Why are white cars cheaper? Top reasons

Sometimes owning a car can be the best thing to ever happen to you. The freedom to go wherever you like at will is thrilling to some. The color is however an aspect of cars that many cannot quite grasp, the color white has so much information surrounding it.

The most common question is, why are white cars cheaper?

Well, when you look from the color cost point of view, white cars can be cheaper. Another main reason why white cars are cheaper is that the color is offered by manufacturers as a flat paint without many additives, which makes it cheaper.

Other Reasons Include:

Some People Do Not Like White Cars

When people dislike something, they lower demand which in turn pushes prices down. Car dealers are forced to offer white cars at a cheaper cost to lure customers. The belief by some people that white cars are inferior is not true, they just don’t like the color.

The Cost Of Repainting Is Low

Some second-hand car dealers buy used cars, repair them and avail them to customers at yards. To determine the selling price they factor in all the costs of repairing the car, this includes the painting costs.

White paint is cheaper, this lowers the repair cost and in turn the selling price. The next time you see a white car with a cheaper price tag compared to other colors, don’t think of that as a reflection of quality.

What Are The Advantages Of White Colored Cars?

The Color Is Universally Acceptable

Every car maker produces a white car in every model range, why would they use a bad color on their cars.

It is acceptable that the white color looks great on new cars, whether it’s the ordinary sedan or a high-performance sports car. Well-finished white-painted cars look great and are the best options for a wedding reception.

White Can Improve The Car’s Resale Value

Aside from beauty, the white color is accepted by most people in the car market. If you plan on selling your car after some time then, you should consider getting a white car.

The color is quite neutral and says nothing much about the driver. Fleet owners like it due to its low repainting costs, if you plan on selling them a car, it better be white.

The more exotic colors attract a lot of attention and some people do not like that.

White Has Good Thermal Characteristics

Science proved that white surfaces absorb less heat compared to darker color surfaces. The amount of heat that penetrates a white surface placed in the sun cannot by anyway be compared to the amount that penetrates a darker color surface in the same position.

The black surface absorbs every bit of heat that hits it while the white surface reflects most of it. A white car’s inside is not as hot as a black car’s, the black car can be unbearable sometimes.

To avoid the heat problem, buyers prefer white cars, although air conditioning can easily solve the heat problem. The next time you rent a car for use in your summer holiday, try to take white because of the heat.

The Disadvantages Of White Paint

Everyone Has It

If you prefer your car standing out in car parks then white is not your color. The color is so popular; you are bound to spot one on every busy road you drive on.

Reports state that white cars are among the most sought-after cars, especially by bulk car buyers. You do not want to show up at an even in a car that looks like everyone else’s, try to stand out.

Cleaning White Cars Can Be Daunting

From clothes to shoes, cleaning and keeping clean the white color is challenging. The problem gets worse when you have to drive the car to muddy areas; the surface clearly displays every spot that falls on it.

Not cleaning a white car for even a few days will leave it looking like you last cleaned it a month ago. With a white car you will need to get friendly with the car wash guy or else you will drain all your money at his place.

Scrubbing it yourself is an option but cleaning a white car is not easy, the white spots will get you rethinking the color after the first scrub. You will need a least three full scrubs to get a white car clean before you hit a pothole and get the thing all dirty again.

It Can Sometimes Cost More To Repaint

The white paint is cheap but it can sometimes get pricy. The cost goes higher if you need to get a premium finish. If your car is not all white and needs a different color to finish the job, you might also need to pay more.

When the paint guy starts mentioning words like pearlescent and metallic finish prepare to dive into your pocket further, the cost is about to hit the roof.

Is Buying A White Car A Bad Idea?

Unless you are buying the car for business reasons and the industry requires that you get a particular color, no color is ever a bad idea.

White is as good as any other color out there with its fair share of pros and cons. If you want a white car, go get one, you shouldn’t however neglect the other colors. There are other colors that would serve you quite well if taken care of.

Do White Cars Look Dirtier?

No, if well cleaned, a white car can be as clean as any other. The color does not affect cleanliness.

Are White Cars Feminine?

No, if there is any car color that is more inclined to women than men, it’s definitely not white. White is neutral in every aspect.

Is There A Cheaper Color Than White?

The cost of a car’s paint is subjective since some owners demand more finishes than others. It is however accepted that gray, white and black are the cheapest colors. The difference in cost will depend on customer preferences.

Are White Cars Hard To Keep Clean?

Just as it would be easy to spot a speck of mud on a white car, spotting the same on a black car would be as easy. The cleanliness of a car is not determined by the color but by the amount of care expended on it.

A white muddy car will be hard to clean but that does not make cleaning a black one any easier. It is however important to note that black car paint is pretty hard to keep clean.

Bottom Line

White as a car color is quite common; the reasons behind this are also quite obvious. The color is lovable and beautiful if well finished and regularly cleaned. There is a myth that connects white cars more to women than men but we have busted it explicitly.

As far as cost is concerned, the white color is both cheap and expensive, depending on customer needs and preferences.

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