Cars with manual and automatic transmission

Manual transmissions are more mechanically efficient than automatic transmissions. These two transmissions are structured differently and operate differently.

For instance, the driver shifts gear manually through the gear stick and clutch in the manual transmission. It requires a skilled operator to shift gears with a lot of care as there is the timing between the new gear lever and the clutch.

For automatic transmission, the driver is not required for gear input, but instead, the car is automated in shifting gears. An automatic transmission has four gear selection systems, P-R-N-D.

These positions are Park(P- a position that disengages the engine for parking), Reverse(R – a gear position enabling the car to reverse), Neutral(N- a gear level allowing the car to move irrespective of the speed), and Drive(D – a gear position that that engages the car to move forward.

With an automatic transmission, the driver engages the P-R-N-D-L stick in a specific position depending on what it does with the car.

If it is driving an automatic car, the work of the driver is simple, placing the gear stick on position D and then pressing the gas pedal.

During the D position, the automatic transmitter will be shifting the gears as the driver increases or decreases the car speed. There will be no shifting of the gear at L or Low gear; however, less fuel injection will be enhanced.

The two types of gear transmissions are common with most cars on the road, but some cars use simulation of the manual transmission in automatic transmission.

These cars are said to be semi-automated or have Automatic Manual Transmission. The driver in AMT system cars will be able to shift gears. The semi-automatic transmission offers the features of both automatic and manual gearboxes, creating much efficiency and many benefits, although it is a bit more expensive.

The difference between semi-automatic transmission and other transmissions is that they have no clutch or gas pedal. When the driver changes the gears, the CPU of the car will control and operate the clutch electronically.

The car’s sensors or computers are responsible for managing the accelerator pedal, torque, speed, and other operations. This gives why it is easy to operate semi-automated cars without complications.

But Semi-Automated cars should not be confused with the idea that they have both manual and automatic transmission. Can a car have both manual transmission and automatic transmission?

Of course, a car cannot have both gear transmissions simultaneously. Each transmission is set to have unique features; the manual will have a clutch while the automatic won’t. Instead of a car having both manual and automatic transmissions, it is designed to operate under the Automatic Manual Transmission(AMT) system.

Here are cars with manual and automatic transmission(Automatic Manual Transmission(AMT)

1. Ford Figo

This is the most recent car launch and the most budget-friendly ever, Launched in 2010. This hatchback from American auto giants features a six-speed powershift automatic gearbox with a DCT system mated to the 1.5Ti-VCT petrol motor. It is priced at $11,100.

This model is propelled by a 1.2 liter 8V Duratorq engine. Its gasoline engine can develop a top power output of 68 bhp at an rpm of 6250 with a 102 Nm peak torque at an rpm of 2000. The engine power is transmitted to the front wheels through a five-speed manual transmission gearbox.

2. Ford Figo Aspire

This is an older model to its car sibling, Ford Figo. This new-generation car houses a DCT gearbox with the same six-speed powershift Automatic gearbox.

The gearbox is tangled to the same 1.5 Ti-Vct petrol engine. This model features two diesel engines, a single CNG engine alongside four petrol engines. The diesel engine has 1497 cc and 1499 cc, while the petrol engine lies at 1194cc and 1196 cc, while the CNG engine lies at 1194.

The model comes with both an automatic and manual transmission. Based on the car’s fuel type and variant, this model features a 16 to 21 km mileage and a ground clearance of 174mm. The car goes at $10 171.

3. Volkswagen Polo GT

This is the meanest, most expensive hatchback in the market. Priced at $11,870, this polo GT features a DSG gearbox in its TSI variant, a petrol-powered engine. This is the hottest hatch in the market thanks to the Volkswagen patented technology, which gives it this feature.

The modern Volkswagen polo exists in four trims, the trendline, Highline, GT, and comforting. The polo gets its power from 1.2_liter, 12 valves, and TSI engines.

4. Skoda Rapid

This is another excellent dual-clutch transmission vehicle in the market. Skoda Rapid is among the few cars that offer an automatic gearbox and a diesel engine.

This make is avail in three models or variants and goes at $14 440. The DSG trademark gearbox is a seven-speed automated unit connected to a 1.5 outer diesel engine known as the 1.5 L TDI and provides the most economical fuel economy of all the thirteen Skoda rapid variants.

5. Volkswagen Vento

This mid-size sedan from German automobiles is the only vehicle offering the DAG gearbox with petrol and diesel engines. These two engines receive the 7speed DSG automatic gearbox in a price range of $13 781.

This car is luxurious and reliable, ideal for folks looking for reliable and luxurious sedans. The Volkswagen mileage often varies, from 16 kmpl for the manual variant to 21 kmpl for the automatic diesel make.

6. Porsche 962C

This was among the first DCT models to hit the market. This racing car is built with the IMSA regulations in mind. Its engine is 3.0 later Porsche type and turbocharged. It features a transmission of a five-speed dual-clutch or manual. This rare legal Porsche road costs some money with excellent fuel economy.


Cars that use the combination of manual and automatic transmission record more operating simplicity. The driver will only shift gears annually, but the car’s CPU will control the clutch system.

Physically, semi-automatic cars lack a clutch pedal, but they have a gear stick(located at the center of the car) that the driver will use to shift gears.

However, each driver has their taste; what one likes is not what the other driver likes. The best option is manual transmission gears for those who want driver engagement. For those who need a simple driving experience, automatic is perfect, and for smooth gear shifting, semi-automatic is the choice.

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