Causes why oil is sprayed all over the engine

If you are a competent driver who inspects their cars before and after driving, you are likely to notice any issue that may have affected your vehicle. Here, you will be able to trace when and why the problem could have occurred since the driver has closer monitoring of the car.

However, some common issues can arise that the driver won’t be able to trace their causes unless they reach professional mechanics

For instance, there are many times you will notice strange happenings with your car, such as oil spraying all over the engine. This issue can cause panic to many drivers, thinking that the vehicle will not work anymore. Oil spraying over the engine is just like any other issue with your car. However, it needs immediate attention.

But what would cause oil to spray all over the engine?

Well, several causes will lead to oil spray all over the car’s engine. These causes include:

  • a loose union bolt,
  • fractured external oil pipe/hose(such as turbocharger oil feed),
  • oil filler cap left off,
  • faulty gasket,
  • failed oil seal.

When the oil sprays all over the engine, the car’s health is endangered to further significant issues. 

Oil can reach the combustion chamber, and you will notice the car is producing a lot of smoke which is an obvious symptom of this problem. Besides, the fuel economy of the vehicle is affected negatively.

Sometimes, when oil enters the engine, the clutch pedal can develop hard to operate since there is insufficient oil reaching piston parts. 

Solutions to sprayed oil all over the engine

Of course, you won’t let an issue continue affecting your car for the sake of your safety and good car health. This means you need to take a step to stop oil from continuing spraying all over the engine.

But you can’t get a solution of what you don’t know the cause of. There are several causes of oil spraying all over the engine, and you need to find out the exact reason to match with the respective solution.

Diagnosing the causes can take centuries if you are not a mechanic; therefore, you need a professional car mechanic, because this issue is a little hard to deal with.

With common causes of oil spray all over the engine, here are some solutions to be applied: 

1. Replace or tighten a loose union bolt

Union bolt plays a vital role in tightening the pipes and joints carrying oil. When they get loose, they will lose their tightness, letting oil leak. Therefore, if the union bolt is loose, you need to tighten it or replace it with a new one after it has developed faults.

2. Seal or replace a fractured external oil pipe/hose

If an external oil pipe or hose such as turbocharger oil feed can develop fractures that will eventually let the oil come out and spread over the engine. In such situations, you can use a sealer to seal the fractured part or replace the oil pipe with the new one.

3.Return the oil filler cap that left off

Besides preventing debris and dirt from entering the oil filler hole, and oil filler cap plays another vital role in preventing oil from coming out through the filling hole. Sometimes, the car may not have smooth locomotion due to passing through the terrain.

Indeed, this will make the vehicle have up and down motions that could trigger some parts to loosen. One of them could be an oil filler cap falling off.

When the oil filler cap is missing, the oil will move back through the uncovered oil filler hole and may reach the engine. Returning the lid will prevent further oil from leaking through the oil filler hole.

4. Replace faulty gasket 

Gaskets provide a tight seal between the cylinder heads and engine block, preventing engine oil from entering the cylinders. However, the gaskets can lose their sealing ability due to developing faults or wearing out.

In return, the oil coolant may leak out and spread all over the engine. Although it is expensive to work on faulty gaskets, replacing the damaged gasket with the new one is a need. If the fault is minor, you can use an oil sealer to seal and prevent further oil spreading.

5. Use oil sealer on the failed oil seal.

If the oil seal is the one that is causing the oil to leak out, oil sealers such as BlueDevil oil leak Sealers can be used. Once you apply this sealer, you can wait for a stipulated period to be complete before you start operating your car.

Does oil on the engine parts cause damage to them?

Oil plays a vital role in the engine, including lubricating the moving parts to recent damage. If the engine runs deficient in engine oil, it means the engine will be damaged. However, the oil can be dangerous if it pours on the engine parts.

Oil soiling over the engine parts causes a risk of fire. For instance, if it spills on a hot exhaust manifold, it might ignite and eventually burn off, causing smoke and a bad smell of burned oil inside the car. 

Should you wash your engine fast if you have oil on it?

Yes, it is advisable to wash the engine in case of oil spills. You should clean and fix the oil as fast as possible, but you must first finish putting oil into your engine. This is to prevent ignition and burn-offs. Moreover, if you leave it, it might make the oil in the engine dirty. 

How much does it cost to fix oil leaks?

Oil is what makes cars and vehicles moving without which, the reverse will be true. This means, if there’s a slight leak of the oil, the consequences can be so detrimental. The cost of fixing oil leaks can vary drastically based on various factors. 

But generally, repairing an oil leak can cost about $250 to $1000 and even more based on the complexity of the leak. Expect a higher repair cost if the engine’s major components need to be removed during the repair to access the leakage. Some repairs will be cheaper than others if the labor required is low or the parts required are cheaper. 


Oil leaks are common accidents that cannot be entirely avoided. The leaks can happen for various reasons, including a missing, loose or broken oil cap. A loose union bolt, fractured external oil pipe, a failed oil seal, and a faulty gasket can be other causes.

To solve these issues, you can tighten or replace a defective union bolt, seal the features seal, replace the damaged gasket,t and use an oil sealer on the failed seal. Fixing this issue requires a lot of knowledge and skills, so it’s best to go to an authorized repair shop to have great results.

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