Honda keyless start system problems and solutions

As automakers build stronger and faster cars, they also try to make them as easy to work with as possible. Honda-the long-time player in the car manufacturing business has not spared any effort in making its cars the most convenient and easy to drive.

One of their most talked-about additions to their car’s build is the Honda keyless start system. This is a system that allows you to start your car without needing a key- you just press a button and off you go.

This system allows you the liberty of not having to walk around with car keys although you might need them when the system jams.

The system is highly acclaimed at different levels but there are a few imperfections that ail it.

What Are The Problems To Expect From A Honda Keyless Start System?

The system relies heavily on the key fob. The system is primarily radio frequency-based and the key fob is the radio transmitter-without it the system is unworkable.

Drivers Tend To Leave The Car In Idle For Long Hours

One issue with having a keyless ignition is the tendency to leave the engine idling. In the long run, this has a negative impact on the engine and could affect its lifespan. The emissions from idling cars are also a concern.

No Key Fob No Operation

If you are not the keen type and end up losing your key fob, you might have to cancel your trip or hail a cab. Most of these systems cannot function without their key fobs.

Power Supply

Like all systems in the car, the keyless start system depends on the battery for power supply. If this supply is interrupted, the system will fail.


All radio frequency technology is prone to hacking. A skillful hacker can easily trace the frequency from the key fob. The system is built to resist such attacks but as technology advances, hackers are at the front edge.

Fob Combination

All the key fobs produced by Honda are unique but there are chances the code in your receiver matches another car’s. If this happens, you will end up starting another person’s car or someone could start yours.

Causes Of Honda Keyless Start System

The Key Fob Could Be Dead

As stated above, the system cannot operate without the key fob. There are several reasons why the key fob might not work: it could be too far away for the signal to get through or the battery could be low. You will need to get closer or replace the batteries.

The Car Battery Might Be Low

The keyless start system does not have an independent power source-it relies on the car battery. If the car battery is low or out, the system will fail.

You can confirm the power left in your battery using a voltmeter-anything below 12 is a sign of trouble to come.

Faulty Starter

If the starter does not have enough power, then the crank-up might not happen. If you suspect this to be the issue, you can jump-start it by hooking it up to another car.

The System Might Be Down

If the push button seems a little hard or too easy, it might have issues. Repairs for these kinds of issues are easy if done by the right hands.

What are the errors that a bad keyless system generates in Honda?

Once connected to a scanner, the car will generate multiple errors that will lead you to the root of the problem.

How do you fix keyless start problems in Honda?

Replace The Key Fob Batteries

This is the most common reason why Honda key fobs fail. The good news is that replacing the batteries is pretty easy-the user’s manual has laid out guidelines.

If you are unsure, you can drive to any car repair shop and ask the mechanic to fit the batteries in for you.

Press The Brake In

As a safety feature, the system is designed to only start the car if the brakes are engaged. This is meant to ensure the car remains stationary when the engine comes.

If you try to start it without pressing on the brakes, the engines won’t crank up. Try starting it with the brakes in.

Have The Starter Inspected

Most car Honda owners trust the brand so much they do not see the need to have some of these parts serviced. If the system works sometimes and fails in others, why not have it checked.

In the process, they can test the car battery and the key fob signal strength.

Try Restarting

Sometimes all a machine needs is a break and a start over. You can try this on your Honda. If the keyless starter gets unpredictable, you can restart the car or test for results. If this does not work you can shift to more complex options.

Can A Honda Key Be Reset And Work?

Yes, if you are familiar with the procedure it is pretty easy.

  • Keep the driver’s side door closed
  • Put the key in accessory mode or press the starter once-do not press the brakes
  • On your remote starter select LOCK
  • After around four seconds turn it back off, you can simply press the START button
  • Repeat this cycle up to four times and on the fourth, you will hear a buzz indicating the engagement of the programming mode.
  • Press the LOCK button for ten seconds before turning the car off.
  • Test the key for improvement.

How Do You Start A Honda With A Dead Key Fob?

Most cars (not only Hondas) have a backup starting technique for when the key fob dies. You just push the key back into the fob and use the fob to push the start button instead of your finger.

If this does not get the car to crank up, you can try using the backup key slot-it should be somewhere near the start button.

How Do You Change The Battery In A Honda Key Fob?

Using a tool or by simply applying a little force, you can open up the key fob symmetrically. Once open, all you need now is to take out the dead batteries and place them in the new ones.

Bottom Line

The keyless start system has gained traction among drivers in recent years owing majorly to its convenience and ease of operation.

There have been improvements to eliminate some of the problems ailing the system but a few persist. Every day, Honda comes up with new ways to make the system better.

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