Top 10 Chinese car brands

Cars are one of the most expensive accessories that people have. Most of the time, people will see what you drive and thus determine how they treat you.

Cars are available in different brands, which significantly differ in features. China is one of the top automakers and has the world’s largest automobile market.

Car brands are a statement of one’s status, and Chinese car brands have become vigilant in providing luxury vehicles and promoting production even with renowned brands globally. Some of the top brands in china include:

1. Geely

It is a consistent brand that has become popular in ensuring you have a fun drive and has great interior features. It has a three-cylinder engine and a fuel tank of 45 litres, with a fuel consumption of 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

The Coolray is Geely’s first SUV with sports genes and standard configurations that makes it stand out. It goes for $16,643.

2. Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) 

It has various SUVs and sedans of various sizes and also electric vehicles. The GAC crossover SUV is powered by a 2L four-cylinder engine with a fuel consumption of seven liters per 100 kilometers. Its total fuel capacity is 55 liters.

These features make it one of the popular family cars renowned for its modern technology and elegant designs. The SUV’s cost ranges from $16,800 – $23,800. 

3. Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) 

It is a state-owned corporation with renowned brands like Maxus, Roewe, and Feifan and has also been one of the largest Chinese automakers through the joint venture with the MG brand.

The Maxus van is powered by a two-liter diesel engine with a 9.1-litre consumption per kilometer. It is widely bought globally, especially for family cars, and thus quite popular. The Maxus van costs between $21,076 to $42,498. 

4. Chery automobile 

It is among the latest brands, mainly producing SUVs, passenger cars, and commercial vehicles. It is slowly gaining popularity outside China with markets across a few nations with the Jetour, Karry, and Exeed brands.

A 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine powers the Chery Tiggo model. Other models from the Chery brand have also slowly gotten into the global market because of its efficient features. Its fuel consumption rate is 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

It has a starting price of $15,600. 

5. Great Wall Motors

This private company is mainly known for its SUVs and probably has china’s largest SUV brands. It is an ideal family choice and has other models that suit businesses.

Haval is a Great Wall SUV brand and is powered but a 1.5-liter turbo engine or 2-liter engine, which is matched with a five-speed automatic transmission capable of delivering very high speeds.

Haval’s consumption rate is at 9.8L/100km; its base price is $34 990. 

6. Dongfeng Motors

It’s one of the most popular Chinese models worldwide, especially in producing light commercial vehicles. It has several brands in which production is done on small trucks, SUVs, buses, and personal cars, thus presenting a variety of models to choose from.

The Glory 580 is one of Dongfeng’s SUV models widely liked for its functionality. It has a 1.5 or 1.8-liter engine with a consumption rate of 7.4liters for every 100 kilometers. It is priced at $28 320. 

7. First Car Factory (FAW)

It is one of the leading local automakers in China and is popular for its excellent production and alliance with other models like Volkswagen.

The automobile industry has grown over the years, embracing new productions and introducing new models that have seen the growth of global markets.

The FAW-Volkswagen Tavendor is an example of the model introduced to the motor industry. The Tavendor SUV has a 2l four-cylinder engine with a consumption rate of seven liters which is good fuel efficiency. The estimated cost of the SUV is $42,000.

8. Changan automobile 

This was among the top automobile manufacturers in 2021 and is China’s most popular domestic choice. It has joined alliances with other brands like Ford and Mazda that also produce cars. It is involved in producing SUVs, passenger cars, and electric vehicles.

Its popularity has led to the various mainstream joints witnessed by global brands. The Changan UNI-T is an example of an SUV brand powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing about 177 horsepower.

It is equipped with new technology to improve the driving experience. It has a fuel consumption rate of 10-11 liters per 100 kilometers. Its cost starts from $26 246. 

9. Build Your Dreams (BYD) 

It is responsible for the modern electric sedan and the popular Tang midsize SUV. It has had markets in the Middle East and even in European markets.

The BYD Tang electrical variable (EV) has a 1.5-liter turbo engine with 202 horsepower and thus can accelerate fast in a few seconds.

Its fuel consumption rate is approximately 1.6 to 1.8 liters per 100 kilometers, while its electricity consumption rate is 18.07 Kwh/100km. The Tang EV costs start at $51,000. 

10. Jianghuai Automobile Corporation (JAC)

This is also one of the leading brands in china responsible for the production of automotive motors in different brands in various countries worldwide.

Some well-known brands include; Shuailing, Junling, Refine, and Sunray, among others. The Heyue sedan is an example of a brand under JAC motors, a popular brand in the Chinese auto market.

A 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine powers this car, and its consumption rate is 8.8L/100Km. Its price starts from $14,230. 

Take away

China has one of the most impressive brands that are popular and also efficient for most buyers not only in China but globally. The mentioned brands are one of the most trusted automobile companies in the automotive industry, whose growth continues to be witnessed.

More productions and innovations continue to be seen with the recent introduction of electric variable cars (EVs).

The production market in China continues to influence and impact at a global point drawing in popular brands such as Mazda and Volkswagen for joint production, which reflects on the quality of production from the companies.

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