6 SUVs with a rear window that opens

Sometimes traveling with dogs can be challenging as they would want to peek outside through the rear window when exhausted. Thus finding an SUV with a rear window that opens will be a win during long road travels.

Not all SUVs have windows that open, as this feature fell out of favor due to issues such as water leakages. However, you can still find an SUV with the specific features in the market; here is a list of SUV cars with open rear windows.

1. Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander model is sport-tuned with shock absorbers, high-rate springs, and a rear stabilizer, enhancing its grip on the road. It is one of the SUV cars whose rear window opens and was manufactured in 2021. It offers a dynamic torque vectoring AWD due to the all-wheel-drive performance.

The car is responsive and can send 50% of its power to the rear, further distributing more power to the wheels when needed. It has impressive efficiency, which translates to more miles and fun during a road trip.

The Toyota Highlander has a 3.5-liter V6 Engine and epitome of power and smoothness. The engine produces 295hp and 263 lb.-ft of torque, and you can flex some muscle with the 5000lb towing capacity and go further with EPA-estimated up to 23 combined mpg.

You can tailor the drive modes to match your mood; the sports mode provides sharper acceleration, while the eco mode helps maximize fuel efficiency, however, the normal mode blends the fuel economy and performance. Moreover, you can get the Toyota Highlander at the $35205 to $50000 mark when fully loaded.

2. Honda Pilot

The 2022 Honda Pilot starts at $38055 and is speedy and fuel-efficient due to the V-6 powertrain. It is among the cars whose rear windows open and large cargo and interior space. The pilot has standard features like the full LED headlights and the 8.0-inch Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; the upgrades correspond with the higher price.

The best combination features include the 20-inch wheels, hands-free power tailgate, roof rails, second-row sunshades, sunroof, upholstery, and wireless charging.

The upper trims hurt the ride’s quality and enhance the pilot’s dorky appearance. However, the vehicle rides smoothly when loaded with stuff or when more people are aboard; thus, this lack of car body control sometimes leads to the vehicle’s disconnect from the road.

When the car is light, it is easy to maneuver at parking-lot speeds and contributes to a detached feel on the highway.

The fuel economy of the vehicle is strong, which is practical for such a large SUV car; the EPA and real-world testing indicate fuel efficiency at 75-mph fuel-economy route. Sometimes the SUV cabins might be unfriendly, but the Honda Pilot has a comfortable interior.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s starting price is about $59160 and it is among the SUV vehicles whose rear windows open. It has three seat rows and three powertrains and can be fitted at an eight-speed automatic transmission standard.

This car has an entry-level engine with a 3.6-liter V-6 producing 293 hp. The fuel economy might be similar to previous models, and the engine is paired with RWD making it compatible with drivetrain options. The cylinder deactivation technology can help it achieve a 14/22mpg highway like the last-gen models.

4. Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder has a high fuel economy with 18.5 liters with 23 EPA fuel economies, 21 combined city and highway, and 26mpg. The vehicle EPA classification is Small SUV 2WD and front-wheel drivetrain. The starting price is about $37350, and you can find a cheap bargain at your local car dealer.

5. Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is more at home on the road, and the charm is undeniable due to the 3.6-liter V-6 engine offered on the four-door Unlimited SUV body style.

The price is towards the end of the range as it starts at $31320; the car has a removable cloth top and a rear window that opens. The extra equipment includes the extra equipment, air conditioning, leather-covered steering wheels, and poor window locks.

The 270-hp 2.0 liter has 295 pound-feet of torque and a standard V-6 engine. The Jeep Wrangler comes with a standard eight-speed automatic power combination which makes for low-stress trail driving.

You can opt for this car due to the large 7.0-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto capability. The Jeep Wrangler’s fuel economy puts it ahead of other rival cars. Moreover, the battery life is appealing and can only provide 25 miles of electric drive with 17.0 kWh.

6. 2003-8 Toyota Matrix 

The 2003-8 Toyota matrix has a rear window that opens and has a 1.8-liter engine rated at 130 horsepower. The base matrix has standard five-speed manual transmission with plenty of features that make the car outshine its competitors. Moreover, its base price is about $14670 plus a $485 destination fee.

You can have an extended view of the world due to the higher ride height, which is difficult to achieve with a smaller vehicle. Moreover, the cockpit does not seem like a regular Toyota vehicle.

It combines the radio and CD player making it possible to enjoy your music from the instrument pod. Moreover, it comes with efficient heating and ventilation control, ensuring you achieve the desired climate within the car.

The car appeals to sports enthusiasts as its engine is highly functional, but the upright seating position and high mounted gear shaft might make racing difficult.

However, the steering is precise and ensures the car stays on the road despite the high gravity center. The car is a cross-over utility street performer and is practical, and most drivers would enjoy riding it, as it is a modern iteration of the PT cruiser.

The Bottom Line

Finding an SUV car whose rear windows are open might be challenging as few manufacturers consider this a useful feature when creating their cars.

Thus, it may help research the specific vehicle when looking for open rear windows. Some manufacturers upgraded past models with rear windows, but they do away with the rear window.

They claim the feature went out of favor due to leakages. However, if you enjoy a rear window that opens, you check with the car dealer to ensure the modern iteration has the desired features.

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