Does Walmart do vehicle inspections?

Walmart does not offer car inspection services in its supercenters and auto care locations. Car inspections are critical in testing your vehicle’s performance, safety, emissions, and regulations and are required by national and municipal agencies.

As one of the largest global retailers, Walmart offers affordable vehicle maintenance and repair services, excluding vehicle inspections.

Instead, you can visit alternate vehicle centers such as Valvoline, Midas, Jiffy Lube, and Mr. Lube to get your car thoroughly inspected by qualified personnel. 

Why Walmart Doesn’t Offer Vehicle Inspections 

Most states in the US require certified mechanics to conduct complete vehicle inspections. To become a certified mechanic, one has to obtain certification from accredited auto technician organizations, the most renowned of which is ASE (National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence).

Walmart prefers to conduct in-house training for their mechanics, thus providing them with local certification, a certification that is largely unrecognized by most states.

This action is undertaken to reduce the cost of labor, effectively minimizing the cost of maintenance services the retailer provides.

However, by failing to hire ASE-certified mechanics, Walmart does not meet most state’s requirements for conducting vehicle inspections; therefore, the retailer does not offer the service.

Additionally, there are various types of car inspection that are required by states which are dependent on factors such as when the vehicle was purchased, the purpose of the car, and the vehicle registration.

To be competent in performing all these different types of inspections, auto mechanic centers need to have enough mechanics, adequate equipment, and facilities.

Compared to giant organizations specializing in automotive such as Valvoline, Walmart is ill-equipped to handle the demands of car inspection.

Originating as a home goods retailer, Walmart has yet to achieve the automotive capability needed to conduct certified car inspections. 

What Walmart Offers Regarding Car Inspection and Maintenance 

Walmart is a popular choice for drivers seeking vehicle repair and maintenance procedures. This is primarily due to the marginal costs of these services, which saves people money.

Even though car inspection services are not offered, the retailer provides various other essential repair and maintenance services.

Foremost, Walmart conducts fundamental and synthetic oil changes for your vehicle. An oil change ensures your engine runs efficiently and protects the essential parts from wear and tear. Next, you can get your tires balanced and rotated at Walmart. 

Moreover, Walmart offers replacement services such as air filters, batteries, and tire replacement. In addition to maintenance and vehicle repair services, Walmart sells spare parts.

The spare parts can be fitted at the Walmart auto center or the garage, as per the person’s interest. Although Walmart offers its services at reduced prices, some people are wary of bringing their cars here due to the questionable qualifications of the mechanics and technicians. 

Take Away 

Walmart has numerous auto care centers that offer various maintenance and repair procedures. These include oil changes, tire balancing and rotation, air filter replacement, and selling spare parts.

However, Walmart does not offer vehicle inspection services, a service crucial in determining if the car has followed the mandated safety, emissions, and regulations set by the state and national governments.

The reason Walmart fails to offer vehicle inspection services is the organization’s failure to hire externally certified mechanics and the limited automotive capability of the organization.

Even though there are no vehicle inspection services, the affordability of its maintenance and repair services makes Walmart a popular option among drivers.

However, if you want to have your vehicle inspected, you can compare the prices and benefits of the auto centers in your locality, such as Mr. Lube, Midas, Valvoline, and Jiffy Lube.

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