Muffler delete vs straight pipe. What are the differences?

The car’s engine is designed to undergo heavy tasks such as fuel combustion to produce power for the whole system. During the combustion, the internal combustion engine produces a lot of noise, resulting in terrible sounds of the car.

To minimize these combustion noises and gas emissions, a muffler is used, which acts as a noise cancellation coming from inside the internal combustion of the engine. But you can remove the muffler through the muffler delete process.

A muffler delete shouldn’t be confused with a straight pipe exhaust as they differ. A straight pipe is featured to transfer gases and noise from the engine to the tip of the exhaust.

The straight pipe system helps the engine have a good performance, have the correct sound as per engine type, and increase emission rate. But to mark the most common differences between muffler delete and straight pipe exhaust, here are some features to look at.

  • Muffler delete includes removing the muffler as a whole while the straight pipe system involves removing both catalytic converter and muffler. 
  • Straight pipe exhaust improves the engine performance slightly while muffler delete doesn’t increase power. 
  • The muffler delete system makes the engine produce an exhilarating exhaust sound, while in straight pipe exhaust, the engine produces its original , spor, and pleasant sound.

Although the two systems are featured to work with a car’s engine, each has advantages and disadvantages.

What are the advantages of Muffler Delete?

  1. Helps to the droning noise
  2. Increases the horsepower of the engine in high RPMs
  3. It is not expensive when installing

Disadvantages of Muffler Delete

  • The car performance is low
  • It causes gunk

What are the advantages of a straight pipe?

1. It gives the engine of the car ability to produce the right sound

The straight pipe exhaust system enables the engine to have the original sound. Although some may think this system makes the car produce a lot of noise, to others, it is enjoyable, especially when your vehicle has a heavy engine.

As well, having an original sound of the engine helps you to notice when your car’s engine has issues. For example, when the engine has some problems, its sound may change, and you can take the precaution of attending to it.

2. Increases the car’s overall performance

Cars with straight pipe exhaust entirely have high performance, especially when it comes to speed, such as racing cars. This is because these cars, their engines can exhaust gases freely and there is exerting of less back pressure of the engine.

As the engine is allowed to function freely, there is an increase in horsepower and torque because of the absence of hindrances. The advantage of this strategy is realized in the fuel consumption, where the usage is lowered but providing efficiency in performance.

3. The car will have less weight 

Straight pipe exhaust helps the car emit heavy gases produced in the internal combustion engine. This technology removes catalytic converters and mufflers, enabling the engine to operate freely with less weight.

Disadvantages of straight pipe

  • It leads the vehicle to produce excessive noise.
  • The emission of gases increases as no catalytic converter is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a muffler delete the same as a straight pipe?

Although the two systems work with a connection to the engine products such as sound production and gases, they are not the same. Muffler delete is removing the muffler while straight pipes are a system that works to free the engine from backpressure by removing both catalytic converter and muffler delete.

Is a muffler delete bad for your engine?

No, muffler delete is not bad for your engine as it won’t cause any damage to the engine. Besides, the muffler delete can reduce the engine’s performance.

Does a muffler delete affect performance?

Muffler delete doesn’t add any power; instead, the engine performance is reduced as the horsepower is affected. Although not all cars with muffler delete will have low performance, some vehicles will improve their power.

Are straight pipes louder than mufflers?

Yes, straight pipes are somehow louder than mufflers because they lack a noise cancellation system. They, in turn, enable the engine to produce an original sound. Mufflers are featured to enable the engine not to exhaust all its sound, therefore being not too louder than straight pipes. 

Can you straight pipe a muffler delete?

Yes, you can straight pipe a muffler delete. You can achieve this by cutting off the muffler delete system and replacing it with a straight pipe. 

Does a muffler delete sound good?

With the idea of what mufflers do to reduce the noise produced in the internal combustion of the engine, having muffler delete leads to an exhilarating exhaust sound. But the sound produced can be good or bad depending on the owner of the car. Some consider the original sound of their car’s engine as the best, and others like it when the muffler delete is installed to change the engine sound.

How much does a muffler delete cost?

Muffler delete costs vary depending on the material to be used, the type of the car, and as well the mechanic to do the job. If you are looking for a mechanic to do this job, it may cost you more than $100 besides purchasing the required material, which can cost more than $50.

How much does a straight pipe cost?

Installing straight pipe in your car will cost you between $1000 and $1500 on average, although these costs will vary depending on the model of the car, mechanics, and material to be used.

Does muffler delete increase HP?

No, muffler delete doesn’t increase Horsepower(HP), although it depends on the engines or model. For example, in high RPM, a muffler is said to improve horsepower and torque.

Does straight pipe increase HP?

Yes, straight pipe increases HP because it reduces backpressure, which makes the engine function harder. By making the engine work freely from back pressure, both torque and horsepower increase.

Does the muffler delete pass inspection?

Yes, without a muffler, your car will pass the inspection.

Is a muffler delete reversible?

Yes, muffler delete is reversible. This is simply done by cutting off the exhaust pipe that fits with the muffler inlet and outlet. Then keenly, make the exhaust pipe enter the inlet and outlet of the muffler, then use a clamp or weld them to ensure the joints are tight.

Is a muffler delete illegal?

Muffler delete is considered illegal in some states, as it is associated with unnecessary disturbances. Therefore, having a muffler delete is breaking the law, and you can be filed a case.

Is a straight pipe illegal?

Installing a straight pipe is nice and will give your car a good performance that you may like, but is a straight pipe illegal? Straight pipes are connected with the muffler by simply cutting the inlet or outlet of the muffler. Although no law directly points out this, inserting exhaust with holes like straight pipers, bypasses, and cutouts on mufflers are illegal.


Muffler delete and straight pipe exhaust are systems made to work and alter how the engine will perform. While installing, you have to understand that each has its pros and cons. Therefore choose according to the one that gives your desire. As well, when considering installing one of these systems, check out if the state’s law allows that.

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