Can a remote starter cause the car not to start?

The remote starter is a technology that allows you to start your car without necessarily being in it. You can do it from the comfort of your couch and let the car warm up before you get out. This works very well during the winter season.

There are reports however that this life improvement system causes cars not to start. Well, there are different schools of thought on this matter but the truth is that all gadgets and solutions tend to have issues at different points in their lifetime.

So, yes a remote starter can cause the car not to start if the software configuration is not done right or has issues. Another reason would be the safety features that come with technology- one such feature prevents the car from starting if the hood is open, this is meant to protect anyone working under the car.

As stated earlier, remote starters tend to have issues. To understand this gadget better it is important that we digress the causes of these problems.

Why Is My Remote Starter Not Working?

Improper Application

To get the best out of every device you need to learn its workings. Remote devices from different manufacturers operate differently.

Some need one press of the button, others two, and others need you to hold the button down for a few seconds. If you do not follow the procedure when operating the remote starter then it will not work.

Low Battery

These gadgets need power to operate. Before you call your repair shop and complain about a broken remote starter, ensure the thing has adequate power to run.

Car Is In The Wrong Gear

Most of these remote starters are designed to only operate when the car is in park mode. So, unless your car is in this position don’t bother pressing those buttons.

The Key Fob Is Inside The Subject Car

The device is designed to start the car without you getting in, why then would you want to use it while in the car-use the key. If the remote starter does not start with you in the car, just try using it while outside.

How Can You Tell If A Remote Starter Is Bad?

Multiple Clicks On The Fob Without Results

If you’ve ever worked with a new remote starter key fob you’d know what immediate response means.

A fully operational fob should reflect results on the car immediately its triggered, if it does not then it’s either weak or has issues. You should however ensure the positioning is correct and the car is within range.

Self Starting

Nothing is scarier than a car that self-operates. If the gears are engaged it could easily roll downhill and crash into anything or anyone.

Whenever your car remote starter works without your command then you should have the wiring system in the car checked. It sounds funny but the dangers posed take all that fun away.

Working Range

As the device ages, the distance from the car within which it can operate may decrease. You can try replacing the batteries or the remote itself. In more dire scenarios, you might need to have the car checked too.

Can A Remote Starter Mess Up Your Car?

There are different approaches to this question but all boil down to the reason behind the remote starter’s invention.

Engineers wanted to provide drivers with the option to start the engine while in the house (especially in the winter season) so the engine heats up before they drive off.

Some experts claim that pre-heating the engine has adverse effects in the long run and advise drivers to warm the engine by driving lightly instead.

Other hard data sources support the preheating option claiming that it allows the oil to heat up so the car will strain less.

Your view on pre-heating the engine will determine your opinion of remote starters.

Can Remote Start Mess Up Your Battery?

The beliefs that remote starters damage or drain the battery are unsubstantiated. When manufacturers factory installs remote starters they take into account the effects the devices will have on the battery and other car parts.

The issue might, however, revolve around aftermarket remote starters which when not installed professionally can have you regretting the whole endeavor altogether.

When well installed, these gadgets have no negative effects on the battery or any other car part for that matter.

Can A Remote Car Starter Be Reset?

Yes, with a simple procedure you can easily reset your remote starter.

  • Turn the ignition to accessory mode and press the LOCK button on the remote,
  • Press the OFF button almost immediately. Repeat the ON and OFF cycle four times.
  • On the fourth time, the car should beep-this signifies the commencement of the programming mode.
  • Hold the lock button for eight seconds before turning it off.
  • Test the remote (from outside)
  • If it still malfunctions, call your repair guy.

Can A Remote Car Starter Start By Itself?

Though on rare occasions, the remote starter can start by itself. This is mostly caused by a short in the device’s wiring or an electrical surge in the car’s system.

A car starting itself is very dangerous. Always disengage the gears before leaving the car so it does not roll when the remote starter decides to surprise you.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Remote Starter?

Repairing remote starters can be hectic, most mechanics advise that you replace the gadget instead. One of these devices costs between $150 and $550 depending on the brand and strength. Other features like security and Smartphone control might pump up prices.

Bottom line

Remote starters attract praise and criticism in equal measure. Some people like the ingenuity behind the idea while others find the effects on the engine not worth it.

Technology evolves every day –not in the automobile industry alone. It would be backward of us to not move with the flow because of a few rough patches that can be smoothened along the way.

Besides, no system is ever perfect, we just appreciate the good side and learn to work around the downsides.

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