Bad Ford GEM module symptoms

If your car’s wiper, rain sensors, and other parts are not functioning optimally, there is a problem somewhere. In most cases, when you see these signs on your vehicle, there are high chances that you have a bad GEM module, and it needs immediate fixing. The module often controls the car’s electrical parts.

What is a GEM module?

GEM module stands for General Electric Module; a computerized component in a Ford automobile used to check, regulate and operate the car’s electronic devices.

It controls various functions in a car, including controlling power windows, daytime running lamps, rear window decoration, interior lighting perimeter anti-theft alarm, battery saving, remote keyless entry, and warning chimes and lamps.

Most fed dealers program or test the Gem module before replacing the unit or fixing the fuse issue.

What are the most common symptoms of a bad Ford GEM module?

A bad ford gem module system has numerous symptoms. The most common ones include blowing itself with no key, the radio and wiper seizing to work, the remote entry failing to work, and the light turning on by itself.

The ford gem module is responsible for the proper functioning of almost all electronic car parts. There are signs that you are likely to see when the module defects. These include:

1. Lack of power even when the key is inserted

This indicates that the car becomes completely dead and can not start. This is a major problem and the first symptom of problems with the power relay.

2. The engine won’t start

The other symptom of a bad Gem module is that the engine won’t start. When you see this, it could mean that the car’s gem module is defective.

3. Battery drained or dead

The drained or dead battery could also be a symptom of a bad GEM module.

Other symptoms include

4. The radio and wiper switch won’t work

The car could be running, and all of a sudden, the starter becomes energized and kicks to the flywheel

5. The radio activates itself without key

Release of a sizzling sound from the left side below the steering with no heat or odor.

Common causes of a failing GEM module

There Are several reasons behind the failure of the Ford gem module. The common reasons include

Loose wiring

When the wiring is loose, it might tamper with the normal functioning of the GEM module. When the wires become loose, the GEM will fail.

Hard impact collisions

If the car has been involved in an accident or serious collision can affect the whole system.

Shorting of wires

When wires become short, it will be hard for the GEM to work correctly. Short wires won’t send the required signals for functionality.

Excessive heat from the engine

Too much heat is not ideal for the Gem functioning as it can lead to defecting it.

Damaged sensors

When sensors are damaged, it would mean that the gem would not be able to detect and so won’t function optimally.

Where is the GEM module located?

Are you looking where the GEM module is located in your car? What model of your car do you have? Different car models may have this device located systematically, but it is easy to locate it.

Mostly, you will find the GEM module attached with 3 screws on the upper part of the fuse box’s interior. If you intend to inspect the GEM module, you will need to follow a strategic order to access it.

You will remove both as an assembly (fuse box together with the GEM module) to check up on it. On the back of the fusebox, remove the 2-large bulkhead connections(these two connectors are usually placed on tightly with a headed bolt of 10mm long).

Now you need to remove nuts and bolts that prevent the fuse box from falling off. Carefully press the fusebox to the side back. On the left side, take off the connectors connected to the GEM. After then, take out these(fusebox and GEM) parts as assembly out of the dash panel.

For inspection, you need to check whether there is corrosion around where the large bulkhead connectors are removed. Check into the plastic guarded part of the fusebox and beneath pins around the outer edge. If there are any signs of corrosion, remove them with a clean brush.

Do you need to program the GEM module?

According to Ford, there is a need to program the GEM modules after installation to function correctly.

How much does it cost to fix a bad Ford GEM module?

The cost of fixing a bad ford gem module varies depending on the car model, the size of the condition, and the type of mechanic. However, you have to pay more than $300 to get your bad ford GEM module fixed.


If you see your car’s windscreens, windows, daytime running lamps, interior lighting, windshield wipers or washers, battery saver, and air conditioner in the car not working, there is a problem with the GEM module.

When the GEM module goes bad or fails, you may experience other issues with your car, such as the radio button activating itself when the key is off.

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