Check engine oil at next refueling message in the car’s dashboard. These are the causes

“Check Engine Oil at Next Refueling” is a common signal message associated with Mercedes-Benz cars. This warning error message may intermittently come on during the first phase, then stay on afterward.

Why is this warning light present on your car’s dashboard? Could it be a serious issue that you cannot manage like car computer system damages, oil insufficient, or just an error?

When such warning signals arise, if you are a new driver and have never experienced such issues with your Mercedes-Benz, many unanswerable questions will trigger your mind.

However, keep worries away. Seeing a check engine oil at the next refueling message on the dashboard means the car’s oil level has gone down to a minimum level.

Engine oil is essential for the moving parts to have a smooth operation. The oil lubricates such engine parts that experience constant friction.

The oil also gives an assurance of the durability of engine parts since issues such as wear and tear are managed. During combustion and the friction of some parts in the engine, much energy is lost and released in the form of heat.

In such situations, engine oil working as lubrication will act as a coolant, helping to emit high engine temperatures through lubrication circuits.

If the engine oil level drops, there will be insufficient oil to attend to the assigned roles, and the engine will start experiencing difficulties. For instance, the engine temperatures will rise, and sealing and corrosion protection will get lost.

This means the engine efficiency will be lowered. Generally, your engine lacking engine oil puts the entire system at risk of more damage.

Having insufficient engine oil in your car will shorten the lifespans of some parts, particularly the engine moving parts that experience constant friction.

Much effect also is experienced in fuel consumption as the fuel economy will drop significantly as well emission of CO2 will increase.

Although checking engine oil at the next refueling can be a usual thing due to oil level issues; however, the all-time engine oil level drops to a minimum level can sometimes be alarming.

Perhaps, it can be a strange thing to see a check engine oil warning just after two days of oil refilling the car. This warning can also appear that you have not driven your car for more than 4000 miles.

If there are issues with topping up the engine oil, it should be done mostly when your car travels for about 5000 miles to 7500 miles.

If your car has a check engine oil at the next refueling message before it records the recommended interval of engine oil top-up, there must be other issues leading to wastage or leaking.

Causes of Engine Oil Leaking

Damaged gasket

Gaskets are one of the most important car engine parts as they help transfer engine oil and other coolant fluids. Over time, gaskets degrade, therefore losing seal strength. Upon having a weak seal, gaskets will start leaking out oil, leading to an engine oil level drop.

Broken or loose filler cap

One of the most common causes of oil level dropping in your car’s oil tank is having a damaged or loose filler cap that will allow oil to leak out.

You can tell that it is a loose filler cap that is with the issue if the oil spreads around the engine or if there is a quick formation of telltale oil puddles beneath the vehicle.

A worn-out or damaged oil filter

If the oil filter has degraded, it will fail to work. Indeed, it may not allow oil to pass through, resulting in oil leaking. Other issues that will cause engine oil leaking includes damaged oil seals, bad valve cover gasket, and bad camshaft seals.

These oil leaking issues will affect the car’s engine oil sensors to detect oil level drop and activate the check engine oil at the next refueling.

Solutions to Check Engine oil at Next Refueling

The cause of this specific warning light is the drop of engine oil to a minimum level. Therefore if you have not refilled your Mercedes-Benz with engine oil for a long time, you need to do it.

The recommended time to refill your car with oil is after it records more than 5000 miles. However, if the engine oil level is dropping due to other issues like a bad gasket, loose filler cap, or worn-out oil filter, you need to visit your mechanic.

The costs of replacing such oil leaking issues will differ from region to region, labor, and purchasing of materials or needed parts. For instance, it will cost you more than $1600 to fix gasket issues, more than $35 on replacing worn-out oil filters, and more than $40 to fix loose oil filler caps.


Having a check engine oil at the next refueling means your car’s engine oil level has gone down to a level that can not sustain the engine operations.

Therefore, you need to refill your can with the right engine oil. However, if this error message frequently comes after you had refilled the car with the oil recently, you need to recheck other issues such as loose oil filler cap, worn-out gasket parts, and bad oil filter.

Such issues need to be fixed immediately to avoid the leaking of oil.

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