Honda A12 maintenance code and fix costs

So you want to know more about the Honda A12 maintenance code and cost? That’s a great desire and congratulations on coming to the right place!

The Honda Civic is known for its accurate maintenance and service codes. One of these codes is A12. There’s much to know about this code and knowing what it means can help you fix your car the right way, taking better care of your vehicle.

So, what is the Honda A12 maintenance code? Well, this is the code that often registers when the car requires either a major or minor maintenance service.

Both services usually entail inspecting, services, and mostly replacing one or another component of the car.

What Exactly Is Needed to Replace When An A12 Code Is Triggered?

1. The Air Filter or Air Cleaner Element

The air filter or air cleaner element helps keep environmental contaminants such as dust and dirt, which can otherwise cause damage, away from the engine.

If the ECM triggers the A12 code, the first component you should check is the filter or cleaner element. Take a glance at it to see if it’s dirty and clogged.

A dirty and clogged filter or cleaner element needs to be replaced immediately. Generally, either of them should be changed after every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

2. The Cabin Filter/Dust & Pollen Filter

The cabin filter, which is also known as the “dust and pollen filter” helps keep the air in the cabin of the car free from harmful pollutants such as pollen and dust, ensuring that you breathe clean air.

This is another component that may need to be changed if the A12 code is triggered. Again, check the condition of the filter, which is normally located behind the glove box.

If it’s dirty and clogged you know that it’s time for a change. Similarly, the cabin air filter should generally be replaced every 1500 to 30000 miles.

3. The Engine Oil

Engine oil helps lubricate the engine parts, preventing wear and tear of the engine. Normally, the oil needs to be changed every 3,000 to 7,500 miles. Of cause, it all depends on the car’s age and the type of engine oil being used.

The A12 code may mean it’s time to change your engine oil. To determine whether or not to replace the oil, check the total mileage you’ve covered ever since the last time you changed the oil. Also, check the oil level and condition to see if it’s within the recommended threshold.

4. Tires

Tire rotation as a maintenance and service helps enhance your tires’ grip on the road, improving your safety while on the road. It’s recommended that your car gets a tire rotation service after every 6 months or 7500 miles or whichever comes first.

The A12 maintenance code may mean your tires are due for rotation. To determine whether or not the tires need to be serviced, check the tires for uneven wear of individual tires or uneven wear from the front to back.

Also, pay attention to unusual shimmying or vibrations when the car is moving, which is normally caused by unevenly worn tires among other issues. Actually, these shakes are especially noticeable in the steering wheel.

5. Drive Belt

Just as the name implies, the drive belt helps rotate multiple peripheral components within the engine e.g the alternator, power steering pump, and air pump, making sure these components function as expected. Generally, the belt should be replaced every 60000 to 100000 miles.

If the A12 code is triggered, again, this may mean that it’s time to replace the drive belt. Just to be sure that the drive belt issue is what’s triggering the code, pay attention to the following signs;

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A12 Maintenance?

The answer depends on the part that needs to be addressed to make this code go away. For example, if it’s the air filter or air cleaner element, you’ll need to replace the filter or cleaner element.

That will cost you about 40-65 dollars, inclusive of labor. Similarly, if it’s the cabin filter or dust & pollen filter, you can expect to part with 99-126 dollars.

Likewise, if it’s the engine oil, which needs replacing, changing the oil will set you back 20 to 60 dollars or more. Similarly, if it’s the drive belt that needs to be replaced, you can expect to be charged 90 to 200 dollars by your mechanic for this service.

Likewise, if it’s a tire rotation service that’s needed to fix the A12 maintenance, keep in mind that tire rotation generally costs somewhere between 24 and 50 dollars.

Do You Need to Reset the A12 Code After Maintenance?

The short answer is yes. The code needs to be reset each time a required service e.g filter change, wheel rotation, or drive belt replacement is completed. Otherwise, the code may not go away even if the problem it signified is fixed.


The A12 code of certain Honda vehicles is normally triggered by the ECM if there’s a minor or major problem with the vehicle. When your car triggers it, that can mean that your engine oil, engine air filter, cabin air filter, or drive belt needs replacing.

Apart from that, it may also signal that your tires need a rotation service.

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