How to reset the check engine light without disconnecting the battery

The Check Engine light comes on when your vehicle’s computer detects a problem. This may indicate a major or minor complication, but ignoring it will definitely exacerbate the problem, resulting in significant damage and costly repairs.

You can avoid all the trouble if you know the reasons that triggered the well-known dashboard error. However, it sometimes won’t turn off despite resolving the issue. In this case, it will not hurt you to learn how to reset the check engine light.

Most drivers get annoyed if the error is still on, even if the car’s fault has been fixed. In this case, your vehicle’s computer is faulty and a little intervention is required to fix the problem.

1. Using the scanner

An OBD scanner is one of the easiest ways to reset the check engine light. Here are 5 simple steps:

Plug the scan tool into the OBD socket under the steering column or search your car’s user manual to find the exact location.

2. Use a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone

A laptop or tablet with the appropriate software for the car make installed and connected to the car by the special connector.

When the connection is properly made, open the car’s software and search for the reset or erase option for the check engine light.

Usually, on a mobile device, you should see a section with the errors still stored in the ECU. Press the “READ” button and view the engine error codes. Write down the code with a pen in the order in which they were received. This will be necessary for future repairs.

Delete the error code. Press the “ERASE” button on the scanner. The Check Engine light will turn off if all error codes are cleared.

Some scanning tools have many options, such as a freeze frame that captures the sensor readings. When deleting codes, these indications are also deleted.

Note: in some scanners, the option to clear codes may be automatic and the “CLEAR” or “YES” button instead of the “ERASE” button.

Don’t forget to turn on the ignition before clearing the codes.

3. Turning the ignition on and off

Similar to the second method. You just need to turn the car ignition on and off three times in a row with an interval of a second at each step. After you are done, start the car and check if the indicator has reset or not.

4. Let the check engine light turn off by itself

Wait for the error to turn off by itself. The easiest method is because you don’t need to do almost anything. The computer system in most vehicles will automatically recheck for problems that may activate the error light.

If this is a minor problem, it will automatically correct itself and the check will turn off. However, if the “check” is still on for three days, you need to apply the methods mentioned above to reset it.

If this continues to happen despite the following reset procedures, you should take your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop and have it diagnosed by a professional mechanic.

Professional diagnostics use more sophisticated tools and pinpoint problems.

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