SUV vs CRV. A bit smaller, but very reliable

When it comes to SUVs vs CRV, a lot of similarities and differences can be pointed out. Firstly though, we need to understand what the acronyms SUV and CRV actually stand for.

To that effect, SUV is the shorthand for “Sports Utility Vehicles.” The long form for “CRV”, on the other hand, is debatable. Some say the acronym stands for “compact recreational vehicle,” whereas others maintain it’s the shorthand for the phrase “comfortable runabout vehicle.”

Which group is right is a story for another day. For today, let’s look at the similarities and differences between SUVs and CR-Vs. By the way, what are the main differences between an SUV and a CR-V?

The main difference between an SUV and CRV is that the former is a category of vehicles that merges the elements of on-road cars and off-road cars. Meanwhile, a CRV is a car model from Honda that falls within this category–crossover SUVs.

You see, SUVs can be further subdivided into two sub-categories; regular SUVs and crossover SUVs. The former uses a truck chassis, hence they are heavier. The latter, on the other hand, require a regular car chassis, thus they are lighter

Is A Regular SUV Bigger than a CRV?

The short answer is yes, and that’s because of their chassis, which belongs to larger vehicles(trucks). As said earlier, regular SUVs feature a truck chassis, which is larger. CRV(crossover SUVs), on the other hand, use a normal, smaller car chassis.

In fact, SUVs are normally categorized only as either mid-size or large-size. On the contrary, CR-Vs are often considered mid-size sports utility vehicles.

Does Honda Have a Bigger SUV Other than CRV

Of course. In fact, the Japanese car brand offers several other sports utility vehicles that are larger than the CRV. According to Honda, these are the;

1. Honda Pilot 2022

You see, the latest Honda CRV—Honda CR-V 2023 is 15.2 feet long with a total passenger volume of 105.9 cubic meters. However, the latest Honda Pilot—Honda Pilot 2022 is 16.4 feet long, which is 1.2 feet longer than the latest Honda CRV.

What’s more, this crossover SUV has a total passenger volume of 152.9 cubic meters. This is 47 cubic feet larger than the CR-V’s total passenger volume.

2. Honda Passport 2023

This is the latest Honda Passport model and it’s larger than the Honda CR-V 2023. This crossover SUV is 15.8 feet long, which is 0.6 feet longer than its CR-V counterpart.

Additionally, the car boasts a total passenger volume of 114.9 cubic feet. That’s 9 cubic feet of extra passenger volume compared to the latter.

3. Honda CR-V Hybrid 2023

Honda offers the CR-V crossover models in standard and hybrid variants. The CR-V Hybrid 2023 is the latest model within its CR-V variants category. Measuring 15.4 feet long, this compact SUV is definitely larger than the Honda CRV 2023.

However, due to its compact SUV design, its passenger volume is smaller than that of the latest Honda CR-V models, with only 103.5 cubic feet of space.

Smaller Honda SUVs than CR-V

Honda HRV

The latest Honda HRV is another crossover SUV from Honda that is smaller than the CR-V with a length difference of just 4 inches. Due to its subcompact design, it has a smaller passenger volume(98.7 cubic feet), which is 7.2 cubic feet smaller than Honda’s 2023 CR-V model.


Knowing the difference between SUVs and CR-Vs is a great thing as it enables you to choose an SUV vehicle that most suits your needs.

Two types of sports utility vehicles exist; standard SUVs and crossover SUVs. The CR-Vs are a popular line of crossover SUVs from Honda.

If you are looking for a larger and more rugged SUV that combines the elements of an on-road and off-road vehicle, I suggest you avoid the CR-V or any other crossover SUV lineup from the South Korean carmaker.

That’s because these options feature a normal car chassis which is lighter and the vehicles themselves have lower off-road qualities.

But if you are looking for a smaller, lighter, and sleeker SUV with higher on-road qualities better suited to your urban and occasionally countryside drives, you wouldn’t go wrong with a CR-V or any other crossover SUV from Honda.

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