Is vaseline good for car dashboards? Yes and no

There’s no doubt that Vaseline has endless uses. For example, it makes for an amazing lip and skin balm. Also, you may have heard about the thick oily substance being used in protecting car dashboards. You may ask yourself

Vaseline is known to be great for getting rid of the scratches and small marks that often form on the dashboard, improving its overall condition. The best way to use this petroleum jelly is to;

  • Clean the dashboard.
  • Apply Vaseline to a microfiber cloth.
  • Wipe the dashboard with the cloth, applying the petroleum jelly to it.

Advantages of Vaseline for Car Dashboards

Here are some advantages of Vaseline as a dashboard protector;

1. Effectiveness

Vaseline is a proven solution to prevent dashboard cracks. This petroleum jelly will keep your dashboard from cracking, using its moisturizing properties.

Moisturization keeps the dashboard from drying up as a result of exposure to extreme heat and ultraviolet light from the sun. Subsequently, this effect protects the dashboard from cracking.

2. Cheapness

Sure, many products can be used to keep the dashboard from cracking, which is often caused by extreme heat and ultraviolet light from the sun.

These include a windshield screen, car cover, and special moisturizing protectants or treatments, not to mention, Vaseline. The beauty of this petroleum jelly, however, is that it’s cheaper than the rest despite being even more effective than them.

3. Usability

Another advantage of Vaseline as a dashboard protector is that the petroleum jelly is relatively easy to use. After all, you don’t require an expert to help you with the process.

Similarly, you don’t need to go through a complex how-to guide to be able to learn how to apply it effectively to your dashboard.

Instead, all you need to do is first clean your dashboard normally, then find a soft clean microfiber cloth and apply the petroleum jelly to it, and then wipe the dashboard with it.

Actually, this is a simple task that even a ten-year-old kid can easily handle.

4. Availability

Unlike the other dashboard protectors above that can only be found at stores dealing in auto accessories, Vaseline is available in many stores that deal in cosmetics.

Cosmetic stores are generally more everywhere than auto accessories stores. That means finding Vaseline is much easier than finding an alternative product to protect your dashboard.

5. Dashboard Longevity

Another advantage of Vaseline as an alternative dashboard moisturizer and protector is that it can help extend your dashboard’s lifespan.

You see, many cars come with a dashboard that is made from PVC. Unfortunately, this material is prone to cracking after a few years of exposure to sunlight and heat if not properly taken care of.

Fortunately, Vaseline maintains and protects this component of your car’s interior adequately thus keeping it from cracking and ensuring its longevity.

Disadvantages of Vaseline for Car Dashboards

Here are some disadvantages of using Vaseline for your dashboard;

Dust and Dirt

Unfortunately, Vaseline attracts dust and dirt, thanks to its generally sticky nature. This causes dust and dirt to stick to it, causing your dashboard to be always dirty.

It can also cause problems with your health and that of other people who regularly travel in your car.


Besides dust and dirt, this petroleum jelly also attracts insects since it’s a hydrocarbon that contains a high level of sugar. As such, when you apply it on your dashboard, you may be prone to an insect menace.


Vaseline should only be applied on the dashboard panel as opposed to the crucial area where instruments such as the speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, and temperature gauge are located.

Accidentally smearing the petroleum jelly in this area can make it difficult to read the affected instrument in low light conditions since the jelly doesn’t reflect light properly.

What Is the Best Thing to Clean a Car Dashboard?

Use a clean cloth, preferably made from microfiber material.


Vaseline can be a great trick for your auto detailing practice, which is all about keeping your car in its best possible condition, especially cosmetically.

After all, this petroleum jelly has been proven to effectively keep the dashboard moisturized. This keeps the dashboard from drying up due to extreme heat and UV light from direct sunlight, which can otherwise cause it to crack.

The beauty of using Vaseline as opposed to other alternative products for your dashboard is that this petroleum jelly is effective, cheap, easy to use, and easy to find.

Notwithstanding the fact that it can attract dust, dirt, and insects, as well as affect the visual clarity of your crucial dashboard instruments.

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