Are Bmw I8 Rear Seats Usable?

You’re eyeing the sleek BMW i8, aren’t you? But you’re wondering, ‘Are those rear seats even usable?’

Well, let’s get into the design, comfort, and practicality of those back seats. We’ll compare them with other sports cars and even share tips on maximizing their usability.

Understanding the Design of BMW I8’s Rear Seats

You’re delving into the intricate design of the BMW I8‘s rear seats, focusing on their usability and comfort.

The I8’s rear seats aren’t just there for show, they’re designed with purpose. You’ll notice that they’re somewhat compact, reflecting BMW’s objective to maintain a sleek, aerodynamic profile. This doesn’t mean they’ve skimped on comfort.

The seats are contoured, cushioned, and covered in high-quality leather, ensuring a plush experience.

However, legroom can be limited, especially for taller passengers. It’s clear that BMW prioritized design and performance, making some concessions in backseat spaciousness. But don’t dismiss them just yet. They’re perfect for short trips, kids, or extra storage.

With a keen eye, you can appreciate the careful balance BMW struck between comfort, usability, and the I8’s sporty aesthetics.

The practicality of BMW I8’s Rear Seats for Adults

Although the BMW I8’s rear seats offer a decent level of comfort, you’ll find that they’re not entirely practical for adults, particularly those over six feet tall, due to the limited legroom.

The sloping roofline and compact dimensions might be great for aerodynamics, but they’re not conducive to passenger comfort.

Here’s a quick comparison to give you a better idea:

 BMW I8Average Compact CarAverage Sedan
Rear Seat Legroom32.4 inches35.2 inches37.4 inches
Rear Seat Headroom32.8 inches37.1 inches37.9 inches
Rear Seat Shoulder Room49.6 inches53.3 inches55.7 inches

It’s clear that the I8 is a bit of a squeeze for adults. But, remember, it’s a sports car first, not a limousine. Its focus is on performance and driving pleasure, not rear-seat comfort.

Comfort Level of BMW I8’s Rear Seats for Children

While the rear seats of the BMW I8 might be a tight fit for adults, they’re quite comfortable and perfectly adequate for children, especially on shorter trips. You’ve got to bear in mind the I8’s primary function, it’s a sports car, not a minivan.

Consider these three factors:

  1. Ergonomics: The car’s design, including seat positioning and padding, ensures comfort for smaller passengers.
  2. Safety Features: BMW doesn’t skimp on safety. Child seat anchors and seat belts are designed for your children’s protection.
  3. Ride Quality: The I8’s suspension system guarantees a smooth ride, reducing motion sickness possibility.

Comparing BMW I8 Rear Seats With Other Sports Cars

In your comparison of the BMW I8’s rear seats with other sports cars, you’ll find that they offer a unique balance of comfort and functionality. Unlike other sports cars where comfort is often sacrificed for performance, the I8’s rear seats are surprisingly accommodating.

They’re snug, yet provide decent headroom and legroom, a rarity in this class. They’re even equipped with ISOFIX points for child seats, an unexpected feature in sports cars.

However, they’re not as spacious as a sedan’s rear seats. The I8’s 2+2 layout, common in sports cars, isn’t designed for long drives, despite its hybrid efficiency.

Yet, when compared to rivals like the Audi R8 or the Porsche 911, the I8’s rear seats edge out in terms of user-friendliness. It’s a testament to BMW’s commitment to balancing performance with practicality.

How to Maximize the Usability of BMW I8’s Rear Seats

To maximize the usability of your BMW I8’s rear seats, consider both the comfort of your passengers and the need for storage space, but also remember that these seats aren’t designed for long drives. They serve more as a bonus feature, offering some flexibility should you need extra space.

  1. Comfort: The seats are snug and suitable for short trips. Don’t expect them to accommodate adults comfortably for extended periods.
  2. Storage: When not in use, these seats serve as extra storage. It’s a smart way to stow small items you’d like to keep within reach.
  3. Child Seats: They’re perfect for installing child seats, ensuring your little ones can ride safely.


In conclusion, the BMW i8’s rear seats aren’t the roomiest, but are definitely usable. Adults might find them less comfortable due to limited legroom, but they’re suitable for kids.

Compared to other sports cars, the i8 provides added practicality. To maximize usability, adjust front seats accordingly and use these seats for shorter trips. Remember, the i8 is a high-performance hybrid sports car, and its rear seats are a bonus, not its main selling point.

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