How much HP does a throttle body spacer add?

When some people buy a vehicle, they feel the performance is below their expectations and look for ways to improve it. But machines are not like humans whom you will only talk to and change their performance. You need to change or add some technology to affect their performance.

A car’s performance is determined by its horsepower and torque. So, if you can find a way to improve the two, you will have enhanced your vehicle’s performance.

Horsepower is the primary difference maker and can be enhanced by adding a throttle body spacer. Therefore, this brings us to our topic: how much HP (horsepower) does a throttle body spacer add?

When you add a throttle body spacer to your car, it can increase its performance by adding up to 18 more horsepower. The torque might also increase by 25ft-lbs, increasing the performance and minimizing fuel consumption.

To comprehend the vehicle’s performance increment by adding a throttle body spacer, it would be better if you first understand its meaning, how it works and on which vehicle models it can work. Read to determine if your vehicle’s performance can be affected by adding this spacer.

What is a Throttle Body Spacer?

It is a portion of metal used to alter the airflow into the ingestion manifold of a vehicle’s engine. It is anchored on the throttle body’s back, downstream of the central airflow.

The primary purpose of adding a throttle body spacer in the car is to economize fuel consumption, and increase horsepower and torque.

Do Throttle Body Spacers Work?

Your vehicle needs fuel to run the engine, but fuel combustion cannot occur without air. Therefore, the more air in the engine’s combustion chamber, the more the fuel is burned, resulting in higher performance.

Vehicle manufacturers control the vehicle’s performance by regulating the airflow intake in the engine. But as I mentioned earlier, some people’s desire to increase their vehicle’s performance alters the airflow intake.

So, yes. Throttle body spacer works by allowing more air into the combustion chamber resulting in an efficient fuel burn. When fuel flowing into the engine is completely burned, it means the engine is in a healthy condition leading to increased horsepower and torque. And since there will be no loss of fuel in any way, the vehicle’s consumption decreases significantly.

Adding a spacer to the throttle body is a straightforward and inexpensive way of increasing the performance of your car’s engine.

Does Throttle Body Spacer Increase Throttle Response?

Yes, it does. When a throttle body spacer is added to the car, there is an increment in airflow into the combustion chamber with ease. Therefore, the engine does not strain in responding, resulting in an increment in its response.

Can you use a throttle body spacer with a cold air intake?

Yes, you can use a spacer with a cold air intake. It adds about an inch to the car’s intake track length that the kit cannot have an issue with.

Benefits of Adding Throttle Body Spacer

  • Increase in Horsepower
  • Increase Fuel Combustion
  • Increases Torque Response of the Engine
  • Increase Vehicle Performance
  • Enhances Engine Durability

Mechanical problems mainly arise if the engine is struggling to perform. The different parts involved tear and wear easily due to the energy required to keep the engine running. However, the addition of a throttle body spacer helps various parts perform their duties efficiently without straining, thus increasing the engine’s durability.

It is important to note that not every engine benefits from spacer addition. Therefore, before settling on adding the spacer and reaping all its benefits, you need to know the type of engine these kits compact with. So, which kind of engine does a throttle body spacer compact with?

Type of Engine that can Benefit from Throttle Body Spacer Addition

Vehicles with older engines, precisely with fuel installation systems that have fuel move straight into the throttle body and mix with air before heading to the combustion chamber, are the beneficiaries of this engine performance increment method.

Also, cars with a carburetor system can benefit from adding a throttle body spacer. On the other hand, if your vehicle uses a multi-port fuel inoculation system or another top-line system, this change does not bring any difference. Therefore, figure out your vehicle’s engine make before buying the kit.


Sometimes slight changes in the vehicle can improve its performance. The addition of a throttle body spacer is the most common, most accessible, and affordable way of increasing vehicles performance.

It increases the horsepower by around 18 more, increases the torque by 25ft-lbs, and minimizes fuel consumption.

However, not every engine can benefit from this minimal change. The only engine type that can reap the benefits is the older ones that use carburetor systems or older fuel injection systems. Therefore, check your vehicle’s engine before investing in this performance increment method.

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