What is a T66 Turbo? Advantages and disadvantages

A T66 turbocharger is one of the T series turbos. It has been designed to be more race-oriented for the driver who wants the benefits of an increase in mechanical power and overall improvement in efficiency.

Particularly, when it is compared to the T3/T4 turbos. The T66 Turbo is usually described as a snail-shaped tube that directs exhaust to a compressor and a turbine. The compressor is spun by the turbine and the turbine is spun by the gases.

Typically, with the use of these 2 forceful actions, more power is produced, especially since it causes larger explosions in the cylinder.

Simply put, the T66 Turbos are used to boost the power of the engine. And, here are its specifications listed below.

  • 66mm/91mm wheel can flow
  • 72lbs/min = has a max of approx. 720hp.

What is a T66 turbo made of?

At the most basic level, most turbochargers are made of 2 main sections, the compressor, and the turbine. Therefore, if you want to know what the T66 turbo is made of, here are the components included in its overall design.

  • Ball Bearing
  • F1 65 Turbine Wheel
  • Tangential 3″ V Band Turbine Housing
  • .81 A/R Turbine
  • 60 Series Compressor Housing
  • 4″ inlet 2.5″ outlet (S cover)
  • T66 T series Compressor Wheel

You can also find more details about each component on sites that sell these parts to car owners. For instance, if a car owner is interested in purchasing a Turbonetics T66 Turbocharger w/F1 turbine wheel, they may also find that there are several compression options available, including black chrome, wrinkle black, standard cast, and polished.

What are the performances of a T66 turbo?

The T66 turbo is known for having exceptional performance in several different areas. For example, in the movie, Fast and Furious, the producers decided to feature 3 Honda Civics with 3 different drivers to display the power of the T66 turbos.

As a result of this promotion, fans and advocate race drivers got a chance to look at its overall performance in several categories.

For example, a 1.6-liter ZC engine was turned into a sports vehicle with over 230 horsepower (engine increase of at least 100%).

Today, some car owners are reporting that the T66 turbo also provides exceptional performance. For instance, some race drivers are very pleased with a spool up at about 3700 to 4000 rpm. Yet, at 4001 rpm, it hit its full boost (20+psi).

On what cars is installed t66 turbo?

Here are a few examples that you want to pay close attention to.

  • Honda Civic varieties (i.e. Honda Civic Type R, S2000, NSX)
  • Acura NSX
  • Lexus V8

What are the advantages of a T66 turbo?

Generally speaking, a T66 Turbocharger is ideal for vehicle owners who are looking to boost their engine power. The garret T66 turbo is considered to be one of the top street non-ball-bearing turbos available on the market today.

Some people may even say that the T66 has not been designed for the weak of the heart. Therefore, it is a great option for anyone who has a Honda Civic or other cars that can benefit from this big boost of extra power and the reduction in gas that comes out of the exhaust.

What are the disadvantages of a t66 turbo?

While there are many advantages to the T66 turbocharger, it is also important to note that there are drawbacks, too. One of the biggest concerns is having to add this type of complexity to your engine.

For example, the more complexity involved, the more potential for something to go wrong.

Also, if anyone decides to add this T66 Turbo to one of their vehicles, they need to make sure that they have the funds available for any repairs or maintenance that need to be performed. And, here is why.

  • The engine compartment can reach exceptionally high dangerous temperatures
  • Critical plastic components can catch on fire and melt
  • Breakdowns caused by overheating
  • Intercoolers help to solve these problems but are very expensive to purchase
  • Insurance premiums are higher
  • Warranties voided due to aftermarket turbocharger installations


The T66 turbo is ideal for anyone who is looking for a powerful race-oriented design. This turbo charge is highly coveted for drivers who are looking for a spool up at about 3700 to 4000 rpm. It is also a system that is good for reducing fuel that comes out of the exhaust.

Before making this installation, however, you need to become familiar with its exceptional power and the cost of maintaining the expense of these complex systems.

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