Can you see through 35% window tint at night?

Car window tints can be categorized according to various tint percentages, ranging from 5% to 70%. To that effect, there are four common tint percentages;( a) 5%, (b) 20%, (c) 35%, (d) 50%, and (e) 70%.

Notably, some percentage tints e.g 5% tints are so dark that you can’t see through them at night. How about 35% tints? In other words, can you see through a 35% window tint at night?

The short answer is YES. That’s because this tint allows 35% of the visible light(VLT) to pass through the window film, which is pretty much enough for you to see everything outside of the car.

A 5% tint, on the other hand, only allows 5% of VLT to pass through the film, which can be pretty dark for your eyesight.

Is 35% a Dark Tint?

35% is a pretty dark tint and a car with this tint will appear to have heavily tinted windows. The person on the outside won’t be able to see through it but you, on the other hand, will be able to see through it both during the day and at night.

Matter of fact, it’s the favorite choice of tint for many motorists because it gives a car a smooth, stylish, sleek look.

Is 35% a Dark Tint Legal?

Here the answer depends on your country or state as each country or state has its window tinting legislation.

1. The USA

In the USA, for example, the legal tinting percentages will vary from one state to another. In California, for instance, it’s 70% and 32% in Alabama. In Oakland, you can have a tint of up to 25% and 24% in Montana.

To find out what window tint percentage is legal for your state, follow the link below and click the download link beneath the US State Law Charts icon. More info here

The chart shows the legal window tint percentages for all 50 states.

2. Canada

In Canada, the legal window tint percentages depend on three things;

1. The province

For example, your window tints shouldn’t be more than 30% to 45% in Manitoba or more than 15% to 70% in Quebec.

2. The type of vehicle

For instance, while cars can have window tints, medical vehicles can’t. What’s more, multi-purpose vehicles are permitted to have any window tint in all provinces except Nova Scotia where these vehicles can’t, at all.

3. The type of windows

In Manitoba, for example, the tints for your front and rear windows shouldn’t be more than 30% and 45%, respectively. In Quebec, they shouldn’t be more than 15% and 70%, in that order.

For more details on what’s legal in Canada as far as car window tints go, follow the link below and click the download link under the Canadian Law Charts folders;

3. The UK

In the UK, lastly, the window tint legislation isn’t too complicated. It simply dictates that front side windows must not have more than 70% tint darkness levels, and all rear side windows can have any darkness levels.

What State Has the Darkest Tint Law? (USA)

California, Delaware, Iowa, and New York have the darkest tint laws. In these four states, it is legal to have up to 70% tint for front side windows and any percentage tint for back side windows.

Other states that follow are Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. The law permits car owners in these two states to have up to 70% tint for both the front side and back side windows.

Does 35% Tint Make a Difference?

In terms of visibility, this tint level doesn’t make a difference because you’ll be able to see through it very well. But when it comes to giving your car a better look, it does make a huge difference by creating a sleek appearance with smooth, shiny windows.

When it comes to blocking the light coming into your vehicle, it’ll block half of it and all the UV rays and heat that may otherwise pass through your windows. This effect can reduce glare and eye strain, making for a safer driving experience.

Does 35% Tint Reduce Heat?

35% tint reduces a significant amount of heat coming into your car. Matter of fact, this type of tint blocks the heat by up to 35-45%.


Car window tints vary widely according to the percentage of their tint levels. For example, there are those with 5%, 20%, 35%, 50%, and 70% tint levels.

If you are planning to put some tints on your windows, the first question you need to ask yourself is how much tint level is legal in my country, state, or province.

This is important because many countries, states, or provinces have different legislations that specify the tint levels you can have on your windows.

While it may be ok to have a 70% tint in the UK, it might not be the same case in Quebec(Canada), Alabama(USA), or Montana(USA).

With that said, be sure to check your country, state, or province’s car window tint legislation before proceeding to tint your windows.

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