How much hp does a tune add to a car? Here’s the answer

If your car’s engine does not perform as expected, you will look for ways to increase the car’s horsepower. So how can you increase the car’s horsepower?

You can opt for remapping or tuning the engine ECU; you may tune the fuel economy and torque to make the car go faster. So, how much HP will increase after tuning?

Depending on the car model, engine, and other parts, a tune dyno can increase your car’s horsepower by about 10 to 15%; however, naturally aspirated cars will gain about 5% to 15% more power than a tune alone. Thus, you should include the conservative software settings of the ECU which come from the factory.

Why you should tune your car?

Tuning your car increases the engine response across different power ranges, thus, making it possible to gain more horsepower for the drive.

Thus, you will get the clean and smooth ride you want for your car; you may tune your car by yourself or look for a mechanic expert who can tune the car effectively.

Your engine will be responsive and powerful while overtaking, reducing the chances of being in an accident. Tuning improves horsepower and improves fuel economy.

Moreover, it increases the torque and reduces carbon dioxide emissions suitable for the environment.

How Much HP Does An Engine Stage 1 Tune Add To A Car?

The stage 1 tune adds up to 20 to 40% horsepower to your car; it has a reasonable safety level; it ensures your software is not over-tuned.

At this stage, you remap the ECU and chip the tune moderately; it is a cost-effective way to modify the vehicle performance. Your car might respond well to the stage 1 tune if it operates turbo-diesel or turbo-petrol, leading to increased horsepower and torque.

You may combine the stage 1 tune with air filters to get the best performance; it is better to run your vehicle on super-unleaded fuel to burn off the carp in the engine.

Burning off this debris will prolong the vehicle’s life and reduce any mechanical problems with your car’s engine. Thus with this tune, you will remap the engine, engage high-performance air filters and improve the engine power for your car.

How Much HP Does An Engine Stage 2 Tune Add To A Car?

You will have adequate power for your vehicle if you choose the stage 2 tune for your engine. This stage involves fitting the turbo-back exhaust on the turbocharged vehicle and the cat-back exhaust system on the non-turbocharged vehicle. The system improves airflow from the engine, and they improve the car’s sound.

You can fit the stage 2 tune by yourself, although you should hire a professional to fit it for you. You should not risk buying and fitting the parts wrongfully as it dramatically increases horsepower.

The upgraded induction kit installed improves the airflow to the engine. Thus, stage 2 offers similar benefits as stage 1 tune and works best for Turbo-back or the cat-back exhaust, which improves airflow to the engine.

How Much HP Does An Engine Stage 3 Tune Add To A Car?

You can invest in stage 3 tune if your car is suitable for the track; it is costly as it involves upgrading the intercooler, cylinder head, and the inlet valves, and head gasket. The spark plugs are additional to all the stage two modifications.

You can set your car on the rolling road to optimize the fuel and correct exhaust emissions. At the stage 3 tune, you will upgrade the turbo car, but this might not be recommended as the final modification to complete the vehicle tuning.

It offers stage one and two mods and upgrades the turbo or supercharger. You will upgrade the intercooler, head gasket, inlet valve, spark plugs, and the exhaust manifold gasket.

How Much HP Does Dyno Tune Add To A Car?

You can gain about 10 – 15 horsepower from the dyno tune, but if you are running on the performance parts, then your car might gain 50 horsepower.

This horsepower will depend on your vehicle’s needs and the type of performance equipped. You may hire a mechanic to fit the dyno tune into your car as it is costly and reduces the chance of getting things out of control.

How Much Does It Cost To Tune Your Engine?

You will find the stage 1 tune at an affordable price of about $200 to $500 or more if you choose a higher EPC power elite. You may pay more if you hire a mechanic to fit the stage 1 tune, but it becomes cheap if you install it by yourself.

The induction kit on the stage 2 tune costs about $400 to $800; you may pay about $1k to $3k depending on the changes you need for your car. You may pay more for the dyno tune as it is more advanced than the other stage tunes.

Although you can add a tune to the car to increase horsepower, you can make the engine go faster by sparking the plugs needed to upgrade the engine.

You may get a new electric fan that increases air circulation in the engine. You should ensure the exhaust system is effective before upgrading the tune on your car, as high horsepower would need an effective exhaust.

You should ensure the car lights as possible, make a new order for the exhaust header, and install the throttle body with a large diameter.

Although tuning improves the engine power, you should ensure the car has the suitable capacity to sustain the increased horsepower.


Do you want to increase the car’s horsepower? You can increase it with tuning to increase the power, exhaust, and car cooling systems.

The engine will be responsive and powerful while overtaking, reducing the chances of being in an accident. Tuning improves horsepower and improves fuel economy.

It may increase the torque and reduce carbon dioxide emissions suitable for the environment. You should understand how stage one, two, three, and dyno tuning impacts your car; good luck improving the car’s horsepower.

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