New grey color for cars. Nardo, Daytona, and Gallant

It may be hard to believe, but color is one of the determinants of ownership for many individuals. Colors add to the ownership experience, and people search for a favorite color or one that easily suits them.

Therefore, while there is a wide range of colors, it is only fair that you get to know new colors that hit the market. The colors you choose can profoundly affect resale value, too, so you have to ensure that you have a color that will be desirable even after being used in the market.

Nardo gray has become one of the most popular colors due to its dignified demeanor. While it may often be referred to as ‘flat gray,’ it has distinct characteristics that distinguish it from other non-metallic auto paints.

nardo gray color for cars
Nardo gray color

Nardo gray contains blue undertones and a glossy top layer which gives it a different look compared to other colors. It gives a lovely outward look that has caught many people’s attention across social media platforms.

Nardo gray has had positive reactions all over, leading to the market’s popularity.

The first car to come up with the nardo gray color was Audi RS7, rolled out in 2013. Since then, other car makers have begun to assimilate other similar gray colors.

It has become a catch for medium cars, making it very popular and a choice for new buyers in the market. More people have connected to the color, which in all favor, is quite the best choice among various shades of gray.

The growing trend of more car makers using nardo gray in their makes also influences buyers to opt for nardo gray.

Other gray colors to be introduced include Daytona Gray and Gallant gray, which have been introduced over the years. However, nardo gray still tops the list with sales indicating that more people have sought to buy the shade.

The rise of gray colors over the years has shifted across many car makers and personal preferences, contributing to the diversity in the shades that have been on the rise.

This also helps in the marketing process, as predicting future trends in car colors and brands is easier.

Advantages of new gray car colors

Shiny appearance

Darker car shades often give dramatic reflections, which may not be easy to notice in light-colored colors. A glossy appearance, especially in gray cars, offers this reflection, making its shiner appearance even more attractive.

Hiding paint imperfections.

These result from minor accidents or brushing from keys or rings and are common in all cars. However, due to the darker appearance of the gray color, it is almost impossible for the scratches to be noticed.

The accidental rubs are unavoidable and, with gray colors, can go unnoticed for long periods.

Coat scratches

The top layer of paint is also unavoidable and commonly happens when a car is being washed and scratched by sponges or brushes. Darker-colored cars can conceal these coat scratches.

Stone chips

These are collected especially on fast roads; gray cars are effective in concealing these chips as they are gray. This does not affect the paintwork at all and you can go unnoticed in a gray car.

Good for long term

Gray tones are also perceived as balanced and are mainly used to display conservativeness which may be a go-to for many owners. The color gives a certain sharpness and thoughtfulness that continues to draw more people to choose a range of gray colors.

Resale value

Gray colors are the most considered as they have a lesser chance of showing deep coat scratches. Thus, they are the most considered when being resold.

Disadvantages of new gray car colors

A few disadvantages are linked to gray colors, but it is overall liked compared to other colors. Prices may change according to the car makers and the type of car.

Most cars are metallic, meaning their value is regarded as higher. Thus, this may contribute to higher pricing due to the paint. Applying gray paint is also expensive; thus, applying it to a different car may be challenging.

Gray is also associated with a higher possibility of a car crash attributed to less visibility due to its dullness. Thus it is not a safe color on the road, as it does not reflect quickly or get noticed compared to other bright colors.

Closing thoughts

Gray colors have a wide range from which you can choose. With Nardo gray gaining popularity over the last few years, it has become an excellent sensation for many car makers and owners, with the car industry changing its styles and introducing more colors.

This is evident from the high number of sales recorded when the Nardo gray color was introduced. Generally, the gray shade is famous for its striking look and sharpness it gives many cars. You can buy one for yourself or get a paint job for your car.

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