Chevy Equinox won’t start after battery replacement. Reasons

There are many different reasons why a Chevy Equinox will not start after installing a new battery. Three of the most common, however, include a failing alternator, a bad starter, or the body control module (BCM) may need to be reset.

To diagnose these problems accurately, here are some of the key signs and symptoms that you should look for.

Signs of a Bad Alternator

If you have replaced your bad battery with a new one, you will more than likely expect your vehicle to start right away. However, when this does not occur, you need to look for other related issues.

For instance, the alternator plays another key role in the start-up of your vehicle. In fact, if it starts to fail, there are some common signs that you should be aware of. Here are 5 signs of a bad or failing alternator.

  • Overly bright or dim headlights
  • Malfunctioning or slow accessories
  • Frequent Car stalls or trouble starting your vehicle
  • Whining and Growling noises
  • Burnt smells of wire and rubber

Each of these signs can help with the diagnosis, especially if the battery has been replaced, and the battery still does not start.

Symptoms of a Bad Starter

Sometimes the battery is good and the alternator is too. Yet, the car still won’t start. If this is the case, you may want to look for signs and symptoms of a bad starter problem. Some of the most commonly known are listed below.

  • Nothing happens when push the button to start or turn the key
  • You will hear grinding, clinking, and whirling noises when you try to start the ignition
  • Start to experience Intermittent issues when turning on the ignition

Symptoms of a Faulty Body Control Module

Unlike other vehicles on the market today, Chevy Equinox uses different technologies in its start-up process. Therefore, if the car does not start after installing a new battery, you may want to consider looking for the signs of a faulty control body module.

Actually, if you are paying close attention to your vehicle’s overall performance, you may see signs that indicate that the body control module is starting to fail. For instance, when a body control module is failing, an excessive amount of battery drainage is used.

How to Fix a Bad Alternator and the Cost Associated

The type of repairs that are needed depends on several factors. According to consumer insurance, if you see the telltale signs listed above, it is normally best to replace the alternator instead of making repairs.

So, the cost can vary based on the option that is chosen. For instance, the cost of a new alternator with labor can range from about $300 – $700.

How to Fix a Bad Starter and the Cost Associated

When the starter goes bad, you will have at least 2 options that you can make your decision. You can repair the bad starter by rebuilding it or you can install a new starter to fix your problem. Your choice may be based on the cost because they can vary greatly between each option.

  • Rebuild the old starter – price ranges from $50 to $350
  • Install a brand new starter – price ranges from $80 to $350

How to Fix a Faulty Control Body Module and the Cost Associated

To install a new battery in a Chevy Equinox, the process tends to be quite different from other new battery installations. Since changing out the battery may entail going to a dealer to install and program the BCM (body control module), the price can be relatively expensive.

Based on information posted on, the price range is between $566 and $592 (i.e. includes parts and labor).


As mentioned in the information above, there are many reasons why your Chevy Equinox does not start after a new battery installation. A failing alternator and a bad starter are two common reasons why, for most vehicles on the road today.

On the other hand, if you are driving a Chevy Equinox, the car may not start due to BCM (body control module). When this is the case, the new battery will need to be installed properly and then the BCM will need to be reset.

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