9 cheap cars with butterfly doors

Cars are all the same but some of them feature exotic designs that distinguish them from others. Some of these unique designs are found in vehicles with butterfly doors. These doors give the car a striking and unique look.

A butterfly door is a non-standard door design mainly featured in exotic vehicles that opens like bird wings, or, in other known terms, they have gull-wing doors. Due to their unique design, these cars are often pricey, but you can find a cheaper one.

Here is a list of cheap cars with butterfly doors. 

1. Tesla Model X

This fully-electric powered vehicle was first released in 2015. This car is designed and manufactured by Tesla, a US automobile manufacturer.

This model has only two butterfly doors, the ones from the back seat. The front doors will open like usual car Pressing just one button will open the butterfly doors from the back. The car cost about $80.000. Due to its high demand, Tesla Model X cars are available for sale. 

2. Ferrari LAFerrari

This is Ferrari’s first car with a hybrid solution and to adapt to the new hybrid technology. The vehicle features a butterfly door system and boasts better performance than all the Ferrari models. It has the most innovative and advanced technical car solutions. The car was made in Italy by an Italian automotive manufacturer named Ferrari. 

A Ferrari car costs about $1.416.362. Currently, you can not buy this car because it is no longer produced. So this makes the remaining four hundred and ninety-nine cars appreciate their value. Since its inception, Ferrari has boasted an exotic design due to its butterfly doors. The door opens in a spreading manner like wings. 

3. BMW i8

This is the most recent and modern hybrid sports vehicle. The car was assembled in Leipzig, Germany, between 2014 and 2020. This means that the vehicle is no longer in production but still in the market.

It features excellent fuel effectiveness and attractive design components like butterfly doors, head-up display, and laser headlights. The car is affordable, and you can get it for just $147 500. 

4. Ferrari Enzo Ferrari

Alongside LaFerrari, Ferrari Enzo is among the greatest car models manufactured by Ferrari manufacturers from Maranello, Italy. The model was designed in honor of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari. Ferrari Enzo Ferrari features a powerful engine and an exotic design because of its butterfly design doors. 

The butterfly doors are hinged to the beltline and the roof. They swing forward and span sections of the top. The Ferrari Enzo goes at around $3.000.000. These great cars are fast, highly desirable but are rare. There are no Ferrari vehicles in the market for sale, and their production no longer exists. 

5. Toyota Sera

If you fancy owning a car with butterfly doors, but your budget can’t allow you to have exotic supercars, the Toyota Sera is ideal for you. This car can seem small but has the dihedral doors like those of exotic car models like the BMW i8. 

The only difference between this car and the exotic model is the age and price; Toyota Sera is older and cheaper than the exotic models. The model was produced in Japan and first launched in the Japanese market in 1989. It got more demand due to its design which included a smooth, glassy body accentuated by double butterfly doors. 

Its doors worked just like those of McLaren F1 hinged on the vehicle’s A-pillars. Unless you are a billionaire, the car provides the best chance to own a butterfly car model. The car cost around $ 15.725 and is still on the market. 

6. Gillet Vertigo

Gillet Vertigo was first manufactured in 1994, and its production is still up to date. This car is known for its ultra-lightweight and best for sports. Gillet Vertigo can move at a speed of 250km per hour with the help of its robust engine rating at 3.0L/V6.

Its doors are in 2-door coupe body style and open in butterfly style. The doors open upward and spread out at a tilted angle to create enough exit and entry space. Hinges along the A-pillar support these doors to open in butterfly style.

Gillet Vertigo models are available in the market, and you can get one for $300,000 or more.

7. McLaren P1

McLaren P1 is one of the most popular luxury cars ever in modern cars, with butterfly doors. Although not in the market as production ended in 2015, buying it would cost you around 1.2 million. These models are off the market. 

McLaren P1 was made in Surrey, England, by McLaren Automotive manufacturer. The doors of this car are Dihedral. In other words, when these butterfly doors are opening, they go up and spread out using A-pillar hinges. The opening of the doors ensures there is available space for entry as well as exit.

8. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

This car model was designed by Gordon Murray and manufactured by DaimlerChrysler, McLaren Automotive, and Daimler AG. The car was made in England. 

This car is available in the market, and the costs range between $58,480 and $748,453. Its features are impressive besides its high performance. For example, it has butterfly doors. Doors open upward and spread out using hinges along the A-pillar.

9. Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale

In designing and manufacturing motorcycles, Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale has been one of the supercars in the world. It was made in Milan, Italy, in 1967 under designer Franco Scaglione.

Due to its classic features, the car costs more than $10 million. Its engine is powerful and rates at 230PS, 227 bhp, and 167kW at 8800rpm. Besides having a rear-wheel drive, its door opens in butterfly style. 

Hinges in the A-pillar support the doors, and when they open, they spread out at the upward side. This creates enough space to enter or exit.


There are different models of cars around the world, each giving a unique taste. Features are what identifies a car model from the other.

In most cases, ordinary vehicles have a standard opening of doors. This means butterfly doors are one of the features that a car has to identify itself in the world of supercars. 

As technology continues growing and new ideas are developing, the feature generation of cars will be another debate. Cars to be produced in the future will have the use of improved technology that not only will have increased features but also comfortability.

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