps wear out and the muffler gets loose. This results in unending noise in the cabin and could get you in trouble with the authorities-the muffler issue has some legal concerns.

Good thing is, there are several symptoms you can look out for so you’ll stay ahead of the problem.

How Do You Fix A Low-Hanging Exhaust Pipe?

1. Attach The New Muffler Hanger

Locate the worn-out exhaust hanger. You will need to take it out without damaging other car components.

Take it out from the top mount and carefully detach it from the muffler. Some units have them in pairs so to ensure you get it all out, you can consult the car’s owner’s manual.

Now you just need to attach the new hanger. Most mechanics advise that you hang it on the top exhaust mount- it’s usually attached to the underside. Firmly attach it down there and let it suspend lightly ready for the next step.

2. Fasten The Muffler On To The New Exhaust Hanger

Get help, you need someone to hold the muffler as you install it on the new exhaust hanger. If you are alone, don’t worry, simply hold the muffler steadily and slide the muffler mount in.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Hanging Muffler?

Minor repairs for loosely hanging mufflers range between $35 and $600. This depends largely on the work being done and the local labor costs.

Simple repairs like installing damaged exhaust hangers can be cheap but if your muffler has been hanging for too long and needs a complete replacement, you’ll need to pay more.

Other repairs that might hike prices include exhaust pipe welding and top mount re-installation.

Can You Drive With A Low Hanging Exhaust?

A low-hanging exhaust can still serve. You might not need to ground your car because a pipe is hanging low.

It all depends on how much you value your car. If you are the type that calls the mechanic every time the engine fails to turn over then you will be worried but for the rest of us, the pipe can wait until the weekend.

You should however consider several scenarios:

  • The exhaust could fall off if the car hit a bump too hard
  • If the hot pipe punctures a tire while on the highway, an accident could occur.
  • The law is not so kind to drivers of unsafe cars. An interaction with a police officer could earn you a ticket or even a fine.
  • As they say, a stitch in time saves nine-get the exhaust issue fixed before things get out of hand.

Take Away

A low-hanging exhaust pipe can be embarrassing if you are image-conscious.

Being a simple problem that you can fix at home, there’s no need to drive around with a pipe hanging from under the car. Professional repairs are also pretty affordable and available.

By repairing the hanger in time, you can save your car from problems like low power generation and unnecessary noise from the rear under.

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