The car has noise when accelerating at high speeds only

Why does the car make noise when accelerating at high speed?

The noise that a car makes while accelerating at high speeds could mean a lot of different things, including one of the following:

  • Engine Problems- the loose or worn serpentine belt
  • Leak in the exhaust system
  • Faulty or bad bearings in the engine

Engine Issues- A Loose or Worn Serpentine Belt

Whenever the car makes noises at high speeds, you may need to see a professional mechanic right away. The mechanic will inspect your vehicle to identify the issue before you continue to drive.

For instance, if the mechanic hears squealing or squeaking noises from under the hood of a car, they will most likely look for the most obvious mechanical problems first.

Typically, in these situations, squealing while accelerating on the highway may mean that there is a loose or worn serpentine belt. Also, if the belt is too loose or worn to move smoothly, it will need to be changed to fix the problem.

Leak in the Exhaust System

Another problem that could exist is a leak in the exhaust system. Because the exhaust system is made up of several different components, the damage may be traced to one of the parts listed below.

Each of these parts contributes to the proper functioning of the exhaust systems. Therefore, if a leak is found anywhere in this system, it is easy to notice by a rather distinct rumbling noise, smoke, and fumes from the exhaust.

Also, until this problem is repaired, the noises will begin to get louder every time the driver accelerates at high speeds.

Faulty or Bad Bearing in the Engine

If the mechanic does not find a problem with the worn belt or a leak in the exhaust system, they may want to look at the bearing to see if it is bad.

A bad bearing can cause several different problems including making a lot of noise as the driver accelerates at high speeds. For instance, the bearings are designed to allow the crankshaft and the cam to spin millions of revolutions without encountering problems.

However, If any of the bearings are faulty, they tend to sound ticking or screeching (i.e. disrupting the evolutions).

What kind of sounds are heard by the driver?

A huge part of driving safely on the road is listening carefully to the sounds that a car makes. In many cases, the sounds of a roaring engine are a normal function, and will not unnerve the driver.

On the other hand, if the car makes loud noises while accelerating fast, the driver may need to pull over to see what is actually happening.

For instance, as mentioned above, the driver may hear distinct sounds that help to identify a specific problem. Here are 7 common sounds and the most likely cause of each.

  • Humming Noises – more than likely the wheel bearing
  • Squeaking and squealing – engine belt is loose
  • Leak in the Exhaust System – loud e
  • Knocking noises – worn pistons
  • Droning Noises – Car Tires
  • High-pitched squeal – serpentine belt is cracked or worn
  • Unbalanced Washing machine – Tires are unbalanced

How much does it cost to fix noise when accelerating?

The cost of these repairs will vary based on the problem identified above. Here is an overview of each.

Cost of Fixing A Loose or Worn Serpentine Belt

To buy the typical serpentine belt, the average cost can range between $15 to $80. Also, when you add labor, the price can range from about $75 and $120. Therefore, car owners may pay around $90 to $200 for the total cost.

Cost of Leak in the exhaust system

The average cost to fix a leak in the exhaust system can also vary based on a number of different factors. For instance, the charges will depend on who is doing the work.

  • Independent repair shops may charge about $90 an hour.
  • Dealerships may charge about $110 an hour

So, you can expect labor at a rate of $270 to $330 (3 hours of repairs)

Cost of Faulty or bad bearings in the Engine

The cost to replace bad bearings in an engine varies greatly based on the make and model of the vehicle, how many bearings need to be replaced, and the hours of labor required to complete these jobs.

For instance, the cost to replace a bearing can range between $15 to $62. And the cost of labor for a Honda Element can range from $1597 to $3270 based on 8 to 20 hours of labor.


Driving at high speeds may not be a problem for some drivers. However, if the car begins to make noises as the driver accelerates at fast speeds, it may be the result of something going wrong that needs to be repaired.

Fortunately, the noise that the car makes can help to identify the source of the problem that is occurring. And, will lead the car owner and the mechanic to make the appropriate repairs.

Three of the most common noises could mean a loose or worn serpentine belt, a leak in the exhaust system, or bad bearings in the engine.

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