The growing popularity of electric cars. Advantages and challenges

Many people nowadays are trying to become more ecologically friendly, and it’s all thanks to the realization that, unfortunately, in the nearest future, we will not colonize Mars or any other planet, so it’s better to take care of our own home.

We all are trying to do our best and sort the garbage, reduce the usage of sprays, and use water thoughtfully.

And that is really nice because it’s important to understand that even though we are not all Gretta Thunberg, we can actually try to help our planet to stay green and beautiful and decrease the influence of the gases and fumes from cars.

In such a case, the first thing that comes into your mind is electric cars. Many world-famous companies, like Volkswagen and Audi, are producing electric cars.

But we all have this question somewhere deep in our mind “Are electric cars really that good for our planet and ecology”.

We prepared this article and gathered the possible advantages and challenges that can be caused by their usage of them. So, let’s find out more details. 

Possible benefits of electric cars. 

Electric cars have become a trend recently. It happened because the main bottleneck is being solved at the moment, meaning that the number of charging stations is increasing.

So it means that the owners of electric cars can spend less time and effort finding stations when traveling from one place to another.

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The same thing you have to do when choosing something so expensive as an electric car. The main advantages of them are: 

  • electric cars are more eco-friendly, but only considering the fact that they don’t emit carbon dioxide and some other dangerous fumes into the air;
  • you will have to go through maintenance not so often compared to ordinary cars; it is caused by the fact that electric car doesn’t have so many rotating parts, and you won’t have to spend money and time on oil changes

Possible challenges of electric cars.

As an invention, electric cars cannot have only positive things. One of the greatest challenges that people who want to have this type of car face is that driving long distances is more difficult because you have to charge the electric car more often compared to its gas or diesel “friends”.

And at the same time, another great challenge is that the price of electric cars is still rather high, so not all people who want to drive an eco-friendly car can do it.

And the last but not the least problem is that the infrastructure for electric cars, including charging stations, is not yet developed and is not 100% sufficient even for existing cars.

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Electric cars are more eco-friendly as they have 0 emissions and don’t leave the “carbon dioxide step” on the surface of our planet. You have to spend less on the maintenance of your car, as well the price of electricity is usually smaller than gasoline.

You will meet your mechanic not often as there are fewer rotating parts, and those parts sometimes can become a problem.

As per the riding, electric cars drive really quieter and smoother. Depending on the manufacturer, electric cars often have a great and luxurious design.


If you have an electric car, you have to be ready so that you will have to charge it more often than other vehicles that use traditional fuel, and as well the driving range will be rather limited.

The cost of an electric car is higher than that of traditional cars, so if you want to have it, you will have to be ready to spend more money.

The charging stations for the moment are still a problem because there are not enough of them, considering the number of electric cars.

And maybe one of the greatest problems for these cars is the life of the batteries. They don’t last long, and if you want to change them, it will cost a lot.

Plus, the manufacturing of the batteries is limited, so with the growing demand, there is a possibility that there will be a shortage of them on the market.

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