This is how to reset the Honda radio code error E

Sometimes you might encounter your honda radio displaying error code e and wonder what might be the cause. While this is common, it can bring more worries.

But relax, when you see that error, it simply means that you have entered the radio code more than three times, so you are locked out. Honda will ask for a radio code every time you replace the battery.

So wherever you experience this, you shouldn’t freak out; here are steps to help fix the problem.

How to reset the error E radio code

When your honda radio prompts you to enter the code, it means that the battery died or you just replaced it. To reset it, you will need a radio code that you can access through the honda databases. However, if your vehicle has navigation, it should be present at a honda dealership. 

Step one

The first step is to note on paper or get a device to record the serial number after getting it from the radio.

Step two

By using the start button, put the vehicle in auxiliary and not in the run or start position. Or simply turn the car ignition switch.

Step three

Turn the radio off until its screen is blank without displaying the error code. 

Step four

Use one hand to hold the radio buttons one and six together

Step five

Turn the radio on with your free hand while holding buttons one and six

Step six

While holding, you will see an eight-digit serial number, but you will see two separate serial numbers if your car’s model is older.

Step seven

After the serial number is displayed, you will need to realize the buttons and record the number for use later.

Step eight

To access, retrieve and return the radio code, the dealer will require the 17th digital vehicle identification number; this is found on the driver’s center post, insurance card, or your car registration. 

Step nine

After obtaining the five-digit radio code from the Honda dealer, now proceed t your vehicle.

Step ten

Turn your radio on. As you turn it on, it should display the word “CODE” if the radio displays an error message, you should disconnect the black negative cable for about one to three minutes for a system reset. Turn on the radio again and search for the word code; enter the five-digit radio code that you and wait to see your radio coming back.

Furthermore, you can check this article if you don’t know how to find your Honda radio code!

Are there other methods for resetting the error E code?

Yes, besides the above method, there are other methods of resetting the honda radio. You will need to turn on the radio’s power and press the power button for at least two seconds.

This procedure can at times allow the radio to remember its preset settings for a normal operation. When this is the case, you will not have to enter the code normally. But if this does not help, refer to the above steps. 

Do I have to reset the radio every time I disconnect the battery?

Yes, disconnecting a battery means that important radio and car systems will lose power. So, you will need to reset for everything to work normally. For instance, you will have to reset the clock and enter the radio code for your car’s radio system whenever you replace the battery. 

What can happen If the honda radio error code E won’t reset?

If the error code “E” does not reset, the radio can not work. So, you will need to take it to your local Honda dealership to fix the problem. 

Are there other error codes for honda radio?

Yes, besides the error code “E,” there are other honda code errors like

  • Honda radio code error #2
  • Honda radio code error 6
  • Honda radio code error1
  • Honda CRV radio code error 3
  • Code error three Honda Accord
  • Code error three Honda Civic
  • Honda radio code error 8
  • Honda radio code error 9
  • Honda radio code error4


After recently replacing your car battery, you note that you’ve been locked out of the honda radio system. This means you are not going to enjoy your best music as you drive.

Probably, you are locked out because a factory-enabled security system for anti-theft is activated. Although it is meant to lock out car radio theft from getting to your audio system, it can also lock out the owner.

Fortunately, this issue is common and simple to fix. Simply follow the above steps, and you are good to enjoy your music as you ride down the road. 

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