What does a pineapple sticker on a car mean?

Have you ever come across a car with a pineapple sticker on the back? Most people have but never cared to ask why.

Well, folks have been sticking pineapple images on their cars from as early as the 1980s. The stickers have been with us for so long that no one remembers why they first came on car bodies.

There are reports that it all started with a group of students in the 80s who stuck pineapple images on their cars to symbolize anarchy-what they felt was cool at the time. This theory is not evidence-based so most people refuse to accept it.

Today, car owners put these stickers on their cars to appear cool or simply support their love for the pineapples-the mystical story about the act has lost meaning in this era.

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Do you wonder why drivers strategically place pineapple stickers on their cars? Do you think there’s a story behind all this or do you view the stickers as simple aesthetic pieces?

The article below will answer the question “Why do people have pineapple stickers on their cars?”

To Say “Welcome”

There’s a tradition among folks where they stick pineapple graphics around to celebrate a newborn. This theory is rarely talked about though, so you might never hear about it.

To these people, pineapples are a symbol of love and positive energy. The pineapple stickers are their perfect way of saying welcome.

They display it at the most looked at ad space-their cars. It could be on the back, the side, or even the windshield; it all depends on how desperate the driver is to pass the message.

There is no standard color for the welcome sticker but most people tend to go with yellow and red as they match most cars’ paint jobs.

The best part about these stickers is their cost. You can get one for as little as $11 from any retail store or simply print one from the web.

Aside from sticking the pineapple on their cars, some drivers extend the welcomed gesture to their living spaces. It is not odd to spot a pineapple growing on the porch of a driver with a pineapple sticker on their car.

Why don’t you try this gesture to celebrate a new person in your life and see what happens?

To Portray Love

In some parts of the world, pineapples symbolize love and warmth. If a driver believes in this theory, they most likely have the pineapple sticker on their cars.

If you ever see a car with a pineapple sticker on the back, think of it as the driver’s way of saying “love you”.

They could be professing their love for specific persons, the world or even encouraging others to embrace coexistence.

You could maybe put the anarchy idea aside and smile at these drivers.

For Good Luck

We’ve stated above that pineapples symbolize love. Well, in China, there’s more. The Chinese believe that the pineapple fruit symbolizes and brings good luck.

There are drivers in China who believe that the pineapple stickers on their cars work to smoothen their paths to prosperity.

This theory was not coined by some rogue students in a college but is part of the Chinese tradition. I guess this is the most believable theory right now-if you believe in traditions.

Take Away

In a nutshell, the pineapple is a happiness, love, and prosperity symbol. A driver can have it on their car to show love to fellow drivers or to simply say; ”I’m cool, if you need help, reach out”.

The bad ideas about the sticker have diminished over the years and people have opted to associate the sticker with warm energy only.

A point to note however is that everyone has their explanation for having the sticker on their car-do not judge or view them differently.

It would be smarter to simply walk up to the driver and ask them about the sticker on their windshield, I’m sure they would be more than willing to talk about it.

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