4 different cars without power steering

Steering a heavy truck around can be daunting. To lessen the strain, engineers developed what we call today, power steering. It was a form of car steering that came to help the steering wheel to be lighter and easier to turn.

Unlike the previous version, the power steering needed only a few turns to get from lock to lock.

It was first availed to the mass market in 1951 and has seen massive remodeling and advancement to improve its performance over the years.

Most drivers today will vouch for power steering but there are a few who still feel that cars without power steering deserve some space on our roads.

These are mostly race drivers who feel that the direct driver wheels contact that comes with the no power steering improves their performance on the track.

Manufacturing cars with no power steering might be justified but only in very few aspects. The first qualification for a car to have no power steering is lightweight. Power steering was introduced to solve the weight problem-heavy truck drivers’ hard trouble turning.

Another aspect of having no power steering in a car is cost reduction. Not having this feature will certainly reduce cost making the car more attractive to a potential buyer, even if one does know about this aspect, the car can sell well as you will see below.

Race cars are light and turning the steering wheel is easy regardless of the steering type. The driver gets to feel firsthand what is happening at the wheels.

After learning about the unveiling of the power steering, it’s time we discuss a few of the last cars to bear the classic no power steering feature.

The 1997 Ford Aspire

This American-built sedan had a 5-speed manual transmission engine under the hood. It ran on gas like most Fords back then and was front-wheel drive. The engine was a 1.3L-pretty economical.

This classic piece packed a whooping 63 hp and 74 lb-ft torque-impressive considering the time. As far as safety is concerned, our dear Aspire did not have the safety feature its successors enjoy. It lacked both front and side airbags.

Space was well catered for with up to 37.8 inches of headroom and over 41 inches of legroom.

The current price of the Ford Aspire from dealer outlets is anywhere around $900. From there you can guess the car’s market value at its prime.

The 2000 Honda CIVIC CX Hatchback

This Japanese sedan is another amazing car for no power steering enthusiasts. It is the brainchild of the Honda motor company and was among its best perfuming cars in the early 2000s.

The car offers a 5-speed manual transmission gas-powered system with four inline cylinders. Drivers are advised to use unleaded fuel on this rare classic.

Under the hood, this car packs 106 hp and 103 lb-ft torque. You should not expect any airbags in the 2000 Honda Civic CX. The current retail price for this car is $10,000; it must have fetched more back then.

The 2007 Dacia Logan

Made by Dacia, a Romanian car manufacturer owned by Renault, this car model was made between 2004 and 2007. Dacia released the Logan/Sandero model with a version that did not have many features, including the lack of power steering.

This variant had a 1.4-liter petrol engine with 75hp making it one of the cheapest cars ever sold in Europe and also one of the most sold cars in that period.

Moreover, it did not have power steering or other features needed, the great price convinced many people to buy this car. The 1.4-liter engine proved to be very reliable.

You will find these car models on the streets with ease, especially in Romania, making its price around $800 to $900.

The examples above present the no power steering as a thing of the past, but, are there any modern cars that bear this feature? The options are not many but we found one:

The Alfa Romeo 4C

This modern car seems to lean more toward the past than to the present in some aspects-the steering. This Italian-built car bears the seldom talked about power steering feature.

It was unveiled to the public in 2013 at a much-hyped motor show in Geneva and as years progressed, the car has done nothing but impress.

Driving the Alfa Romeo must be thrilling for any driver; it comes with a 1.7-liter turbo engine and a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. With up to 237 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, what more can you want?

The engine runs on gas and can propel this machine from 0 to 60 miles in less than 4.2 seconds. The speed is capped at 160 mph.

The current price for the Alfa Romeo is anywhere around $68,000-good things are never cheap.

Why Did Manufacturers Make Cars Without Power Steering?

In vintage cars, we can attribute the no power steering to the lack of a better option but in modern cars, it is more about drivability. Some drivers, especially racers like the uninterrupted contact they have with the wheels when driving with the no power steering.

Is It Hard To Drive A Car With No Power Steering?

This depends on the car’s weight. Heavy cars with no power steering can be hard to drive but with light race cars, you might not ever feel the difference. Some drivers however sighted problems when parking no power steering cars (even the light ones)

Do All Cars Have Power Steering?

Most modern cars bear advanced steering options like power steering, especially nowadays. For a conventional car, the requirement of having the power steering feature is a must.

These are not the only steering options available as technological advancement in the automobile space is never-ending.

Bottom line

Power steering has its advantages but so does the no power steering. The former is more about convenience while the latter offers more driver-car connections. No power steering cars are rare in this age but an experienced dealer can easily get you one.

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