Turn signal sound not working. These are the causes

The turn signal not working is one of the most common issues many drivers encounter with their trucks or cars. However, they should not be alarming to you as they are easy to fix. 

Common causes of a turn signal sound not working include:

  • Faulty speakers.
  • A blown fuse.
  • Faulty head unit.
  • Wrong audio installation.
  • Bad relay.
  • A clogged indicator.

Depending on your car’s issue, it may be caused by the named causes. You are likely to quickly diagnose problems when faced with this challenge.

I will cover these causes in-depth below.

Turn signal lights are essential in navigation, especially where there are very many cars that move fast. The signal lights alert other drivers of your intentions to turn and avoid accidents.

The turn signal lights can be said to be a means of communication between you and other drivers. Therefore, when the indicator is not working, it poses a threat to you and other motorists.

Causes why the turn signal sound doesn’t work

In most cases, the issue is mainly due to a blown fuse and a faulty connection between the body control module and the radio. Other explanations include:

1. Blown fuse

Before looking at anything else, it is essential to establish the car’s electrical components. Therefore, it is wise to look at the fuse before ruling it out.

A car’s fuses are a safety mechanism to protect all electrical components from being damaged. You will have to check the indicator flasher fuse first; if its metal piece fuse is intact, it means that the fuse is good.

However, if you find it broken or divided, then it means that you would be dealing with a blown fuse.

2. Bad relay

Relays act like switches designed to control instructions electronically and are a protection device for your car. The relay converts the small current input to high electrical output.

Thus, when an indicator relay goes wrong, it can prevent the lights from coming on. A faulty relay can be determined by swapping a functioning one to work.

3. Faulty speakers

The clicking sound is played through the speaker in your car; in some cars, the turn signal shares the same speaker as the radio. When the speaker goes wrong, then you will not hear anything.

4. Clogged indicator

Another common problem with the turn signal clicking sound is that it may stay on when it is not supposed to. The main issue from this clogged indicator can be due to dirt and debris building up, thus preventing it from working effectively.

5. Wrong Radio Installation

The wrong installation can significantly cause a blown fuse and poor reception, which directly affects the turn signal sound. You must consider the correct audio system that integrates with the chimes for your turning signal sound.

These are a few causes that may make your turn signal sound not work. Identifying the possible causes is essential to have adequate measures and solutions that prevent the same from happening in the future.

How do I know if my turn signal switch is bad?

The turn signal may continuously blink even after the steering wheel turns in the intended direction. Also, in some cases, the signal lights or warning lights do not work correctly.

These signs can help you know if your turn signal switch is acting up. Another case is also when the turn signal lights do not continue to flash unless the signal lever is held down.

The different signs are essential to creating a better and more effective way for your signal light to work efficiently while driving.

What makes the turning signal sound?

In most cars, the sound and flashing signals are generated by a thermal-style flasher where electric current flows through the device, housing a bimetallic spring within the dashboard.

Thus, when you turn your signal on, a current sent through the bimetallic spring heats up, touching a metal strip that brings the sound.

The wiring circuit applies to all other lights in your car. It can also be described as a result of a relay switch that turns on and off.

How do you fix an indicator sound?

Most of the time, in fixing electrical-related equipment in a car, it is vital that you have a proper manual for the car. This plays a role in identifying the proper components you will need for your indicator and all the connections required; it also relates to troubleshooting and access to replace the necessary components.

Take away

Turn signals are essential for you and your car. Most issues related to turning signals sound can be quickly resolved with technical knowledge without necessarily involving a professional.

However, if there are extreme damages to your electrical components in the car, it is only smart that you take your car for a proper check.

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